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How to monetize travel blogs


How to monetize travel blogs? Do travel bloggers make money or they are just spewing bunkum? How much money can I make from a travel blog? Is travel writing lucrative?

Such questions keep on assailing most of us. A word about me, I am not a travel blogger. I am a story teller. Travel bloggers travel, I don’t. Period.

But, after being a part of incessant chatter over the numerous blogger platforms on Facebook , I can say this thing with conviction- some of these travel bloggers do make money but, travel is not their main money spinner.

To most of us, including me, travel bloggers seems to be rockstars, today here, there tomorrow. Always jetsetting. Probably, the airhostesses would be knowing more about the diets of these travel bloggers than their wives, husbands etc. You agree with me?

But, most of us agree with this thing; Travel Bloggers Are Slaves. You don’t agree?  Here are the reasons.

  1. At least in the Indian context, most of the guys who sport the title “travel bloggers” are nothing but serfs. Throw some fam trips to them and they will line up to the destination like obedient puppies. A lot of them even spend from their own pockets reaching to those destinations.And, once they are at that exotic place, then, look at the fawning behavior of these travel “knights”. Their social media feed is replete with superlative descriptions of the locations. Honesty takes a back seat. Filters are applied to  produce absolutely heavenly images of the resort. Grey water turns to pristine blue. If there is heaven on earth, that heaven invariably is the place where the travel bloggers are staying.
  2. But, why spend from your own pocket? Can’t you simply say, fucker, I damn care about your invite. Sponsor me 100 percent or take the highway.It doesn’t happen that way, folks. If a blogger bloke turns down this invite, he is subjected to numerous heartburns when he sees those glorious pictures of the same resort  posted on Facebook, by his rival. Get the picture?
  3. In Hindi, there is a popular saying- the world rests on hope. I think the better word would be “subsist”. So, the blogger after making countless trips to countless destinations , courtesy fam trips, hopes that some brand would ultimately reach out to her and say. ” Hey Miss P,would you reviewing our brand for this much of money?”  But, that doesn’t happen. You, Miss P , have eternally been branded a freeloader. Nobody would even touch you with a barge pole.
Monuments of Delhi
                                                    Class in progress- How to monetize travel blogs

Now, do you actually think that bloggers make awesome money through writing and travelling?

You are kidding if you do.

But, the good news is that travel blogging does help you make some money. Trust me it does and I am not fibbing. But, to know the ways and means how some people use travel blogging to make money, you need to follow my blog.

Wait, till my next blog post tells you how to make money by writing.

Cya around.

Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary

Who else wants to know about this haunted place in India?

Out of the 200 million blogs online, you will never find a story such as this-the story of the haunted palace of Ranthambore. Want to lay a bet?Then, read on…

Haunted Ranthambore
The imposing gate of Ranthambore Fort  Courtesy;Live

The year was 1992 and I was offered a trip by my father , who headed a department of the Central Government of India , to Ranthambore.I agreed and as it turned out, this trip proved to be one of a lifetime.

About   Haunted Ranthambore

Ranthambore is best known for its tiger sanctuary. Located in the south eastern part of Rajasthan, the sanctuary derives its name from the towering fort that overlooks the jungle. This fort, Ranthambore , is one of the strongest and oldest forts of India and for a long time it evaded conquest by invaders who eyed it because of its strategic location.

Ranthambore is located a few kilometres away from the railhead of Sawai Madhopur which is an important railway junction on the Delhi-Bombay route.

Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary

This place is actually a part of the Vindhyas, one of the oldest mountains in India, if not the world. Several years ago, the valley of Ranthambore was teeming with wildlife comprising species of tigers, leopards, hyenas, bear, deer, crocodiles and birds. Incessant hunting by the British and the Indian Maharajahs led to a drastic fall  in the numbers of tigers and leopards till the time when the Indian Government realised the problem.Now, after new measures regarding conservation of wild life have been started, the wild life figures have improved, significantly.

