Travel Stories from Bihar- Vaishali and its Bride

Beautiful, virgin and young-the girl had the sensuousness that few matched.Was she the next City Bride?What is the story?Welcome to India India celebrated her 67th Republic Day on January 26th, this year.For us, it was a milestone.It was time to pause and appreciate the journey of our nation from a one democracy to our present Read more about Travel Stories from Bihar- Vaishali and its Bride[…]

Top Stories of India;Shani Shingnapur

The god promised there won’t be any thefts in the village till such time the villagers worshipped him.What is the story? For travellers planning to visit India, here is another amazing story of an offbeat destination, Shani Shingnapur.Located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, India, this place attracts millions of devotees every year. Most of Read more about Top Stories of India;Shani Shingnapur[…]

India Travel;Chai Affairs

I would have had close to 50. 000 cups of Chai by now.Maybe more!Chai to me, like many other Indians, is an escape, antidote and ¬†prescription to a peppy life\     Unlike the West, there is no ideal time to have a cup of Chai. Any waking second, minute or hours is the right Read more about India Travel;Chai Affairs[…]

Her first solo travel- did she make it safely to her place?

This was her first solo travel and she was anxious to reach her home quickly but, was nervous and apprehensive.What happened to her ¬†in her train journey was beyond her wildest dreams! Growing up in Rewa Her marriage to a guy from Delhi was one hell of an experience for this young bride.She had grown Read more about Her first solo travel- did she make it safely to her place?[…]

Forts of India

Top Stories;Jodhpur;Wow!

How do I rid the fort of the curse?”Don’t worry, O King, bury me alive and you shall live peacefully!”The amazing story of Jodhpur. This is another amazing story of an amazing destination in India-Jodhpur.Backpackers planning to visit India would be certainly interested to know some unknown stories about this place. The famous fort of Read more about Top Stories;Jodhpur;Wow![…]

Indian music

The Amazing All Sanskrit Rock Band

So, you thought Sanskrit is a dead language?Think again. Last week, I had the opportunity of sitting through an amazing performance of an all Sanskrit rock band.Yeah, you read it right.The young people in the troupe sang in Sanskrit with the accompaniment of guitar,tabla, dholak and the synthesizer. This is the only band in the Read more about The Amazing All Sanskrit Rock Band[…]

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