Delhi events in April and May- For all those interested in travel, culture and arts

Here is a compilation of all the fun-filled Delhi events in April and May covering travel, culture, arts and music. From now on, my website will give you a weekly overview of these. Stay tuned.

Delhi events in April and May-Photography

1. Framing The Living Traditions. Venue- India International Center, Max Mueller Marg,

This event is a collaborative showcase from 5 photographers under the aegis of Neel Dongre Awards and Grants for Excellence in Photography. These photographers will present different living conditions through distinctive artistic styles.

Time and Date- Till May 2, 6.30 p.m

2. Objectif Sport, Galleries Romain Roland, Alliance Francaise

This Delhi event showcases photographs from many non-professional photographers who were invited to illustrate a sport of their country which best represented its national ethos and values. These photographs were selected in a competition among 108 photographers from 50 different countries.

Image result for Images of Alliance Francaise

Time and Date- On until May 5, 11 am- 8 pm

Delhi events in April and May- Theater

1. A Walk in the Woods- Siri Fort, August Kranti Marg

Image result for images of Deepti Nawal
                   Relive those magical moments with Deepti Naval this week

This drama is a part of the Delhi Theatre Festival which starts from April 29. Expect some scintillating performances in this Festival from the likes of Naseeruddin Shah, Rajit Kapur, Deepti Naval and Saurabh Shukla.

There are a few other performances as well like Barff, starring Saurabh Shukla and Ek Mulaqat. 

Time and Date-  2 pm, April 29-30. Some performances start at 7 pm.

2. Hello !Cab, Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Estate

What happens when a woman who has lost everything in a communal riot takes to driving radio cabs? Watch this riveting drama directed by Basab Bhattacharya.

Time and Date- 7.45 pm, April 28. Tickets cost Rs. 245/-

3. Jugaad (Hindi Comedy), LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg

Two friends, Ravi and Charkha have to lie about their marital status to get a rented accommodation. This comedy show will leave you breathless with laughter. This drama is directed by Dinesh Ahlawat.

Delhi events in April and May
                            LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg

Time and Date- 7 pm, April 29. Tickets- Rs. 300, 200 and 100

4. Kanjoos Miyan Deewane (Hindi comedy), LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg

Do you want to shake off all that stress that has built up in your head this week? How about trying this excellent comedy show that tells us about the romantic liaisons of Mirza Sakhawat with Maryam?

Time and date- 7 pm, April 29.Tickets- Rs. 500, 300, 200  and 100.

5. Noor (Hindi drama), Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road

Watch this captivating drama of Noor and her niece, Mumtaz who maneuver their ways in a world of men and reach to the top! This drama is directed by Faisal Alkazi.

Time and date- 4.30 pm, April 29. Tickets- Rs. 200 onwards

6. Rant of the Pant (Stand up comedy), Pearey Lal Bhawan, ITO

Stand up comedian Sourabh Pant rants and rails about Trump, Modi pollution, corruption, Rahul Gandhi, other comedians, population control etc. Watch Pant bring down the audience in laughter.

Time and Date- 7, pm, April 30

7. Raavan ki Ramayan ( Hindi drama), Shri Ram Center, Safdar Hashmi Marg

Directed by Satya Kaushik, this drama has a unique take on Raavan. A just and virtuous king sets out to avenge the outrage modesty of his sister. However, on his way, he falls for the charms of an abducted woman who shows defiance and boldness in her precarious state. Ultimately, this king pushes his kingdom in a war against the will of his subjects and ministers.

Delhi events in April and May-Travel

1. Odisha Parva

If you are interested in good food, heritage, music and travel, then you should go the Odisha Parva held at the India Gate lawns. This event is organized by the Odiya Samaj and will showcase the art, craft, music, theater and other fine aspects Odisha.

Delhi events in April and May

Time and Date- 5 pm-10 pm, April 29- May 1.

Do you have an interesting Delhi event to share with me? Please write to me at and I shall feature it next week.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

10 most haunted places in Shimla that will make you pee in pants

One of the most haunted places in Shimla is a hundred-year-old tunnel where a British engineer committed suicide because of sheer frustration. Where is it?