The Haunted Fort of Ranthambore

Yes, this fort is haunted.It gives a sense of weirdness when you walk around its walls. And, there is a reason to why it generates such a feeling.

Nearly 800 years ago, the fort was ruled by an Indian king, Hammir or Hamir.He was a brave and gallant ruler who had a big heart towards all who came and sought refuge under him.Hamir would never say no to such people.

During that time, Delhi was under Sultan Alauddin Khilji and he  was a cruel man.One of his officials drew the ire of the Sultan and had to flee from Delhi. The official escaped to Ranthambore and was promptly given refuge by the large hearted Hamir.

The ire of Sultan

When Khilji came to know about this, he asked Hamir to return the official.The demand was promptly rejected by the proud Rajput king. Khilji persisted with his demand, Hamir again said a firm NO! War was imminent…

..and finally declared by the Sultan of Delhi.

A large army from Delhi came down to Ranthambore and surrounded it on all sides.

Now, Ranthambore was not a picnic spot for Khilji.It was a vast fort, located on a hill and surrounded by jungles and valleys.Hamir was safe and comfortable and had a lot of food and supplies to fall back upon, so he did not have to worry.Days passed.One month led to another.There were no signs of Khilji going away and Hamir was dead set against giving away the fugitive official to Khilji.

Signs of Desperation

As time passed by, Hamir realized that the siege had to be broken. He was running out of supplies. A quick decision had to be taken so, Hamir called for a meeting with his ministers and asked for their opinion. Everyone agreed that a surprise attack on the Sultan was the need of the hour and it had to be done in secrecy.

So, one dark night, when the world was sleeping soundly , Hamir led a crack team of his commandos and launched a guerilla attack on the Sultan’s men.The enemy was surprised and was quickly routed away. Some members of Hamir’s commando force were also killed but ultimately, it was the Rajput who prevailed. But, as Hamir was preparing to return to his fort, an unexpected event happened that turned the tide against him.

The treacherous minister

Hamir had a minister who was a turncoat. He was a spy for Khilji and lived a life of secrecy and stealth in Ranthambore.

When the turncoat heard of  Hamir’s return to the fort, he plotted a deadly conspiracy. The minister went to Hamir’s family and told it of the “death of their King”.Now, the family did not suspect that the minister was a spy and that he was lying! Grief quickly swept over the members of the family and they took a horrendous decision. Since, there was no King now, the grieving mother and daughter jumped over the walls of their palace into the adjoining lake and committed suicide!

Haunted Places in India
The haunted palace of Hamir in Ranthambore Fort

This lake is called “Padam Talao” and you can still see when you visit the Ranthambore fort.

Hamir Returns!

When, the victorious King returned to his palace , he was met with a crowd of wailing relatives.Now, they were surprised at seeing his “ghost” and he in turn could not comprehend the sorrow all around.

When , the matter were clarified to him, Hamir was overcome with a sense of desperation.”Who should I live for?”., he wondered aloud. He had no family now, even though he was the winner in the battle.Should I rejoin my family in their after life, he wondered, and leapt down from the balcony of his palace to the valley below, to his death.


Another version of the story says that Hamir, upon learning the death of his daughter and wife decided to fight the final battle against Alauddin Khilji.He fought until his death in that battle.

The traitor is still remembered by the residents of the fort. His image in stone is spat and kicked upon  by the locals for his cowardly act. The name of the ungrateful and coward spy was Ratipal and he was bribed by Khilji with the offer of the kingdom of Ranthambore.

Traitor of Ranathambore
Traitor of Ranathambore

The Haunted Palace of Hamir

When, I visited this palace in 1992, the guard would not let us in. He told us that the palace has been locked for several years now because it is a haunted place. People have heard sobs and screams and whispers come from inside the palace. Nobody has seen the “ghosts” but, sure it is one eerie place to be in..A few years ago, someone had lost his mental balance in the palace so, the government was clear that it was not allowing anyone enter this haunted palace of Ranthambore.

If you go to this fort, you will agree with me that this place is indeed a strange place.With so much devastation, murders and killings in this fort, it is not surprising that Ranthambore does have an eerie surrounding.

