Places to see in India

How to monetize travel blogs

How to monetize travel blogs? Do travel bloggers make money or they are just spewing bunkum? How much money can I make from a travel blog? Is travel writing lucrative? Such questions keep on assailing most of us. A word about me, I am not a travel blogger. I am a story teller. Travel bloggers Read more about How to monetize travel blogs[…]

Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary

Who else wants to know about this haunted place in India?

Out of the 200 million blogs online, you will never find a story such as this-the story of the haunted palace of Ranthambore. Want to lay a bet?Then, read on… The year was 1992 and I was offered a trip by my father , who headed a department of the Central Government of India , Read more about Who else wants to know about this haunted place in India?[…]

Stories of Himalayas

Mountain Climbing Stories-Onward to Heaven

Climbing higher up the Himalayas, one by one they started slipping off the perilous slopes into the jaws of death.The Pandavas had hoped to reach heaven but only Yudhishthir could set his foot there.What is the story? Swargarohini is a real place and legends say that it leads to heaven or paradise.Hindus have a different Read more about Mountain Climbing Stories-Onward to Heaven[…]

What is the story of Udaipur?

  His arm raised in blind hate, Banbir stood poised to strike at the sleeping child.Panna sat lifeless, unable to do anything except cry silently, without tears.A gripping tale of Udaipur for people travelling to India and Udaipur.Mother’s Day special from India Travel Blog ! That fateful night, the House of Mewar was deep in Read more about What is the story of Udaipur?[…]

Monuments of Delhi

What is the secret of this Delhi temple?

I am about to share a secret of Delhi.Very few people know about it.Visitors to Delhi do not know about it all and the various tour guides and operators don’t tell about it.Can you guess this secret?Let us explore this secret place then… Have you heard about Dada Dev temple? I am sure, you haven’t.Travellers Read more about What is the secret of this Delhi temple?[…]

Around Delhi; The vanishing Pyaoos,Our dying Heritage

It is a sweltering 45 degrees celsius here in Delhi and the roads are smoldering hot.There is a not a soul in sight and my throat is parched with thirst.Travelling in Delhi , particularly during the summers, is quite a challenge of keeping an everlasting supply of drinking water.Would I collapse of thirst?O God, where Read more about Around Delhi; The vanishing Pyaoos,Our dying Heritage[…]

Uttarakhand Forest Fires; 10 things you must know

It is not a state wide fire and is just limited to 1600 hectares of the state so, please do not panic. These fires have been raging for the past 4 months and are an annual affair in the hills. Please also take note that these fires have not engulfed the trees and forests.The fires Read more about Uttarakhand Forest Fires; 10 things you must know[…]

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