7 Accommodations to Stay in Seville


Wondering where to stay in Seville? Here are the top 7 places to stay while being at Seville.

Seville is one of the ancient cities of Spain and is located in the region of Andalusia. According to historians, the first settlers of Seville were the Tartessians.They were displaced by the Carthaginians who laid the foundations of the city of Hispalis.The town of Hispalis is very close to Italica, the birthplace of the founders of the Roman Empire, Hadrian and Trajan. Italica is just 9 kilometres from Seville therefore is easy to reach this ancient place.

Culturally, Seville has witnessed the flowering of the artistic, intellectual and Romantic movements while the rest of Europe was in the midst of Industrial Revolution. It witnessed the Spanish Civil War as well as the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929, two decisive cultural milestones.

Seville is considered to be one of the most happy cities in the whole of Europe and travellers will find themselves easily accepted in the local culture.

Do you know that Seville was founded by Hercules

There are several good accommodations for travellers to Seville. Some of them are;

1.Hotel Petit Palace , Santa Cruz

Petit Palace Santa Cruz Hotel

This property is located in the centre of the city and combines modernity with tradition. This hotel is ideal for the romantic couples who want a getaway to the Andalusian highlands. Families who want a trip to the Santa Cruz district will also find this accommodation a great one.The hotel prides itself on comfort, technology and low prices.


Name: Petit Palace Hotel, Santa Cruz
Address:C/ Muñoz y Pabón, 18 (Plaza Ramón Ybarra Llosent). HOTEL CIUDAD H/SE/01070 – Seville (Seville) – Spain
Timings: 24 hour front desk open, check in; 2 pm, check out- 3 pm
Accepts Credit Cards?: Yes
Parking: Information not available
Website: http://en.petitpalacesantacruzhotel.com

2.Hotel Maestranza

Maestranza Facebook

This hotel is also located in the centre of the city affording convenience to travellers to Seville. The notable feature of this property is the classical style of its architecture which is typical Sevillian in nature.

Even though the hotel is located in the centre of the city, it is so designed that the weary traveller will find it comfortable and noise free.It is 6 minutes from the Savile Cathedral, 3 kilometres from Plaza de Espana and 4 kilometres from the royal palace at Alcazar.

In order to encourage people to people interaction in the city, the hotel does not serve breakfast. There are several open air restaurants close by where the travellers can have their breakfast while interacting with the local people.


Name:Hotel Maestranza
Address: Hotel Maestranza, Gamago, 12, 41001, Sevilla, Spain
Timings: 24 hour front desk open
Accepts Credit Cards?: Yes
Parking: Public Parking available 30 metres away.
Website: www.hotelmaestranza.es
3. Adriano Hotel


Source: Facebook
This accommodation is good equally for the visiting businessmen as well as leisure travellers. Located close to the important monuments like Giralda , Royal Palace and Cathedral, the hotel is located on the Adriano street.Hotel Adriano offers the culture hungry traveller all that is available in terms of events, food, conferences and parties. The fittings and furniture of the hotel are antique and are a throwback to ancient Seville.


Name:Adriano Hotel
Address:C/ Adriano, 12, 41001 – Sevilla
Timings:Front Desk open 24 hours, check in; 12 noon, check out- 2 pm
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Parking: Paid
Pricing: High

4.Hotel Alfonso



This is a luxury property located very close to the Reales Alcazares and the Cathedral.Located in the historic district of Santa Cruz, this Seville accommodation has been inspired by Moor architecture.It was constructed in 1929 and is meant for the high paying as well as the budget conscious travellers.Alfonso XIII was one of the most popular kings of Spain and this hotel has been named after him


Name: Hotel Alphonso XIII

Address: Calle San Fernando, 2, 41004, Seville, Spain
Timings: Front Desk open 24 hours, check in time-12 noon, check out- 2 pm
Accepts Credit Cards?: Yes
Parking:Available at 22 Euros per day
Pricing: Moderate to High

5.Hotel Zaida

Zaida Facebook
Hotel Zaida will appeal to the culture lovers of Savilla as it is styled on Moorish architecture. It will take them back to the Moor days of early Spanish history. It is convenient to the typical traveller as it is located close to all the major monuments in the city. The word “Zaida” is Arab/ Moorish in origin. The hotel is well stocked with Spanish products.

For the budget conscious traveller, the hotel provides free toiletries, 32 inches TV for entertainment, free WiFi and lots more.


