Lucknow haunted places

Lucknow haunted places-don’t visit them after dark

These Lucknow haunted places hadn’t captured my attention until a few days ago when I visited this city.

Lucknow, down the ages


For those of you who live away from India, Lucknow is the capital of the largest state of the Indian Union, Uttar Pradesh. The history of this haunted city is very old and according to some historians, Lucknow was founded by the younger brother of Lord Rama, Lakshman.

Lucknow is associated more with its Shia rulers than with Lakshman and other non-Muslim kings. This city passed into the hands of the British after the fall of the last Nawab, Wajid Ali Shah, in 1857. That year also saw a bitter battle between Indians who aspired for independence and their British masters.

Lucknow formally became the capital of Uttar Pradesh after a few years of the independence of India in 1947.

What are the top Lucknow haunted places?


Being an ancient town, Lucknow has many haunted and ghostly places. Many such sites are associated with the Britishers and the Muslim kings of the Awadh region.

Let us have a look at the top Lucknow haunted places.

  1. The Residency


This desolate and sad place was the residence of the British Agent to the Court of the   Nawab of Awadh.The last British resident or agent who lived in this house was General Outram.

In the battle of 1857 and 1858, this house was attacked by the rebel Indian soldiers and as a result, many English men and women were killed. Today, this building looks devastated, there are no roofs and doors here and the whole place looks spooky. Local people insist that in the nights they hear anguished voices of the dead men, women, and children.

Lucknow haunted places
The Lucknow Residency is one of the most haunted places in the city.

They also say that in the evenings, a white child often follows passersby and requests them to take him home.

Recently, the Archaeological Survey of India has found out some figures made of terracotta, a fly whisk, some plates, a wine bottle and a few other interesting things.

A visit to the Lucknow Residency would be incomplete without entering the Tehkhana or the Basement. Many British women and their young kids lost their lives during the fateful days of June and July of  1857. These people had hidden in this place after being wounded by bullets and cannonballs. Today, when you enter this basement, you feel as if those dead women and children are staring at you from the corners!

The Battle of Lucknow was captured by the famous British poet, Lord Tennyson in one of his poems.

I would rank the Lucknow Residency as on top of the  Lucknow haunted places list.

  • OEL House


Even I, who has a house in Lucknow, was surprised to know that the OEL House is haunted. But, what and where is this building?

OEL House haunted in Lucknow
Who can imagine that this beautiful house was a haunted place until a few years back?

This grand building is the residence of the Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University. More than 100 years back, it was the house of the Nawab of Awadh.

They say that the OEL House used to be haunted until a few years back. There is a well within the campus of this building and during the 1857 war, a number of dead soldiers were dumped into it. Their spirits and souls used to roam around and torment the local residents.

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It is also said that one day, the young child of the driver of the VC of the University was throwing pebbles into the well. This action enraged the spirits and the ghouls who later caused the death of that unfortunate child. Initially, the father of the dead child did not believe that it was the handiwork of the bad spirits but later, he got the well sealed to prevent any further unnatural deaths.

I think I will visit this haunted place next time when I go to Lucknow.

  1. Charbagh Railway Station


Who can imagine that this beautiful building at Charbagh is one of the most haunted places in Lucknow? Every day, hundreds of trains arrive and depart from this beautiful railway station. Several thousand passengers and travelers enter the majestic gates of this handsome building and add to the chaos here. The roar of the engines mixes with the shouts and cries of the travelers here to a great extent.

Image result for images of lucknow haunted places
The Railway Quarters at Charbagh Railway Station. Creds- YouTube

So why is this building in the list of Lucknow haunted places?

More than a hundred years ago, here, in one of the turrets, lived a Railway engineer whose name was Turner. He was married to an extremely beautiful English woman and both were deeply in love with one another.

It must be noted that Mr. Turner had married late in his life so there was a substantial age difference between him and his wife.

Unfortunately, this love did not last long; it ended in a tragedy.

One day, Mr. Turner discovered that his darling wife was having an affair with another Railway employee. Enraged, Mr. Turner drew out his pistol and shot the two lovers dead. Later on, he committed suicide.

Today, more than a hundred years after their horrific deaths, their angry and dissatisfied spirits roam inside that turret of this beautiful railway station.

  1. Balrampur Hospital


This was another surprise to me. All this while, I had imagined that this hospital has everything about medicines, doctors, and patients.

I was proven wrong.

It so turned out that this hospital is also a haunted place.

