Monuments of Delhi

Exploring Delhi- The tombs come to Life!

Travelling to Delhi?Don’t miss spending your Sunday in these two monuments of Delhi that come to life this month. My blogpost mixes history with beauty today.Read on… The Mughals ruled Delhi for nearly  200 years and have left behind some of the most beautiful buildings that we can ever hope to see.Prominent among them are Read more about Exploring Delhi- The tombs come to Life![…]

Around Delhi;LittleTibet-Island of Hope

This week, my blog takes you around Delhi and settles you inside Little Tibet by the banks of Yamuna.My photoblog on the Children of Dalai Lama It has been more than 50 years since, China invaded and annexed Tibet. The invasion led to an influx of the Tibetans to India and a significant number of Read more about Around Delhi;LittleTibet-Island of Hope[…]

India Travel-Amazing Stories;The dog who manned the guns

The amazing story of a dog who manned the artillery in this fort.What is the story?Read on…Another story from my India travel blog for my traveller friends. Alwar is just a few hundred kilometers from Delhi.It is one of the places to see around Delhi and Jaipur.When you drive from Delhi toward Jaipur,just ahead of Read more about India Travel-Amazing Stories;The dog who manned the guns[…]

India Travel;5 places in Delhi to have great tea or coffee

Hmm, the week is done and dusted. Some of you have met your sales targets and even exceeded them and there are others who have to play catch up.The mind is exhausted and all you yearn  for is a great cup of coffee ..and some conversations. As a caffeine and tea devotee, ladies and gentleman, Read more about India Travel;5 places in Delhi to have great tea or coffee[…]

India Travel-Romancing the Ridge

A bloodied lake, a hunting lodge, a victory memorial and many more such buildings mark the Kamla Nehru Ridge of Delhi.What is the story behind the Ridge?Read on.. When I quit my first job twelve years ago, I headed straight to the Rajiv Chowk Metro station .I wanted to enjoy the Metro ride and took Read more about India Travel-Romancing the Ridge[…]

Metro Tales

India Travel- Metro Tales

Gliding over the burnished rails, the Delhi Metro, much like a trained ballerina made a graceful entry to the station.Ten seconds later, the doors opened noiselessly to welcome the traveller to its cosy environs. Apart from providing a comfortable riding experience , the Delhi Metro also affords an unmatched opportunity to me to observe human Read more about India Travel- Metro Tales[…]

India Travel Stories

India Travel-Bazaar of love and lust

The princes met their love here and the lech, his concubines.Princesses and begums haggled with the lady traders here and the Emperor, occasionally smuggled himself in here. Meena Bazaar is an amazing place to behold in the famed Red Fort at Delhi. A medieval market, it is now called Chhatta Bazaar.The word “Chhatta” means honeycomb Read more about India Travel-Bazaar of love and lust[…]

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