Name: Hotel Zaida
Address: Calle San Roque, 26, 41001 Seville
Timings: Bookings available round the clock, Front Desk open 24 hours, check in- 12 noon, check out-2 pm
Accepts Credit Cards?:Yes
Parking: Free
Pricing;:Low to Moderate

6.Exe Sevilla Palmera Hotel


This accommodation is intelligent in construction and sports a modern look. If you have a flair for technology, this is the place for you. The glass facade defines the character of this hotel.It has a large number of rooms- 96- and is suited for a traveller having modern taste and medium budget. The hotel is located close to Villamarin and the city hospital.


Name: Exe Sevilla Palmera Hotel
Address: Cardenal Ilundain, 28 City: Sevilla
Timings: Check in; 3 pm, Check out; 4 pm
Accepts Credit Cards?:Yes
Parking; Yes
Pricing; Moderate
Website- http://www.exesevillapalmera.com/EN/hotel.html

7. Hotel Inglaterra

Inglaterra Seville


For the traveller interested in art and history of Seville, this hotel is located quite strategically- it is just 250 metres from the Cathedral and very near to the old section of the city. Most of the monuments are within a walking distance from this hotel.Dating from 1857, this hotel is opposite City Hall and overlooks Plaza Nueva.It serves Mediterranean cuisine and has a trendy restaurant.


Name: Hotel Inglaterra
Address: Plaza Nueva, 7 41001 Seville, Spain
Timings: Check in,3 pm, Check out,5 pm
Accepts Credit Cards?: Yes
Parking: No
Pricing: Moderate
Website: http://www.hotelinglaterra.es/en/index.html
We hope the above information will help you in having a comfortable stay during your travel in Saville.

Have a good trip and travel !

4 Travel Bloggers I love ….and try to ape.

Ok, this one is to the point. No pictures, no keyword stuffing , no beating around the bush. This one is about the  four guys who travel, who have fun and who hold my attention.Two girls and two guys. Just 4. If you aren’t there, try harder, maybe in the next edition you find your name here.

Shivya Nath 

I was fascinated by her looks.She was young, good looking and impossibly successful. She travelled all over the world. One moment she was here and the next moment she was gone. Like a jugnu or a firefly..

She is the numero uno in the world of travel writing. People know her as Shivya Nath and I was besotted by her 4 years ago. How the hell- I used to wonder- she is so successful in the mundane world of travel writing? How can travel make you so fuckingly rich ? Or is it all a world of make believe?

I still have not been able to make out how Shivya has made travel look so cool. She is not there on social media (read Facebook), though, on Twitter, me and her sometimes exchange messages. Of late, I have not been in touch with her but , I am sure Shivya Nath would be doing something pathbreaking.

Can I say that Shivya Nath is the Amitabh Bachchan of travel blogging? Google her to know more about her work.

Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi is definitely a far more approachable person than Shivya. And, more communicative too! Me and Lakshmi have been Twitter mates for more than 4 years now and for some stupid reason, she follows my handle ! Not that I am a superstar. It just shows how friendly her persona is to aspiring bloggers such as I.

Lakshmi was the one who persuaded me to have my own domain. Till a few months back I used to blog under the umbrella of WordPress. I was a tenant of WordPress and did not realize that my tenancy actually brought my status down in the world of bloggers. Lakshmi brought me down to earth. And, then, I decided to have my own domain.

Lakshmi ‘s blog design is definitely something to die for. And, I am not exaggerating . Have a peep at her blog and you will know what I am talking about. I hope to share a cuppa with her sometime. Lakshmi, I hope you are reading all this bull shit !

By the way guys, if you get the idea that I am apple polishing here….you are dead right. But, these chaps have class and you better accept it.  Else, take a walk.

Avanish Maurya 

You know what Maurya does when he is not blogging? He helps planes find their destinations, he works for Air Traffic Control.Isn’t it coooool?

But, his coolness quotient does not spring from his technical skills. What he has done is this- he has travelled a fucking 5000 kilometers in the Trans Siberian Railway from Vladivostok to Moscow.

if you are a “travel blogger” and don’t know what the hell is Vladivostok is, go take geography lessons.It is one of the most inhospitable places on Planet Earth . Located on the Arctic coast, this place is the coldest place that a human can ever see. Temperatures plunge down to -20 degrees and less.

Russia is one of the deadliest countries to travel in. While most  of us have read about the subway gangs of New York, very few of us know of the cruel and trigger happy Russian gangs that roam the vast landscape of Russia. To travel 5000 kilometers in this region and survive is really some experience . This the stuff that makes travel a truly romantic experience.