More than a hundred years ago, when a piece was land was donated to build this hospital, little did anyone know that there were a couple of graves on that plot.Nobody knew whose graves were those.

Balrampur Hospital haunted in lucknow
An old image of Balrampur Hospital in Lucknow

One day, after the hospital was built, a woman was brought into the hospital for a suspected case of appendicitis. The doctor was away and there was no way of reaching him as there were no telephones at that time. The woman was in deep pain and everyone was thinking that the lady would soon die.

As her relatives waited for the doctor to arrive, they saw two men in doctors’ uniforms come in and take the woman to the operation theatre. Next day, the relatives found the patient  in perfect health. However, the two doctors were never found.

There were no doctors that fateful night in that hospital! So who were they? Nobody knows about them even today.

Could it be that those two were the two British doctors whose graves lay in that vacant plot?

  1. Sikandar Bagh, one of the topmost Lucknow haunted places


I had always sense that this famous garden in Lucknow had some eerie quality about it.

A few days back, my suspicion was confirmed that Sikandar Bagh is indeed a haunted and ghostly place.

Image result for flickr images of Sikandar Bagh Lucknow
Sikandar Bagh  is located near to the Gomti river in Lucknow. Creds-Pinterest

In the War of Independence that took place in 1857, 72 Britishers and more than 2,000 Indians lost their lives here.

The Britishers won that War and cremated their fallen comrades with dues respect. However, these people did not allow a proper cremation of the dead Indian soldiers! Their bodies were left to rot and be eaten by vultures, dogs, and other wild animals! Such, was their depth of hostility.

Image result for flickr images of Sikandar Bagh Lucknow
Sikandar Bagh was so named by the last Nawab of Awadh in memory of his favorite wife

Until a few years back, it was said that the spirits of the dead soldiers used to roam in this beautiful park. I would rate Sikandar Bagh as one of the most Lucknow haunted places.

Now that I have aroused your curiosity in this timeless city, let me help you in reaching here.

How to reach Lucknow?


There ate many trains that connect Lucknow with Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Agra, and Hyderabad. Consult this website to book your train tickets to Lucknow.

If you want to save time and reach there quickly, then a couple of websites that you can visit for booking flights; and Yes, Lucknow is very well-connected too.

Where to stay in Lucknow?


The best hotel in Lucknow definitely is the Taj Palace. Another good hotel is The Carlton. This hotel was formerly a palace and you will immediately fall in love with it upon checking in.

The best time to visit Lucknow is from October to March when the weather is cool.

Did you like this post on Lucknow haunted places? Would you like me to add some more places to this list?

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10 most haunted places in Shimla that will make you pee in pants

One of the most haunted places in Shimla is a hundred-year-old tunnel where a British engineer committed suicide because of sheer frustration. Where is it?

Image result for images of CJM Shimla
creds- Tripoto

Ok, so you consider yourself a stud, ahaan! Let us see whether you have the balls to visit even one of these scariest places in Shimla. Ready for the challenge? Let’s go.

History of Shimla

Before we move on to discover the most haunted places in Shimla, let us delve into the history of the city. Did you know that till 1864, Shimla was the summer capital of British India? Queer, isn’t it?

Another interesting part of the history of this city is that it is associated with Pradyumna, the son of Krishna. Apparently, he had come to this part of Himalayas and after defeating Banasur, a demon became the next king.

Shimla and its adjoining areas were occupied by the Gurkhas who were later on turfed out by the British aided by some native Indian kings.

Several years ago I had visited Shimla and one night while crossing a graveyard, I experienced something sensational. I did not know who brushed past me but it has since then forced me to write about the haunted places of Shimla.

The most haunted places in Shimla

  1. The Chudail Baoree

    This dreadful place is located on the stretch of the National Highway between Chhota Shimla and Navbahar. Many people who have crossed this stretch have reported seeing an old woman wandering in the middle of the road at night and stopping drivers for a lift. This woman has long hair and wears white flowing robes. If you don’t stop your car for her, then she will chase you down the road and make you stop your car. Some people have also reported seeing her sit on top of their car bonnets and staring down at the drivers. So, if you are in the vicinity of this area, do not stop else you may crash your car.

  2. The Ghost of the Medical College

    One of the most haunted places in Shimla is a stretch of the road that leads to the Indira Gandhi Medical College or IGMC. Many years ago, in the 1960s to be precise, there was a fruit and vegetable seller who lived on that road. He sold oranges to the passers-by and was quite a happy soul. One day, he was knocked down by a passing vehicle and died. This dead fruit seller now roams this road in the night and greets the passers-by. He is a harmful soul and doesn’t harm anybody.