Image result for images of CJM Shimla
creds- Tripoto

Ok, so you consider yourself a stud, ahaan! Let us see whether you have the balls to visit even one of these scariest places in Shimla. Ready for the challenge? Let’s go.

History of Shimla

Before we move on to discover the most haunted places in Shimla, let us delve into the history of the city. Did you know that till 1864, Shimla was the summer capital of British India? Queer, isn’t it?

Another interesting part of the history of this city is that it is associated with Pradyumna, the son of Krishna. Apparently, he had come to this part of Himalayas and after defeating Banasur, a demon became the next king.

Shimla and its adjoining areas were occupied by the Gurkhas who were later on turfed out by the British aided by some native Indian kings.

Several years ago I had visited Shimla and one night while crossing a graveyard, I experienced something sensational. I did not know who brushed past me but it has since then forced me to write about the haunted places of Shimla.

The most haunted places in Shimla

  1. The Chudail Baoree

    This dreadful place is located on the stretch of the National Highway between Chhota Shimla and Navbahar. Many people who have crossed this stretch have reported seeing an old woman wandering in the middle of the road at night and stopping drivers for a lift. This woman has long hair and wears white flowing robes. If you don’t stop your car for her, then she will chase you down the road and make you stop your car. Some people have also reported seeing her sit on top of their car bonnets and staring down at the drivers. So, if you are in the vicinity of this area, do not stop else you may crash your car.

  2. The Ghost of the Medical College

    One of the most haunted places in Shimla is a stretch of the road that leads to the Indira Gandhi Medical College or IGMC. Many years ago, in the 1960s to be precise, there was a fruit and vegetable seller who lived on that road. He sold oranges to the passers-by and was quite a happy soul. One day, he was knocked down by a passing vehicle and died. This dead fruit seller now roams this road in the night and greets the passers-by. He is a harmful soul and doesn’t harm anybody.

  3. The horseman of CJM, Shimla

    Image result for images of CJM Shimla
    One of the most haunted places in Shimla, the CJM

    Like many other schools, the Convent of Jesus and Mary is a fine school of Shimla and many parents take pride in sending their wards to this institution. But what happens on the 13th of every month in this school? You will be horrified to know that no student stays back in the school premises on the 13th of every month. Why? According to the locals, a long dead horseman visits the campus on the 13th of every month and offers a rose to whichever girl  he sees. If she accepts the rose, then the dead horseman picks her up and vanishes in the forests nearby. Many people also also believe that a small girl who was burnt to death more than 150 years ago, is seen roaming the school campus looking for her stuffed doll. Definitely, this is one of the weirdest and ghastly places in Shimla.

  4. The living dead of the IGMC

    This Medical College is swarming with ghosts, figuratively. Locals report at seeing spirits and ghosts of dead patients in this campus. Some ghosts cry out your names and when you turn back, you can’t see them. Some of them stop the lifts from working all of a sudden. There are some bad spirits too and if you are not watchful, they may trip you over

  5. (By the way, if you are still reading this story, then this real life story published in Dainik Jagran will torment you for years ……. )
  6. Barog Tunnel

    IIf you are taking the toy train from Shimla to Kalka, then never ever get down at the Barog tunnel. Do you know why? The locals say that a spirit of a long dead Railway engineer roams around the entrance to this tunnel. Mr. Barog, the British engineer had committed suicide by shooting himself. Next time if you are chasing the toy train near Barog, get back into the train else, face the dead engineer’s icy stare.

  7. Another legend says that Barog committed suicide because he was unable to get the right alignment of the tunnel. According to the third legend,  during the construction of this tunnel, several workers were killed in the nights by a werewolf. When Barog went out to investigate, he found a half-human and half- wolf to be the mass murder. The official was so terrified by this sight that he committed suicide.

    most haunted places in Shimla
    The Barog Tunnel- one of the haunted places in Shimla
  8. The haunted mansion of Bayley

    Image result for images of Charleville Mansion of Shimla
    The Charlville Mansion, Shimla will make you pee in your pants

    I challenge you to take a walk to the Charleville Mansion and I am sure you will turn it down. This 150-year old heritage building was once owned by an English couple, Mrs. and Mr. Bayley. The couple moved into this house in 1913; Mr. Bayley had recently  got the job of Assistant Secretary of the Railway Board, Shimla.