Interested in visiting the haunted places in India?You may write to me and I can guide you around.

Stories of Himalayas

Mountain Climbing Stories-Onward to Heaven

Climbing higher up the Himalayas, one by one they started slipping off the perilous slopes into the jaws of death.The Pandavas had hoped to reach heaven but only Yudhishthir could set his foot there.What is the story?

Mountain Climbing in Himalayas
Swargarohini Peak of  Himalayas

Swargarohini is a real place and legends say that it leads to heaven or paradise.Hindus have a different word for heaven, it is Swarg.Interested? Read on…

As you travel northwards and towards the intersection of the borders of China, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, you meet the legend of Swargarohini, a mountain massif of Garhwal Himalayas. Swargarohini is a mountain peak and it is famously associated with the great story of Mahabharata, the epic that comprises stories of our failures, successes , weaknesses and our strengths.The word “Swargarohini” is composed of two parts- “Swarg” means heaven and ‘Arohini” stands for climbing.

Did I forget to mention that Swargarohini peak is located in the Uttarakhand state of India?

This peak of Swargarohini is one of the 4 peaks that the Pandava brothers had to cross on their way to paradise.But, then, what is the story behind Pandavas and Swargarohini?

Five brothers, a wife and the War

The Pandavas were 5 brothers and they shared a wife, Draupadi. They were princes and the eldest of them, Yudhishthir was the legal heir to the kingdom of their father.But, as it so happens in most of the royal families, the Pandavas had a hostile bunch of cousins as rival claimants to the throne.These cousins , who numbered 100 and were called Kauravas, deceived the Pandavas in a game of dice- to settle the ownership of the kingdom- and forced them to go to exile for 12 years.It was agreed that the Pandavas would get back their kingdom upon their return from exile.

When the Pandavas returned home, their cousins went back on their words of handing back the kingdom to the Pandavas.War was declared and a terrible battle ensued.Hundreds of thousands of men perished. The battle lasted for 18 days .

Finally, the Pandavas won and Yudhishthir was anointed the king.

After spending quite a few number of years as the king, Yudhishthir and his brothers decided to forego the pleasures of royalty and leave for the Himalayas and thence to paradise.The brothers were accompanied by their wife, Draupadi.Somewhere along the way, a dog joined them in their expedition.

The climb was initially gentle for the party, but as they walked northward, the gradient became steeper and the paths slippery. Deep abysses stared them on their way and often,the brothers and their wife had to save themselves from the falling boulders from the sides of the mountains.The paths became narrower as they climbed further upwards.The expedition became tough and tougher for all of them- except for Yudhishthir …and the dog.

Now, you can only expect the mountain climbing goats to be adept at this task and these men and woman were people of the plains!

Draupadi was the first one to fall to her death.Then, came the turn of the twins, Nakul and Sahdeva. Arjuna, the hero of the War was next. And , finally it was Bhima, the one who possessed the power of 18, 000 war elephants, who slipped and hurtled down the abyss to his death.

Stories of Himalayas
Artistic representation of Pandavas walking up the Swargarohini peak

Yudhishthir survived this heartbreaking journey and made it to the gates of Swarg or paradise.And, yes, he was followed by his companion, the humble dog.

But, why did Yudhishthir alone make it to the paradise?Well, that is another story and will be covered in my Ebook on Kindle.Hope, you buy it. Suffice it to say that only Yudhishthir possessed the qualities of a virtuous person.

It is believed by many that the only way to reach heaven is to climb  the Swargarohini peak.

Swargarohini is not one of the higher peaks of the Himalayas. That honour goes to Kanchanjungha, Nanda Devi, Makalu and many others.It is just a little more than 6000 metres from sea level.But, what strikes the average mountain climber about this peak is the sheer gradient from the northern and southern sides. The peak has two summits and they are located east and west of each other. The western summit is higher of the two. So far, this peak has been scaled 15 times by climbers.