  3. The horseman of CJM, Shimla

    Image result for images of CJM Shimla
    One of the most haunted places in Shimla, the CJM

    Like many other schools, the Convent of Jesus and Mary is a fine school of Shimla and many parents take pride in sending their wards to this institution. But what happens on the 13th of every month in this school? You will be horrified to know that no student stays back in the school premises on the 13th of every month. Why? According to the locals, a long dead horseman visits the campus on the 13th of every month and offers a rose to whichever girl  he sees. If she accepts the rose, then the dead horseman picks her up and vanishes in the forests nearby. Many people also also believe that a small girl who was burnt to death more than 150 years ago, is seen roaming the school campus looking for her stuffed doll. Definitely, this is one of the weirdest and ghastly places in Shimla.

  4. The living dead of the IGMC

    This Medical College is swarming with ghosts, figuratively. Locals report at seeing spirits and ghosts of dead patients in this campus. Some ghosts cry out your names and when you turn back, you can’t see them. Some of them stop the lifts from working all of a sudden. There are some bad spirits too and if you are not watchful, they may trip you over

  5. (By the way, if you are still reading this story, then this real life story published in Dainik Jagran will torment you for years ……. )
  6. Barog Tunnel

    IIf you are taking the toy train from Shimla to Kalka, then never ever get down at the Barog tunnel. Do you know why? The locals say that a spirit of a long dead Railway engineer roams around the entrance to this tunnel. Mr. Barog, the British engineer had committed suicide by shooting himself. Next time if you are chasing the toy train near Barog, get back into the train else, face the dead engineer’s icy stare.

  7. Another legend says that Barog committed suicide because he was unable to get the right alignment of the tunnel. According to the third legend,  during the construction of this tunnel, several workers were killed in the nights by a werewolf. When Barog went out to investigate, he found a half-human and half- wolf to be the mass murder. The official was so terrified by this sight that he committed suicide.

    most haunted places in Shimla
    The Barog Tunnel- one of the haunted places in Shimla
  8. The haunted mansion of Bayley

    Image result for images of Charleville Mansion of Shimla
    The Charlville Mansion, Shimla will make you pee in your pants

    I challenge you to take a walk to the Charleville Mansion and I am sure you will turn it down. This 150-year old heritage building was once owned by an English couple, Mrs. and Mr. Bayley. The couple moved into this house in 1913; Mr. Bayley had recently  got the job of Assistant Secretary of the Railway Board, Shimla.

A few days after they moved in, they started experiencing strange activities. One day, Mr. Bayley locked one of the rooms which he thought was the epicenter of such activities. After locking it, he went away for a few days. When he returned and reopened the ‘haunted’ room to check if everything was alright, Mr. Bayley was horrified to see everything topsy-turvy. But, this wasn’t the end of the story.

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But, this wasn’t the end of the story. One day, when the Bayleys were away for a party, a strange incident happened in their house. During the night, their servant thought he saw his master was sitting in one of the rooms. When the servant called out his master, the ‘man ‘ simply walked out of the room through a locked door! Frightened, the Bayleys moved out of the ‘haunted house’ the very next day.

    7. House of Dukhani

If you still want to do more of ghost hunting then the haunted house of Dukhani will definitely scare you. Many people say that more than a hundred years back, one Mr. Bucky  had committed suicide here by shooting himself. His dead spirit roams this house even today. This is one of the most haunted places in Shimla that very few would dare to go to!

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Dare to visit the haunted village of Kuldhara?

How to reach Shimla?

Take the Kalka-Shimla train from Kalka. You can reach Kalka by taking a train from Delhi or Chandigarh. Check your train connections here:

You can also take a bus to Shimla from the Interstate Bus Terminus,  Delhi.

Recent update- Shimla is also now open to air-traffic. You can now fly down to this city. The airport is 22 kilometers away from Shimla.

Did you like this post, folks?

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Delhi Ghost Walks

Join this haunted buildings tour of Delhi and face the ghosts eye to eye

We had called this tour, the haunted buildings tour of Mehrauli! The day chosen for this tour was perfect- December 25. The sky was overcast and a heavy fog lay over the city. Indeed, the weather gods had conspired among themselves to really make December 25, a  haunted day!The idea was to visit the various haunted places in the Mehrauli Archaeological Area.


The  Qutub Minar was enveloped by a thick blanket of fog and it appeared to me to be  some kind of a scary building

Delhi Haunted Tour
The famous Mehrauli landmark was covered by a thick fog

Do you know about the Qutub Minar? It is one of the tallest historical structures in India. 