A few days after they moved in, they started experiencing strange activities. One day, Mr. Bayley locked one of the rooms which he thought was the epicenter of such activities. After locking it, he went away for a few days. When he returned and reopened the ‘haunted’ room to check if everything was alright, Mr. Bayley was horrified to see everything topsy-turvy. But, this wasn’t the end of the story.

Also read- History of Shimla  

But, this wasn’t the end of the story. One day, when the Bayleys were away for a party, a strange incident happened in their house. During the night, their servant thought he saw his master was sitting in one of the rooms. When the servant called out his master, the ‘man ‘ simply walked out of the room through a locked door! Frightened, the Bayleys moved out of the ‘haunted house’ the very next day.

    7. House of Dukhani

If you still want to do more of ghost hunting then the haunted house of Dukhani will definitely scare you. Many people say that more than a hundred years back, one Mr. Bucky had committed suicide here by shooting himself. His dead spirit roams this house even today. This is one of the most haunted places in Shimla that very few would dare to go to!

I would urge you to buy this book on haunted houses written by Ruskin Bond. You will find it enjoyable.

If you are in a mood to read more about ghost stories, then read these ones:

The Most Haunted Place; Haunted Delhi

Or, Is the fort of Jodhpur haunted?

What is the story of the haunted town of Kundar?

Dare to visit the haunted village of Kuldhara?

How to reach Shimla?

Take the Kalka-Shimla train from Kalka. You can reach Kalka by taking a train from Delhi or Chandigarh. Check your train connections here:

You can also take a bus to Shimla from the Interstate Bus Terminus,  Delhi.

Recent update- Shimla is also now open to air-traffic. You can now fly down to this city. The airport is 22 kilometers away from Shimla.

Did you like this post, folks?

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The top things to do in India and one of them is a tour of a haunted palace

This summer, you have a lot of things to do in India. If you are planning to travel to India then you  can visit the famous sex ashram of a sadhu in Pune or just enjoy a tour of a haunted palace in Delhi. If hills beckon you, then book a ticket to Coorg, pronto!

I have made this list for you and if you want some other place should be included in it, then please write back to me.

The top things to do in India

  1. Tour of the Haunted Place in Delhi 

If you are planning to spend your summer months in Delhi this year, then should do one thing. Book this tour immediately. The tour leader is Swayam Tiwari and he is a knowledgeable fellow. One of his favorite tours is the one about the Haunted Palace of Balban. This palace is in ruins and lies within the iconic Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

things to do in India
Shrouded in mystery, this palace is haunted!
Jamali Kamali
One of the most mysterious places in Mehrauli is the Jamali Kamali Mosque

Balban’s Palace is an attraction for the wildlife enthusiasts too. During my last visit to this enchanting place, I encountered a Neelgai (antelope) which was resting in a shade. Upon seeing me, the startled animal sprang away and melted in the bushes.

things to do in India and Delhi
These corridors will set you to imagine things

Watch this video here

The bird lovers will also find this place charming. Peacocks, sparrows, parrots, robins, kites and weaver birds live here in thousands. And if you are lucky, you may find yourself staring into the eyes of a jackal!

Things to do In Delhi
We are at the boat house in the Mehrauli Park here

          2. Visit the “SEX ASHRAM” of an Indian sadhu in Pune

To be honest, I am not sure if this ashram still permits its residents to enjoy free sex but several decades ago, this place was known for this kind of colorful activities.

Also called as Osho Ashram, this destination is very popular among several thousand visitors who come to Pune every day. Osho is another name of Acharya Rajneesh who lived in the United States several years ago. He was a brilliant and several Americans became his followers because of this quality. The main philosophy of Rajneesh was living in the moment and never to worry.

Image result for images of Osho ashram

You can read about Rajneesh by clicking this link

Rajneesh lived a royal life and at the time of his death, possessed more than 90 Rolls Royces- all gifted to him by his rich and wealthy followers! Many people believe that Rajneesh was poisoned by the American authorities because they were uncomfortable with his huge fan following. No wonder, for many Americans, one of the many things to do in India is a visit to the Osho Ashram.