I hope you are now sufficiently interested in trekking to this part of Himalayas in India so, I am going to make it easy for you to plan your travel and stay here;

Would you like to watch a video of this peak? It is in Hindi and was broadcast by a Hindi TV news channel , IBN 7.It is a bit dramatized here.

Click here to get authentic information on booking and availability of resorts and hotels in Uttarakhand, the home state of Swargarohini > .It is a government website and so it is trustworthy. It will also give information on the various trekking programmes going on in Uttarakhand.

But, if you still are unable to get the right kind of information, please write to me at and I shall surely help you out.

For climbers interested in the specifics of this mountain peak, here are a few links that you can check upon.


Thank you for reading this post.Bye for now.


What is the story of Udaipur?


Monuments of India
An artistic representation of the Banbir affair

His arm raised in blind hate, Banbir stood poised to strike at the sleeping child.Panna sat lifeless, unable to do anything except cry silently, without tears.A gripping tale of Udaipur for people travelling to India and Udaipur.Mother’s Day special from India Travel Blog !

That fateful night, the House of Mewar was deep in grief.Ratan Singh, the King of Mewar had passed away at a very young age.The nobles had to take a decision on the next King. And a decision they took. The next King of Mewar was to be Vikramaditya.

The throne of the King of Mewar at that time was in Chittor.

But, I will take my friends back a bit. In 1527, the King of Mewar , Sanga had passed away.He died of his wounds in the battle of Khanua, against Babar. Upon Sanga’s death, one of his sons, Ratan Singh ascended the throne but after a few years, he passed away young.Sanga had seen 3 of his sons die in his lifetime and now, after Ratan’s death, there were only two contenders to his throne- Vikramaditya and Udai.

Vikramaditya proved to be an arrogant and useless guy.One day, he had a heated argument with one of his knights and this reulted in him getting imprisoned!

Now, Vikramaditya had a half brother who harboured the dreams of becoming the King of Mewar.His name was Banbir and this guy was an utterly ruthless person.One dark night, Banbir murdered Vikramaditya and set in motion his plans to occupy the throne.But, there was another son of Sanga, Udaisingh , and he was alive. Udai was just 14 years old.

With a dagger drawn and blood still dripping from the weapon, Banbir walked purposefully toward’s Udai Singh’s room.The prince had to be despatched today, Banbir was determined.He could imagine himself sitting astride the throne of Mewar- that glorious throne that had a 1000 year old history behind it!His pace became faster and his breath became shallow and shallower every moment.

Panna had just put Udaisingh  to sleep and was beginning to put out the lamps.As she walked to the last lamp. she saw the faint silhouette of a man rushing towards her room.Who could it be, she wondered? She was a maid servant of Udai and could recognize many members of the  royal household.Oh, that seems to be Banbir, she realized, but, what is he doing here in this ungodly hour?

Monuments of India
Was this palace the scene of Banbir’s misdeeds?This palace is in Chittor,India

Panna was the royal maid and was assigned the duties of tending to Udai Singh.

And, then, the flash of realization hit her.Oh dear Lord, is this fellow coming to snuff out the life of Udaisingh?Yes, it seems so, she concluded.After all, the steel blade of the murderer’s dagger still wore a crimson hue.The hue of blood!

Quickly she made a decision.With a little bit of effort, she removed Udai from the royal bed.Hiding him under it, she quickly put her own son on the same royal bed- he was asleep in another room. Her heart wrenching in pain, she covered her own son with the quilt.Now, nobody can make out if the child on the bed was  her son, she thought to herself.

In a few minutes, Banbir was inside the room, his eyes searching for his foe.”Where is Udai Singh.?, ” he demanded.Panna did not answer.

Where is Udai Singh, O, idiot woman, Banbir persisted.

No answer.

Banbir stepped ahead and raised his arm to strike the poor ,terrified  maid servant.

With a great effort at controlling her emotions, Panna pointed out the sleeping figure to the murderer.Banbir stepped forward, his eyes aglow with ambition.

Panna’s heart shrank.Oh, my lovely young man, my son, when will I get another chance to caress you, fondle you, clothe you, sing songs to you!