The haunted buildings tour in Mehrauli


I have been to the Mehrauli Park several times in the past.

All alone.

Immersed in my thoughts. But, what made this haunted buildings tour special was that here, I was a part of an audience. I just wanted to be a listener and get lost in the stories of the haunted places of Mehrauli.


I just wanted to be a listener and an onlooker. No comments, no gyan, but just a soaker of stories.


The tour organizer was the enthu duo of Ritesh Datta- Sushmita. These guys are bubbly and full of energy, warmth and good humor. And boy, did they do their job well? Yes, most certainly, they did.They actually made this Delhi Haunted Tour come alive!

The haunted Mehrauli Archaeological Park can be accessed with a gate that is always open. There are no tickets. If you are on the Mehrauli- Gurgaon Road, you will find that gate. It is diagonally opposite to the Qutub Minar Metro Station, though you will have to walk approximately 200 meters.

The haunted house of Balban


The first building that we visited in the Haunted Tour was the grave of Balban. Sushmita told us that the grave indeed is haunted and is infested with spirits and ghosts.

Sushmita told us that the grave indeed is haunted and is infested with spirits and ghosts.

Can we have the photographs, please?

Haunted Tour
Sushmita-our Tour Guide

The photo was taken by an iPhone camera.

This is the grave.

Haunted Tour
Balban’s Tomb

But, who the hell was Balban?


History tells us that this Sultan of Delhi was a murderous soul. He was much like Count Dracula of Romania.

People say his grave is haunted. If someone bows his head in front of the grave then that fellow loses his life shortly. Do you believe it?

The inscriptions that you see in black send out an inexplicable aroma in the air. Nobody knows who paints those letters in black, It is a mystery. Can you read those letters? I can not because they are in Farsi and all I can read is either English or Hindi.

If you want to know more on Balban, click here.

People say that the 80 year old Sultan used to hold his court in this haunted house.

Much like his stern personality, his tomb is also a grim structure.

Haunted Tour
A cold Sultan has a cold grave for company

Now have a look at these circular holes. These carried djinns in small pitchers! Can you believe it?

haunted buildings
Where did the djinns escape to?

I would not have known all this if I hadn’t joined this haunted buildings tour, I bet.

Haunted Buildings Tour ‘s next destination -Jamali Kamali


If you are alone, do not enter this place in the dark. The tomb of Jamali Kamali is also said to be spooked. The weather added to the spookiness of the entire haunted complex.

haunted buildings
The Sufi and his lover sleep here; Jamali Kamali tomb

Much has been written about this ghostly place, but very few know about Jamali and Kamali. My theory is that they were a teacher and pupil duo who loved each other and died in each other’s arms.

Both of them were men.

Is it spooked? Nobody in this haunted trip had any answer, to be honest.

 There is a theory which says that unfriendly ghosts will get you if they are disturbed in their resting places.

Apparently, a paranormal scientist had woken up a sleeping Djinn here and this made the man commit suicide!

Read here of his death!

The Jamali Kamali tomb is a fine building, all things considered.

Haunted Tour
The facade of the  haunted Jamali Kamali mosque
Haunted Tour
A sunflower adorns the top of the gate
Haunted Tour
At the Jamali Kamali Tomb. Are these guys aware that there might be ghosts nearby?

While I was listening to the haunted history of this mosque, my friends were readying their equipment for their shoots.

But, who was Jamali and who was Kamali?


This was the question uppermost in the minds of the Delhi haunted buildings tour members.

There are many opinions about the origin of Jamali and Kamali.Some people say that Jamali was a Muslim poet who lived in the court of one of the Sultans of Delhi. When this Sultan lost in a battle, the poet shifted his loyalty to the winning king. The winning King built this mausoleum for the poet.

Nobody knows for sure who was Kamali. Some say that he was a homosexual partner of Jamali. Others think Kamali was the wife of Jamali. If you know who were they, please let me know.

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The Jamali Kamali complex was built in the 1500s and Balban’s  was built in the late 1200s but both these buildings are separated by a narrow street.

The Angrez  and the swimming pool


The Britishers became the masters of Delhi in the middle of the 19th century. One of them was a colorful character. His name was Thomas Metcalfe and he was a great host for his guests.When he was not working, Metcalfe used to enjoy the Delhi summers lounging in the swimming pool or the Hauz that he had made for himself.