This ashram is shaped in the form of a pyramid and is a delightful place to visit.

      3. Go Drumming!

Actually, I find drumming pretty interesting. This is one of the more pleasurable things to do in India for people who are sick of visiting monuments,  eating street food,  watching movies and yoga sessions and I will tell you why.

One day, one of my friends , Debu Mishra, invited me to a drumming event hosted in one of the gardens of Delhi.  I was full of excitement when I visited this place but as the event progressed, I just could not help dancing to the awesome tunes. This event was a great stress buster for me and it would be great if you can find time to attend one such event.

things to do in India
Drumming takes you away from stress

Here is a link to the Facebook Events Page of this event. Entry is free and if you want to play drums, please bring your equipment to this event. Make friends, relax and generally have a good time- that is the mantra of this event.

  4. Poetry on your mind?

If you want to share your poems with other people ( strangers who also like poetry), then this event by Nicky Chandon is just for you and I am sure that you will find it as an event to remember. The name of this event is Caferati sure, it is a good place for all those people who want a ready audience.

Though visiting Caferati is not one of the most important things to do in India, I would still recommend it as an event for the intellectually inclined travelers.

The brain behind this amazing monthly event is Nicky who is a young girl, maybe 27 or 28. If you want to recite your poem or enact something, please attend this event by visiting its Facebook Page. I have attached the link to this event below.

There are many aspiring stand-up comedians who have found this event as a good platform to showcase their talents.

Watch this video in which a poet is expressing his thoughts in Hindi

Caferati is organized on the last Wednesday or Friday of every month at the famous Antisocial restaurant in HKV.

5. Visit the Palace of the Dead

Have you heard or read about Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi? Chances are that you have. Visit this charming place with me and get mesmerized with its known and untold stories.

Image result for flickr Humayun's Tomb
                                                                              Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun’s Tomb is one of the most beautiful buildings in Delhi and if you have not visited this place so far, then it is time you made amends.

6. Walk in the woods -Lal Kot Walls

This one is my favorite. If you want to explore the wilderness and history of Delhi, then contact me for an adrenaline-filled tour of Lal Kot.

Lal Kot means Red Walls and stands for the remains of a 1000 year old Delhi fort. These walls are made of red coloured rocks and cannot be located easily as many dense bushes and trees now hide them.

Some people also believe that the foundation of these walls is made of gold and silver!

Image result for images of Lal Kot flickr

Would you like exploring them? If yes, then we will plan out a tour. You may write to me at

Booking Tickets

Right now I am unavailable for any trip to Pune, so please don’t write to me for that. However, I may help you in organizing a Pune trip with the help of my contacts. Otherwise, if you want to travel Pune on your own, please visit this website; . This is Maharashtra government website so you can go on and click it open.

If you are planning to come visit Delhi or Pune, then use this Indian Railways website to book tickets;

Else you may book tickets at MakeMyTrip and Cleartrip.

Have I helped you in planning your India itinerary? Please write to me.

Thanks for reading this.

Top 7 places to visit in Pune and one of them is an ashram of free sex!

One of these 7 places to visit in Pune was a “free sex ashram”, but I am not sure whether it still has the same fun quotient. Nevertheless, here is a list of 7 best places to visit in Pune for the compulsive and business travellers alike. I hope you like this post.

The top 10 places to visit in Pune

Pataleshwar Temple

Did you know that people have lived in Pune for more than 1300 years? It is said that the region around Pune was ruled by the Rashtrakutas more than a thousand years back.


Who were the Rashtrakutas?

These guys were a part of an ancient dynasty. Some people say that the present day Rathores of Jodhpur and the rest of Rajasthan are the Rashtrakutas of the yore.

The Pataleshwar temple in Pune takes us back to the Rashtrakuta era. If you are a history enthusiast, then this is one of the places to visit in Pune. The temple is circular in shape, is made of basalt ( a volcanic rock) and houses several  idols of deities.

National Defence Academy

Image result for images of NDA
Reach for the skies, say the cadets at the NDA

Are you a movie freak? If you are then do you remember a movie, ” Major Saab”? This movie that starred Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgn was shot in the campus of this Academy.