Banbir reached the edge of the bed, his right arm raised, clutching the dagger.

With one fell swoop, the dagger had pierced the quilt and the heart of the sleeping child.Panna had just made the throne of Mewar her eternal debtor.The price of her son was simply now incalculable!

As Banbir, made his way out of the room, satisfied that he was now the King of Mewar, Panna, quickly forgot her grief. Udai Singh was quickly smuggled out of the room to a safer place- far far far away from the murderous Banbir .He , Udai, grew up into a strong and handsome young man and later staked his claim to the throne of Mewar.He attacked Banbir and the latter had to run for his life.The throne of Mewar was now finally with Udai Singh.

Stories of India
The King who built Udaipur-Udaisingh

This Udai Singh later on built the grand city of Udaipur , famous for its lakes, Lake Palace and the assorted grand gardens and buildings.

Places to see in India-Udaipur
Lake City-Udaipur

So, next time you travel to Udaipur, please spare a thought for the indomitable Panna who sacrificed her son so that the life of the rightful heir of the throne of Mewar could be saved.

Did you like this story?I am keen to know about your opinion.Please write back to me if you want to know more on this.

You may also like to read some more interesting and gripping stories like the one on white tigers in India 


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Monuments of Delhi

What is the secret of this Delhi temple?

I am about to share a secret of Delhi.Very few people know about it.Visitors to Delhi do not know about it all and the various tour guides and operators don’t tell about it.Can you guess this secret?Let us explore this secret place then…

Have you heard about Dada Dev temple? I am sure, you haven’t.Travellers to Delhi are so much burdened by information on monuments (read tombs) of Delhi, that they know little about other equally fascinating structures.My travel blog takes you to the unknown and mysterious parts of Delhi.

Close to the Sector 8 Metro Station of Delhi Metro is the ancient Dada Dev Mandir.History of Delhi would be incomplete without knowing the background of this fascinating structure.It is located in the Palam area of Delhi

Secrets of Delhi
The main hall of Dada Dev Mandir

Unlike other dreary looking monuments of Delhi, this one is lively and resplendent.There is no air of moroseness here, no sense of death and the place absolutely rocks.You see, Dada Dev Mandir is more than 1200 years old- it is perhaps one of the oldest monuments of Delhi.

Who was Dada Dev?

Legends say, that in the early ninth century AD, a holy man from Tonk,Ram Dev,  was visited upon by his deity in his dreams.The deity commanded Ram Dev to relocate himself northward. Woken up by this dream, he shared it with his family members and asked their advice.Everyone agreed to moving to a northerly direction and so, a small party was made .This party placed the holy stone of the deity on a bullock cart and started their journey.

The party was at Palam village when an interesting event happened.One night, the holy stone fell off the bullock cart and got stuck in the mud.Thinking that the deity did not wish to advance further, the party ceased their journey at Palam and within a few days, constructed a small temple at the spot where the holy stone had fallen down.And, this is how the temple of Ram Dev came up at Palam.

Monuments of Delhi
The approach to Dada Dev Temple

Over the next few years, the saint Ram Dev acquired the name of Dada Dev. Legends grew around him.People started associating this holy man with Shesh Nag or the celestial serpent.

Today, Dada Dev- who has a memorial built for him in the temple premises- has acquired the status of gram devta for 12 adjoining villages . Gram devta is the presiding deity of a village- he/she protects the village from evil influences.It is a pulsating place with several devotees from adjoining villages coming here to seek the blessings of Dada Dev.

The temple has idols of other Hindu gods as well- Shiva, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna – all have their temples here in this complex.Indeed, this place radiates energy.So, next time if you are travelling to Delhi, make it a point to visit this hauntingly beautiful place.

How to reach; Take the Delhi Metro for Sector 21 from the Rajiv Chowk Metro station.Get down at Sector 8 and take a rickshaw.

Thank you for reading this.