Avanish is heading to a tamer destination this June- Indonesia. This is a let down for me . Actually ,he has set the bar so high for the normal traveller that unless he makes a voyage to the North Pole, everything else that he does for travel is …well.. trivial.

Sanjeev Goyal 

The dude is present in most of the Delhi based travel meetings. Very few people recognize him or even know him, he is is such a nondescript person.

But, Sanjeev is a man of surprises . He has travelled more than 33 countries.Okay, so what is so special?

Sanjeev specialises in budget travel. Even if you have a thousand rupees, Sanjeev will give you a trick or two to survive in China..Of course, I am exaggerating. But, you get the drift of  what I am trying to say, no!

A few months back he was off to Turkey.Yes, Turkey where the ISIS is playing footloose.And, can you believe it, he spent all his sleeping hours sprawled in the buses! He never once spent a dime at any hotel for his night caps!Such is his budget planning prowess. Ask him about travelling to South East Asia, and, he will give you more than 20 tips on how to travel light.

Why Legalizing Prostitution Is A Stupid Move- Tales of Sex

BANGKOK, THAILAND - JANUARY 21: Thai women working at a bar wait for business at the red light district called Soi Cowboy January 21, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. The popular sex tourism area filled with bars is next to an anti-government protest which has decreased their clients. Starting tomorrow the Thai government will impose the 60-day state of emergency in Bangkok and the surrounding provinces in an attempt to to cope with the on-going political turmoil. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Sex was the last thing on my mind as I trudged back to my pad at the Hilton in downtown Bangkok. But, they were waiting for me. They were everywhere at the entrance. Some were in hot pants, smoking their Benson and Hedges. There were others hiding their pain filled and tired eyes behind the garish frames of Mont Blancs. Sheer tank tops and stilettoes easily marked the ladies there as the whores of Bangkok. Web Analytics

“I will charge just 1000 Indian bucks from you. Just 1000 rupees, mister”, came an unsolicited offer from a 25 year old to me. It was difficult for me to look up to her and express my disinterest.I was shit scared even as she was offering her body to me. No, I said under my breath, as I walked away into the comfort of the foyer of the well appointed Hilton property. My room mate saw the offer as a manna from heaven perhaps. Yes, he winked at the girl, and slunk away in a tuk tuk.

Welcome to the flesh markets of Bangkok, I thought to myself. 

The year was 2008 and it was my first visit to the Thai capital. I had known  that sex was what defined Bangkok but, I was unprepared with what I saw that evening in Bangkok. You could literally place your hand on the shoulder of a willing girl  and have an unbridled session of pleasure.I had heard stories of the ill famed streets of Kamathipura and GB Road in India but, this was simply unimaginable.

Not that Bangkok was and is  only about sex and girls, it had and still has some world class beaches, resorts and forlorn islands.But, the city has become chained to the reputation of the sex capital of South East Asia , if not the world.


Today, i.e. June 2, I ventured to a facebook group run by travel bloggers and got caught in an inane discussion on legalising prostitution in India. The discussion was around International Hookers day. Why should it be legalised and given a respectable cloak,I asked the moderator of the discussion. Because, he answered, there are so many girls coerced in this profession by their close relatives.I was reminded of my Bangkok sojourn during this conversation thread.

Well, the argument had an appeal, but , it was built on quicksand . So, by legalising prostitution , you hope to lessen their miseries? Would it stop the flow of unwilling girls to this profession? Would you encourage your own kin to take to this profession if it was legalized, I asked.

Now, you would be wondering why I am relating the issue of legalizing prostitution  in India to the sex markets of Bangkok. My simple submission is this; an industry based on sex is no industry at all. No girl enters this profession willingly and I am sure that in Thailand, there would not be the kind of coercion that happens in India. But, sex trade based on poverty  and deprivation perpetuates that poverty. I do not think there is any one single country where prostitution has ameliorated poverty.Rather, empirical evidence suggests that prostitution and drug running go hand in hand.

So, to legalize prostitution in India that is beset with poverty would be to indirectly sanctify drug running which I do not think it is a desirable outcome.

By the way, I am not sure whether prostitution in Thailand is the outcome of coercion as in the case of India where young poor girls are thrown in brothels and made to “work” in inhuman conditions.

While laws may not be adequate to tackle the issue of immoral trafficking and prostitution, the existing sense of social disgust and  revulsion is a potent means of dissuading this kind of trade.

I hasten to add that I have no advice for the Thai government on this matter. But, in so far as India is concerned, I have my own concerns and strong opinions.

We do not want our country to be another Thailand.

We do not want India to be the next sex capital of the World.