Haunted Tour
The Metcalfe Hauz

Thomas Metcalfe was the younger brother of Charles Metcalfe, who was a senior officer in the East India Company. The junior Metcalfe was made by his brother the agent of the Company in the Mughal court.

Thomas made sure he lived his life 100 % while being the English agent to the Mughal court. He converted some important Mughal buildings into pleasure houses and this made the Mughals very angry.

One such pleasure house that was built in Mehrauli by Metcalfe was the Dilkusha ( pleasing the heart).

The Junior  Queen of the then Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar was very angry at these developments. Many people suspect that she poisoned  Mr. Metcalfe to his death. He lies buried in an old part of Delhi near the present day Inter State Bus Terminus at the Kashmiri Gate.

Is Dilkusha haunted? I think so because whenever I have passed by this building, I have experienced queer sensations. Sometimes, I have felt as if long dead people in these haunted places are calling out to me.

More haunted places


There are several other haunted houses in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. For example, the Boat House built by Metcalfe always has some rose petals sprinkled in its doorway.

Delhi Ghost Tour
Boathouse, Mehrauli

Another ghostly house in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park is this one:

This then brings us to the end of the Delhi Ghost Tour of Mehrauli.

I hope you liked it.

By the way, if you want me to take you around on a Delhi ghost tour, please write back to me.

Thanks for reading the post.


India Travel

India Travel- The haunted village of Madhyamika Nagri


India Travel
                               Credits- ASI

India Travel Blog today takes you to the abandoned village of Madhyamika. Is this place haunted? I do not know but the settlement does emit an eerie feeling. The locals are unsure why this once flourishing town ceased to exist more than a thousand years ago.

Where is Madhyamika located?

This “haunted” village is located roughly 10 kilometers north-east of Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Readers of India Travel Blog can locate some interesting stories about Chittorgarh elsewhere in this blog. This town , which is now a village comprising 50 odd settlements, sits on the banks of Berach.

So, what is so special about Madhyamika?

Also known as Nagri, Madhyamika was an important centre during the Mauryan period.Ok, let me make it even simpler- Madhyamika was living its life during the times of Alexander of Macedonia. Yes, he was the same guy who tried invading India after getting the better of Iran and the Middle East. Since this town sat on the trade route from Afghanistan to the ports of Gujarat, it became an important trading centre for many.

We are talking about more than 2700 years ago!!!

But, let us come back to the original question- what is so special about Madhyamika or Nagri? According to legends, this town was founded by Raja Harishchandra. This Raja is one of the members of the solar race that comprises eminent kings like Raja Rama (the hero of Ramayana). You cannot really prove this assumption but coins as old as 3000 years have been said to be found here.

India Travel
            Was it a lighthouse that guided the travellers?

So, that makes Madhyamika or Nagri one of the oldest living settlements in India. Can we say that it rubs shoulders with Varanasi?

The legend of the Shibis

Ancient India had several republics or janapadas. One such janapada was the Shibi republic. The Shibis were residents of modern Punjab. It is conjectured that the Shibis were active participants in the war against Alexander of Macedonia. After this war, they migrated roughly south-east wards and settled in the area later known as Madhyamika. However, nothing is proven yet.

The city that faced the first sack

You would be amused to know that Nagri was the first Indian town to have faced the first sack by a foreign invader. It would have come as a surprise to the Nagri citizens because Indian kings never sacked the towns of the kings that they were at war with. The Sanskrit grammarian, Patanjali, has recorded this sack in his memoirs. Probably, the sack happened more than 2000 years ago.

India Travel

More than 600 years of existence

Nagri was a city that was in existence for roughly 600 years. Its disappearance is inexplicable. Some people surmise that an earthquake flattened it, while others ascribe its fall to frequent sackings and invasions.

A treasure trove of artefacts and coins

Even though there are very few traces of the haunted and abandoned  town of Madhyamika today, an alert traveller can still find a few coins , idols, figurines and other artefacts. India Travel Blog strongly recommends that if you find anything interesting, please hand it over to the government authorities for safe keeping.

Nagri has ceased to exist but its legend carries on. Not many travellers know about it. But, gradually, over a period of time, people interested in unknown destinations are getting to know about such places , which is a good sign.

How to reach Nagri?

If you are driving from Chittorgarh towards Jaipur, then the best way to reach here is via a car or a taxi. You will have to take a slight detour towards the right away from the highway. The nearest airport is at Udaipur.

Other places of interest near by are Gagron, Chittor and Kota-Bundi area.

Did you find this post by India Travel Blog interesting? Please let me know .