The NDA is one of the finest military colleges of not just India but the whole world and has produced some of the best leaders of  our defence forces. Please do not consider the NDA as just one of the places to visit in Pune, but if you really want to see this place, then a prior permission is necessary.

Sinhagad fort

I am sure most of you have read Amar Chitra Katha comics in your teens. Do you remember that event in history when the mother of Shivaji, Jijabai commands him to conquer the fort of Sinhagad? Yes, this is the same hallowed place.Image result for images of sinhgad

If you are super fit then why don’t you take a challenge from me? What about climbing the vertical cliff walls on whom the fort is perched? Come on, give it a try folks.


Khadakwasla is to the National Defence Academy what Hauz Khas is to the famed Indian Institute of technology in Delhi.

Actually, Khadakwasla is the site of a masonry dam and this feature makes it  as one of the tourist places in Pune. Ahead of this lake is the Sinhagad fort and on the way is the National Defence Academy.

Image result for images of Khadakwasla Flickr
Khadakwasla, courtesy; Flickr

If you are fond of eating by the wayside, then you will face a problem of plenty-there are several roadside stalls that serve delectable food.

Osho Ashram

Ok, this one is a real colorful tourist attraction in Pune. This ashram or convent was started by Rajnish, the world famous guru who made America his home in the 70s. Rajnish who went by the name, Osho, espoused free sex as one of his philosophies. No wonder, within a short span of time, he found a lot of supporters in the United States.

Rajnish did not find much support in India. Nevertheless, his supporters bought up a plot of land in Pune and started a communion there. Do they still practice free sex there? I do not know.

places to visit in Pune
Osho Garden, Flickr

Osho ashram is one of the most important places to visit in Pune and  if you are in the town while reading this article then do drop in at this place. Strangers are not allowed inside the ashram but I can help you gain entry there.

You may probably like to read up on this colorful guru here,

Malshej Ghats

Do you have a girlfriend or wife? If you don’t then you will waste your time going to this place.

I insist that you go to this place only if you are in a relationship. This place is so awesome that the only feeling  that one can get is that of romance.

Ghats are steep cliffs and are prominent features of the Deccan Plateau. Much of the western coast of India is made up of Ghats.

The best time to visit Malshej ghats is during the rainy season when springs and waterfalls make this place come alive.

Tip- Take your girlfriend on a bike while going to this Pune tourist attraction.

Lonavala Lake

Honestly, I did not want to put up this place here in this list. One of the most important places to visit in Pune, Lonavala is known for not just its lake but other features as well.

Image result for images of Lonavala Flickr
Lonavala’s Tiger Point, courtesy- Flickr

There are two hill stations, Lonavala and Khandala and each of these two stands at an elevation of 600 meters plus. Lonavala is also known for its several caves which were the resting places of various ascetics and monks several thousands of years ago.

This place is fantastic to visit during the rainy months and you must take out a car to reach it. Lonavala is 64 kilometres from Pune and 96 from Mumbai.

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What’s new today? The Story behind Ram Navami, Lord Rama and Sita

Ram Navami
A devotee dressed as Lord Rama in a Ram Navami procession. Getty images

What is Ram Navami?

If you are a traveller to India, you will find lots of temples celebrating Ram Navami today. Ram Navami is the birthday of Lord Rama or Ram who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born more than 7, 000 years ago and is the role model of millions of Indians.

We celebrate Ram Navami by fasting and feeding young girls who have not attained adolescence.

What does ‘Navami’ mean?

In the context of Ram Navami, the word Navami means the ninth day of the month of Chaitra ( corresponding to late March/early April). Chaitra is one of the months in the Indian calendar. This month marks the onset of summer in the northern plains of India.

Why is Rama the role model of Indians?

Rama has impacted the lives of millions of Indians in many ways. He gave a lot of respect to women during his lifetime which was a great thing in those days.  Even though, Rama was born in a powerful royal family and was the next in line for kingship, he married only one woman all his life- Sita.

Rama’s father, Dashrath had 3 wives and if Rama wanted, he too  could have married other women as well.


