Amazing Journeys- A monkey by my side in the train

I don’t claim to be a great traveller but, over the years, my travels have invested in me some great tales-some of them absolutely incredible. Before, I started living in Delhi, I used to commute between Lucknow and Kanpur, two cities of Northern India, separated by Ganga (or Ganges). These two cities are 80 kilometers Read more about Amazing Journeys- A monkey by my side in the train[…]

The Mughal-Persian stand off!

  The Mughal and the Persian- barbs back and forth!   India, for much of the 13th-18th century period was under the Slaves, Turks,Afghans and later on,the celebrated Mughals.   In 1526, Babur, a a descendant of Ghenghis Khan and Tamerlame or Timur, descended upon the Indian plains from his perch in Central Asia and Read more about The Mughal-Persian stand off![…]

Our Own Blade Runner

Triumph of the Spirit over the Body Today morning, when I opened my inbox, I saw a notification sticking out. I have got mail, I chuckled to myself. Not surprising because one gets scores of messages every day in your Gmail or Yahoo account. But, this one was special- someone had responded to one of Read more about Our Own Blade Runner[…]

Tiger Tales…Mowgly, Mohan, Man Eaters and Much More..

    I live in Delhi, one of the ancient cities of not just India but of the rest of the world as well so, a lot of my posts reflect history.    Today, I shall put in a little bit of something that is more representative of India, India’s wildlife.Today I will write about Read more about Tiger Tales…Mowgly, Mohan, Man Eaters and Much More..[…]

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