India’s Most Haunted Places- Gagron, Rajasthan

Forts of India
The haunted fort of Gagron

Planning to visit India? One of the most interesting  and haunted places to visit in November this year is the unknown destination of Gagron in Rajasthan.You can also visit it during December or January and soak in the amazing experience of the haunted fort of Gagron.

How to reach Gagron?

Well, this amazing place in India is located south of Ranthambore, the famous tiger sanctuary of India. You will have to take a cab from Ranthambore or Sawai Madhopur to reach the district headquarters of Jhalawar. Gagron is just a short distance from Jhalawar. Alternately, if you are in Udaipur while reading this, then book a cab from there to reach Gagron. This is one of the many places that you can visit in December with your family.

So, what happened in this haunted place?

The fort was constructed by a king several hundreds of years ago, maybe one thousand years back. For the next 300 years, it remained with the same dynasty. All was well and quiet and peaceful till the 15th century AD when tragedy struck. 
One of the sultans of Mandu ( and you must visit Mandu too during your visit to India) ,Hoshang Shah, was enamoured with the riches of Gagron.He decided to invade it with a large army. The resident Rajput king of Gangron, Achaldas, held out for several months. He was a brave guy but the fort did not have adequate reserves of food and water.
It was a moment of crisis for Achaldas and after consulting his nobles, he decided to let out a last hurrah.The Rajput ladies decided to immolate themselves before their men folk went on their last campaign.
All the Rajput ladies and their small kids burnt themselves to death. This practice was called Jauhar in the ancient days.
After the ladies burnt themselves to death, the Rajput menfolk draped themselves in saffron coloured clothes and charged at their enemy. But. alas, not one of the men survived the battle.Hoshang Shah emerged victorious and captured the fort.
The troubled soul of the king, Achaldas, is said to haunt the for all these hundreds of years.

The Mystery of the King’s Bed

Achaldas’ properties were not touched by Hoshang Shah  after the battle. The sultan left them intact ,he was so enchanted by the bravery of Achaldas.

One of the properties of the king was his bed that survived till 1950. It was said by the locals that  the cleaner of the bed used to find 5 rupees every morning by the side of the furniture ! The keeper of the fort, Thakur Moti Singh tells us that he used to listen to voices of people enjoying the hookah from inside the locked room of the king! Was the room haunted? I do not know.

No Foundations And Three Walls

The fort of Gagron is perhaps the only castle in India that does not have any foundations. Another interesting thing is that the fort is surrounded by 3 walls. Another interesting feature of the Gagron fort is that it is surrounded by a river on its 3 sides.

Forts of India

Traitor, parrot squawked!

This is a very interesting story on Gagron. Read on…The parrots of this place speak in human voices. It is said that upon the capture of this fort by Humayun, the Mughal king found a parrot in the belongings of the defeated sultan, Bahadur Shah. The parrot could speak in a human voice.

This parrot had heard the plans of a noble of Bahadur Shah to assassinate Humayun. The name of the noble was Rumi Khan.Rumi presented himself to Humayun and asked for refuge. But, as soon as the parrot saw Rumi , it squawked., “Rumi is a traitor, don’t believe him!” Rumi Khan was embarrassed no end and had to leave the service of Humayun a few days later. Humayun was the father of Akbar.

Interested in exploring this travel site? No worries, you may write an email to me and I will help you in planning your travel itinerary. In fact, if you want to explore Gagron and other places in rajasthan on your own, my advice is to book the accommodations of Rajasthan Tourism. They are safe, clean and affordable.

The other places that you can explore nearby are the forts of Boondi, Kota and of course the city of Udaipur.

Thanks for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it.


The Most Haunted Places In India-Kiradu

Most haunted places
Kiradu Temple

Kiradu is one of the least known places to visit in India. Does it have ghosts?What is the story of this haunted place?Why is it forbidden to stay here after dark?

I have been writing stories around the haunted destinations of India for the last few years.The idea is not to frighten my traveller friends but to encourage them to visit these places so that the local economy picks up. There are so many offbeat destinations in India that many of us hardly know about.And, almost all of these places have some weird and unlikely stories around them and I do not know how many of them are true. But, they do interest all of us, isn’t it?Otherwise, you would not be reading this fascinating post.

History of Kiradu

Kiradu is a village located between the two towns of Barmer and Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan.  If you want to travel to Kiradu, you will have to take a taxi or a car to reach here.