Around Delhi; The vanishing Pyaoos,Our dying Heritage

It is a sweltering 45 degrees celsius here in Delhi and the roads are smoldering hot.There is a not a soul in sight and my throat is parched with thirst.Travelling in Delhi , particularly during the summers, is quite a challenge of keeping an everlasting supply of drinking water.Would I collapse of thirst?O God, where is water?Water, dear water, where are thou!

Help is at hand in such situations and it comes in the form of modestly shaped and built water huts or “pyaoos” Fast yielding ground to the bottled water available in PET bottles, Pyaoos define the selfless helping nature of us Indians.Yes, these structures , often built of thatch, are very little seen these days. A typical traveller on the road has a backpack that contains 2 or 3 water bottles , so who actually needs a pyaoo!


Cut to 30 years ago, pyaoos were a familar sight in the town that I grew up in-Jaipur.As we returned home after a long day at school, we had our customary drink of cool (not cold) water in at least 3 pyaoos in a 2 kilometer area.Most often, these pyaoos were serviced by elederly ladies from the ‘not so well off backgrounds’ .In their late fifties, these ladies had a grizzled look and spoke the rural dialect.As you, the thirsty traveller, approached the pyaoo, the lady of the hut would silently fill up the stainless steel glasses with water and offer one of them to you.No words were exchanged but, the lady would secretly get a deposit of good wishes in her spiritual bank account.

And , if you thought that water could be wasted by spilling it while drinking, you were in for a mild verbal spanking in chaste Marwari.

Often , there were no steel glasses at all.All you had were a couple of earthen pitchers upon whom rested steel made “dongas” or long handled spoons.All you needed to do was ask for one “donga”, dip it in the pitcher, take out some water and take that in your mouth “without your lips touching the donga”.It was a delicate exercise, I must say.

The ladies and the old men hardly asked for money but some good souls indeed left a few coins as a matter of gratitude.

In Delhi, you are hardly left with any piaoos. There is one in the famous Chandni Chowk , in the Shiva temple premises.Pink in colour, the piaoo is managed by an elderly gentleman who is probably in his eighties.This one is made of stone, though.

Another piaoo in Delhi can be seen in the Mehrauli area.This one is an abandoned  structure and is located roughly diagonally opposite to the Mehrauli Bus Stand.I am sure there would be some other piaoos as well in Delhi.At least Dwarka doesn’t have any.I would surmise that East and North Delhi still would have some piaoos left. There is some tradition left in those ancient parts of Delhi.

In Jaipur, where I grew up, there was one particular piaoo that was housed in the premises of a wealthy businessman.The man who serviced this piaoo was blind and sang the verses of Ramcharitmanas while serving water to the visitors.He sang so soulfully! And, his water was laden with kewara, a herbal product that has a lingering aroma and has antioxidant properties. A stroll after our dinner to this good soul was a must every evening.

But, why do ordinary people open up piaoos? The answer is simple- to improve their after lives.In India, there is this custom to offer a glass of water to each and every visitor to our homes , whether he or she is thirsty or not. And the culture to offer free and pure drinking water to travellers is not just limited to ordinary folk, even the rich and wealthy people do it.. So, this practice is all pervading.

Though the piaoo culture is fast disappearing in Delhi, there are occasions in the year when free water is dispensed to the traveller on the road by devout Sikhs.You will  see such  see sights during the birthdays of their Gurus.The devotees will actually stop the traveller and request him to take the cooling fluid.It is such a graceful and delightful sight!

A few days ago, I was in a suburb of Delhi and the ambient temperature was a mind boggling 45 degrees. While I was looking for a shade to stand in, a young man came to me and offered a glass of cool water.Sir, why don’t you have some water, he asked. Thank you, I said, what is your name, Mister, I enquired. Sir, he replied, I have no name and my work is just to ask passersby for water.


Thanks you for reading this, my friends.



