6 most haunted places in India that hide some terrible secrets

These are the 6 most haunted places in India that will leave you disturbed for a very long time. My advice to you is to stay clear of these dangerous places at all costs. But if you still want to visit these haunted places, never go there alone.

18 most haunted places in India

 1. Shaniwarwada Palace

6 most haunted places in India
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Pune is famous for its gardens, agreeable weather and the glorious hills but the city also hides a terrible secret. If you go to the Shaniwarwada palace in Pune and check out with the local guards, they will tell you of a dark secret. That is about a young boy who is seen roaming the fort crying,’Kaka Vacha Mal’. This young boy was a young prince who was murdered by his greedy uncle two centuries ago!

It is for this reason that nobody is allowed to enter this palace after dark.

2. Rani Haveli in Ranthambore

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The Ranthambore sanctuary is also known for another dark secret. This secret is about the Rani Haveli located inside the fort. In 1992, when I tried visiting this mysterious place, the local guard did not allow me from entering it. He told me that many unsatisfied spirits roam this palace and letting out sighs. These spirits belong to the women who had committed Jauhar ( immolation) here 700 years back.

3. Pir Ghaib, North Ridge, Delhi

Climbing its stairs would make you feel as if you are being watched by an unknown force. This mysterious structure is located in the ridge area and is very close to the Delhi University. Pir Ghaib is supposed to be the abode of a Muslim Pir who one day disappeared from his house. Since then, nobody knows where he went to, but his presence is felt by visitors all the time.

4. Charbagh Railway Station, Lucknow

There is a reason why this railway station is considered to be among the 6 most haunted places in India. Built by the British in the early 120th century, this railway building holds a terrible secret inside its bosom. To read that secret, click this link and you will be horrified. Sometimes, beautiful things and people have something terrible to hide.

5.Mehendipur ke Balaji Temple, Rajasthan

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Devotees in a trance session. Image creds- Tripoto

Apart from being a romantic place, Rajasthan has several haunted places too. The Mehndipur Balaji Temple is one such weird place where devotees worship their deity in various ways. You must visit this temple to see the madness here. But, here is a word of caution; do not turn back your head if you are leaving the temple. You will be turned to stone.

6. Varanasi



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Now don’t get after me by putting Varanasi on the list of 6 most haunted places in India. Though the word ‘haunted’ applies to something negative, here the same word acquires a positive meaning. The reason why Varanasi is considered to be a haunted place because there are so many positive energies floating in the air here. These energies belong to sadhus and mystics that have lived here in the past. Do you know that there are some saints and sadhus who are meditating at this moment and are beneath the ground? They have mastered the skill of controlling their breath and have been living for the past several hundreds of years!

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  1. What an absolutely fascinating post….. but now I’m petrified to visit! LOL! I loved your Varanasi story the best. Positive spirits…. Thanks for sharing. Loved reading all the stories.

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