More than a thousand years ago, Kiradu had a Sanskrit name, Kiradkot The word “Kirad” denotes the clan of Rajputs that used to live in this place and “Kot”means town or city. So, Kiradu was the city of Kirad Rajputs. Nowadays, it is a devastated village and has acquired the reputation of a haunted place.

The Kirad Rajputs were the vassals of the Chalukya or Solanki Rajputs. The word “Rajput” refers to the fighting arm of the Indian society. This arm used to defend the society against the foreign invaders.The Chalukyas are the guys who have made the world famous Somnath temple in Gujarat.

But, the Kirad Rajputs built an equally superb set of temples in Rajasthan.And, these came up in Kiradu.

What is the story of “Haunted Kiradu”?

The temples here are devastated. There are three theories behind this.

The first theory says that several thousands of years ago, there lived a holy man in the village with his disciples. One day, he decided to take a tour in the surrounding country. He called the villagers to his hut and shared his plans. “I am leaving my disciples to you, my dear people, and please take good care of them,” he requested them. The villagers agreed and so, the holy man left on his tour.

Most Haunted Places

But, the villagers ignored the holy man’s request, His disciples were left to their fate by the villagers and unfortunately, some of them died. It was a terrible time for them and all of them would have died but for the help provided by a local woman.She took good care of them but, her effort was not enough to save all of them.

A few months later when the holy man returned, he was stunned at seeing the condition of his people. Angered over the conduct of the villagers, the holy man cursed them and cast a spell over the village. But, he also felt a sense of piety for the friendly, helpful woman and so , he advised her to leave the village. “Leave the village but make sure to not turn your head back while leaving”, he advised to the woman.

Kiradu 2

The lady , heeding the advice of the holy man, left the village but, was quickly tempted to have one last look at the village where she had grew up.

But, as she turned back to have one last look at the village, she turned to stone!

Her stone statue is still present in the village , though, it is forbidden to take its photograph.

I am sure after reading this short story, you will be tempted to visit this haunted village. But, dear friends, please do not stay back in the village after dusk. This advice is given to the travellers by the locals.If you stay back then you may turn to stone!

The second theory behind the devastation of the village says that an earthquake visited this village.

The last theory says that the ruin of the village was caused by the Muslim armies that had invaded Rajasthan in the past.

This place has even allured the BBC to visit this place and record its history;

Wikipedia has this to say about Kiradu;

Dear readers,I have written a post on the haunted place of Bhuli Bhatiyari in Delhi. You may read it here;

Khajuraho of Rajasthan

The Kiradu temples have got a lot of erotic art on their walls. I am always wonderstruck at this phenomenon.Why is there so much of eroticism here when the temples have been devoted to Lord Vishnu and Shiva? Would you have any answers?

By the way, I had written a post on the world famous temples of Khajuraho, You can read this here.

Khajuraho;5 reasons why it has so much of sex on its walls

Kiradu 3

How to reach Kiradu

Kiradu can be reached from Jaisalmer as well as Barmer. Both are district headquarters of Rajasthan and can be reached by train from Delhi. Visit for train and seat availablity. This is a Government of India website so you can get the best information here.

Once you reach Barmer or Jaisalmer, you will have to take a bus or taxi to reach the Kiradu temples.

For overnight stay in Barmer and Jaisalmer , please check this government website

Rajasthan Tourism has some really good hotels to stay in .They are clean and comfortable.

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Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary

Who else wants to know about this haunted place in India?

Out of the 200 million blogs online, you will never find a story such as this-the story of the haunted palace of Ranthambore. Want to lay a bet?Then, read on…

Haunted Ranthambore
The imposing gate of Ranthambore Fort  Courtesy;Live

The year was 1992 and I was offered a trip by my father , who headed a department of the Central Government of India , to Ranthambore.I agreed and as it turned out, this trip proved to be one of a lifetime.

About   Haunted Ranthambore

Ranthambore is best known for its tiger sanctuary. Located in the south eastern part of Rajasthan, the sanctuary derives its name from the towering fort that overlooks the jungle. This fort, Ranthambore , is one of the strongest and oldest forts of India and for a long time it evaded conquest by invaders who eyed it because of its strategic location.

Ranthambore is located a few kilometres away from the railhead of Sawai Madhopur which is an important railway junction on the Delhi-Bombay route.

Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary

This place is actually a part of the Vindhyas, one of the oldest mountains in India, if not the world. Several years ago, the valley of Ranthambore was teeming with wildlife comprising species of tigers, leopards, hyenas, bear, deer, crocodiles and birds. Incessant hunting by the British and the Indian Maharajahs led to a drastic fall  in the numbers of tigers and leopards till the time when the Indian Government realised the problem.Now, after new measures regarding conservation of wild life have been started, the wild life figures have improved, significantly.