Rama is an ideal son, father, brother, friend, king and husband for all of us Indians.

Rama  was an obedient son and renounced the kingdom of Ayodhya when his father ordered Rama to do so. Unlike others, he too could have revolted against his father and occupied the throne by force but he did nothing of this sort.

Rama was deeply attached to all his three brothers. He never bore any illwill to any of his brothers.

When he came back from exile after a turbulent 14 years, Rama ruled his kingdom as an ideal king should. Everybody in his kingdom was happy and contented and lived a fruitful life.


Rama was banished by his father to spend 14 years in the forest. Dashrath wanted to honor his word that he had  given to one of his queens, Kaikeyee. She wanted her son, Bharat to be the next king and also desired that Rama leave the kingdom for the forests.

Image result for flickr images of Soorpanakha
Soorpanakha or the sharp nailed one attacks Sita (on the left). Flickr

Rama never wanted to see his father unhappy. As soon as he got his father’s orders, Rama  immediately left the kingdom for the forests. Isn’t this gesture great? How many people obey their parents unquestioningly?

Tell me about his family?

Rama, his wife Sita, and three brothers- Bharat, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. His father was Dashrath, the king of Ayodhya. Dashrath had three queens- Kaushalya, Kaikeyee and Sumitra.

Ram was the son of Kaushalya while Lakshman and Shatrughan were the children of Sumitra.

Image result for flickr images of Rama Navami
Rama and his family

You were saying something about Lord Vishnu

Yes. Vishnu is that part of the God almighty who protects and preserves all the righteous people. When there is a lot of evil around, then Vishnu comes down to Earth in one of the forms ( human, animal, tortoise etc.) and removes the evil. Vishnu is always given company by his consort, Lakshmi-the goddess of wealth.

Image result for flickr images of Vishnu
Vishnu and Lakshmi. Courtesy- Flickr

If you and I lead virtuous lives then we will be blessed with  lots of wealth.

What evil did Rama remove?

Rama killed Ravana who had kidnapped many women around the world and kept them in his harem as his slaves.

This man, Ravana had also kidnapped Sita and wanted her as his wife.

Image result for flickr images of Ravana
Ravana. Flickr

It was not an easy task to defeat this demon. He had terrified the world to such an extent that nobody wanted to confront Ravana.

I see, and who was Hanuman?

Hanuman is the trusted follower of Rama. He is immortal and cannot be found easily by us lay folks. Hanuman is the embodiment of wisdom, power and virtue. Rama is incomplete without Hanuman.

Image result for flickr images of Hanuman
Courtesy- Flickr

Millions of Indians pray to Lord Hanuman to deliver them from fear and desperation.

I am embedding one of the prayers to Lord Hanuman here. This prayer was written by Sant Tulsidas, one of the greatest poets that the world has seen.
Do you know that even as I write this post, Lord Hanuman is sitting close by and reading this article? He is such a great fan of Lord Rama. He is is never tired of reading the stories of Lord Rama.

Where is Ayodhya?

This city is roughly 700 miles north-east of Delhi. If you want to travel to Ayodya, you can take a train or drive down the road.

Image result for images of Ayodhya on flickr

Courtesy- Pinterest

For train reservations, click this Government of India website; .

Image result for images of Ayodhya on flickr
Courtesy- Flickr

Did you like this post? Please write back to me if you want to know more about Ayodhya and other fascinating destinations in India.

Story telling

Things to do in Delhi- The story of the Angrez, a Sultan and the pigs

One of the most exciting things to do in Delhi this month is to attend this event sent in the ancient Mehrauli Archeological Park. Don’t miss this Delhi event.

What is this Delhi event all about?

I have deliberately kept the title of this event unique. It will be a 3-hour storytelling session about the events that have impacted the history of Delhi for the last 800 years. If you are a curious backpacker, a  business professional interested in exploring Delhi or a history student,  then this event is just right for you.

I do not simply want to burden you with a lot of information, that will be so boring for a lot of you. Instead, you will listen to  stories,  some of which are proven facts, that you will love and like to share with others.

These are stories that you haven’t read any where else, stories that will leave a hauntingly beautiful aftertaste in your minds and hearts.