Uttarakhand Forest Fires; 10 things you must know

  1. It is not a state wide fire and is just limited to 1600 hectares of the state so, please do not panic.
  2. These fires have been raging for the past 4 months and are an annual affair in the hills.
  3. Please also take note that these fires have not engulfed the trees and forests.The fires are just limited to the dry grass.
  4. Please do not think that your favourite tourist resort is in the centre of the fire.No, chances are that it is far , far away from the flames.So, please continue with your plans.Go on and enjoy your well deserved break.
  5. Even as we speak, the State High Court has directed the local administration to take all the steps to contain and douse the fire.
  6. How did these fires happen?No one knows.But, probably, nil April showers and a two year drought started them.
  7. The number of fires this year has exceeded all the fires over the last 4 years.
  8. It is possible that the builder mafia may be in cahoots with the Forest Department in starting these fires.It is easy to transfer cleared land to builders than forested pieces of land.
  9. Experts warn that glaciers can  melt faster than the usual rates because of such fires.
  10. Ash from such fires helps the land rejuvenate faster.

Ranthambore National Park is not just about tigers, what’s the secret?

The Ranthambore National Park hides a deadly secret. What is that?



Yes, India has a lot of stories about herself and this one is something that will make you say, awww…is it really true?

A lot of you who may have traveled to India or are planning to do so must have heard about the Ranthambore National Park. I would be mightily surprised if you haven’t because Ranthambore is one of the most visible and talked about tiger sanctuaries in the entire world. In one of my blog posts, I have written an interesting account of Machhli, the famous tigress that even had the guts to fight with a crocodile.

But, this post isn’t about tigers and Machhli, it is about the resident god of Ranthambore National Park, Lord Ganesh and his amazing connect with his devotees all over India.

Ranthambore National Park
Magnificent gateway-Ranthambore Fort

Lord Ganesh sits with his family in a temple within the fort that adjoins the sanctuary.And, he has been sitting there for the past 700 years.

Now, let me get to the story of this Ganesh temple in Ranthambore.Sit tight!

So..let us move back to 700 years. I mean, going back in history.

There was a Rajput king, Hamir who ruled this fort.Let me tell you, the fort of Ranthambore is one of the strongest in India.It controlled access to Central and Southern India and for the Kings of Delhi, this fort had a strategic value.

Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary

Now, one fine day, Hamir ran afoul of the Sultan of Delhi.The Sultan thought of teaching the Rajput a lesson and sent a huge army to defeat him.The Delhi army came and laid siege to this vast fort. The Rajput King was, however, undisturbed- he had plenty of ration with him.But, as the days turned into months, the King started worrying.The rations had begun depleting and the enemy was still around.It was indeed a worrying situation.

One night, as Hamir lay asleep, Lord Ganesha appeared in the King’s dreams and promised to him that the war would be over the next day and the enemy would return to Delhi.

Offbeat Destinations of India
Trinetra Ganesh ji, Ranthambore

Next day, his servants brought him an amazing news; an idol of Three Eyed Ganesha was found sticking out from the fort walls, the granaries were full again and the enemy had begun uprooting its tents in preparation to leave!

Filled with gratitude, the King decided to make  a new temple for Lord Ganesh.The name of the Lord here is Trinetra or the one with three eyes.

Offbeat destinations in India
Trinetra Ganesha Temple, Ranthambore

Trinetra Ganeshji fulfills all the desires of his devotees.He resides in His temple with His two wives and two sons.People from all over the country make it a point to invite Him and His family on each joyous occasion of theirs.They simply send a postcard  to this address;

Ranthambore Trinetra Ganeshji

Sawai Madhopur


The Lord gets a sackful of invitations every day for birthdays, marriages, mundan and namkaran sanskara.Isn’t it amazing?

How to reach Ranthambore National Park

  • Take a train or a bus to Sawai Madhopur.The temple is just 12 kilometers from there. To take a train, visit this website :

Temple Timings of Trinetra Ganesha Temple; The Lord is offered aartis at least 5 times a day early morning, 9 am, 12 noon, 5 pm and 11 pm when He retires for the day.

I hope you liked this post, my friends. If you want any help in reaching this place, write me a mail at swayamt  and I will be too happy to help.

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