New Book Review-Know Thyself

This is not a review of any other spiritual book!Know Thyself,  here takes the reader to uncharted spiritual  journeys within.This book review blog will hopefully answer some of the deepest philosophical questions, one behalf of the author. Know Thyself; How easy it is to hold forth on this prescription! Do I know about my motivations, desires, Read more about New Book Review-Know Thyself[…]

Great Destinations-Amazing Chhattisgarh

Travelling to India?Put on your bucket list the amazing destination of Chhattisgarh,that promises you stories of love, music, history and unsurpassed beauty. Put on your sneakers, roll up your backpacks dear travellers as I take you to the magical land of Turturiya.This curiously sounding place is located deep inside the Indian state of Chhattisgarh.Geologists tell Read more about Great Destinations-Amazing Chhattisgarh[…]

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