But before you read the rest of this article, I would like to share a fantastic video that captures this haunted place and its wildlife. Here we go;

It is a solemn promise to you that you will love this Delhi event has been so lovingly created by me for all of you.

Quli Khan's tomb
A tomb that was used as a party hall!

Is this event really one of the most exciting things to do in Delhi?

Yes. Your tour leader will take you to some of the most bewitching and enchanting spots in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. For example, one of the spots that we will be going is the Yogmaya Temple which is dedicated to the sister of Lord Krishna. This is a 5,000 year old place where very few visitors go to.

We will also go to see the remnants of a 1000 year old wall that is now hidden by shrubs and bushes. This journey will be a truly magical experience for the adventure enthusiasts.

After this walk, you will agree that it was truly one of the delightful things to do in Delhi.

Assembly point for this Delhi event?

Qutub Minar Metro Station, Mehrauli, Delhi, India

The Angrez (Englishman)

Who was this Angrez who has left such a deep impact on the monuments of the Mehrauli Archaeological Park?

When did he live and what was his role to play in the Mughal court of the 19th century? I am sure travelers to Delhi would like to know more about this mysterious character.

Did this English officer have a roaring affair with the Mughal Empress?

How did he party and where did he make merry?

Rajon ki Baoli
The amazing step well at Mehrauli- why was it built?


What was his name?

Have you seen his boat house? Or, would you like to see this opulent building? Even though it is in ruins, you will be taken back into the mists of time upon visiting this place.

And horror of horrors- why did he level out the tomb of a son of a very important lady of the Mughal khandaan?

All this  and more when we assemble at the Gate of the Qutub Minar Metro Station. Bookmark this Delhi event in your diary, now!

Metcalfe's Folly
Some monuments have a haunting story! Like this one!

The Sultan

He was unarguably one of the most stern sultans of his times. This Sultan could be very harsh with his officers who were cruel with their servants.

And he was also a man who would forgive any person who landed up at his doorstep to ask for forgiveness.

This Sultan died of grief because his most favorite son died fighting the ferocious Mongols in a battle.

Things to do in Delhi
Yes, we shall have refreshments too!

Who was this Sultan? And what did he do to Delhi’s greenery?

We will also talk about Razia Sultan who was apparently a lesbian Queen.

The Pigs

What is the hauntingly beautiful story of the pigs? Why do we see so much of them in Delhi and other cities of India? What is their connection with the ancient kings of India?

Mehrauli Archaeological Park
Yours truly explaining a point to the visitors

This Walk promises to be an excellent story telling session for all the travelers wanting to explore Delhi and her past.

If you are a History student, traveler or a backpacker, this Walk is just for you.

Time of assembly

8.45 A.M

Welcome to my parlour!
What secrets does this door hide?


April, 8- 30, 2017- Please pick any day according to your schedule.

Tickets- Rs. 1,000 per person

Ticket price includes;

  • 3- hour story-telling
  • Refreshments- Tea/ Cold Drinks plus Snacks

About the Walk Leader

The walk leader, Swayam Tiwari has worked for more than 20 years in leading media companies like The Times of India, Star TV ,Dainik Bhaskar etc and runs a popular travel story website, .It  contains interesting tales about famous and not so known Indian travel destinations.Look up his awesome website to know the stuff that he shares…

Delhi event
Your walk leader )))


Swayam has, in the recent past, taken travelers from France, US, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany to numerous destinations in Delhi.

Things to do In Delhi
We are at thee boat house in the Mehrauli Park here


Swayam is not your typical travel guide; he is  a storyteller, actually.

You can look him up at @swayamt (Twitter) and Swayam Tiwari- Facebook.


Interested in this event? It is simple. All you have to do is reply me back and we will plan the next steps. Please write to me at and I shall get back to you.

What are the other interesting things  to do in Delhi?

  1. Rickshaw rides in Old Delhi
  2. A visit to Humayun’s Tomb
  3. A trip to the Northern Ridge of Delhi that has so many stories about it.
  4. And yes, discovering the lost fort of Tughlaqabad.

If you are keen in these “interesting things to do in Delhi”, please let me know and we will plan them out.