Top Amazing Destinations in India-Udaipur

Hello ,my friend! I have written a lot in the past about the hauntingly beautiful stories of India and her people but, today, I shall guide you about the top 10 travel destinations that you must visit- and enjoy- in India. You must bear in mind that India is a subcontinent of sorts.You will find Read more about Top Amazing Destinations in India-Udaipur[…]

Chandni Chowk- A town square colored by blood

Delhi, the capital of India , has had a gory past but quite a lively present. But, today as the world mourns #ParisAttacks , I would like to share some grisly attacks on Delhi in the past. When you visit India, the first place that you land up in India is Delhi but your India Read more about Chandni Chowk- A town square colored by blood[…]

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