The Haunted Fort of Ranthambore

Yes, this fort is haunted.It gives a sense of weirdness when you walk around its walls. And, there is a reason to why it generates such a feeling.

Nearly 800 years ago, the fort was ruled by an Indian king, Hammir or Hamir.He was a brave and gallant ruler who had a big heart towards all who came and sought refuge under him.Hamir would never say no to such people.

During that time, Delhi was under Sultan Alauddin Khilji and he  was a cruel man.One of his officials drew the ire of the Sultan and had to flee from Delhi. The official escaped to Ranthambore and was promptly given refuge by the large hearted Hamir.

The ire of Sultan

When Khilji came to know about this, he asked Hamir to return the official.The demand was promptly rejected by the proud Rajput king. Khilji persisted with his demand, Hamir again said a firm NO! War was imminent…

..and finally declared by the Sultan of Delhi.

A large army from Delhi came down to Ranthambore and surrounded it on all sides.

Now, Ranthambore was not a picnic spot for Khilji.It was a vast fort, located on a hill and surrounded by jungles and valleys.Hamir was safe and comfortable and had a lot of food and supplies to fall back upon, so he did not have to worry.Days passed.One month led to another.There were no signs of Khilji going away and Hamir was dead set against giving away the fugitive official to Khilji.

Signs of Desperation

As time passed by, Hamir realized that the siege had to be broken. He was running out of supplies. A quick decision had to be taken so, Hamir called for a meeting with his ministers and asked for their opinion. Everyone agreed that a surprise attack on the Sultan was the need of the hour and it had to be done in secrecy.

So, one dark night, when the world was sleeping soundly , Hamir led a crack team of his commandos and launched a guerilla attack on the Sultan’s men.The enemy was surprised and was quickly routed away. Some members of Hamir’s commando force were also killed but ultimately, it was the Rajput who prevailed. But, as Hamir was preparing to return to his fort, an unexpected event happened that turned the tide against him.

The treacherous minister

Hamir had a minister who was a turncoat. He was a spy for Khilji and lived a life of secrecy and stealth in Ranthambore.

When the turncoat heard of  Hamir’s return to the fort, he plotted a deadly conspiracy. The minister went to Hamir’s family and told it of the “death of their King”.Now, the family did not suspect that the minister was a spy and that he was lying! Grief quickly swept over the members of the family and they took a horrendous decision. Since, there was no King now, the grieving mother and daughter jumped over the walls of their palace into the adjoining lake and committed suicide!

Haunted Places in India
The haunted palace of Hamir in Ranthambore Fort

This lake is called “Padam Talao” and you can still see when you visit the Ranthambore fort.

Hamir Returns!

When, the victorious King returned to his palace , he was met with a crowd of wailing relatives.Now, they were surprised at seeing his “ghost” and he in turn could not comprehend the sorrow all around.

When , the matter were clarified to him, Hamir was overcome with a sense of desperation.”Who should I live for?”., he wondered aloud. He had no family now, even though he was the winner in the battle.Should I rejoin my family in their after life, he wondered, and leapt down from the balcony of his palace to the valley below, to his death.


Another version of the story says that Hamir, upon learning the death of his daughter and wife decided to fight the final battle against Alauddin Khilji.He fought until his death in that battle.

The traitor is still remembered by the residents of the fort. His image in stone is spat and kicked upon  by the locals for his cowardly act. The name of the ungrateful and coward spy was Ratipal and he was bribed by Khilji with the offer of the kingdom of Ranthambore.

Traitor of Ranathambore
Traitor of Ranathambore

The Haunted Palace of Hamir

When, I visited this palace in 1992, the guard would not let us in. He told us that the palace has been locked for several years now because it is a haunted place. People have heard sobs and screams and whispers come from inside the palace. Nobody has seen the “ghosts” but, sure it is one eerie place to be in..A few years ago, someone had lost his mental balance in the palace so, the government was clear that it was not allowing anyone enter this haunted palace of Ranthambore.

If you go to this fort, you will agree with me that this place is indeed a strange place.With so much devastation, murders and killings in this fort, it is not surprising that Ranthambore does have an eerie surrounding.

Interested in visiting the haunted places in India?You may write to me and I can guide you around.

Monuments of Delhi

What is the secret of this Delhi temple?

I am about to share a secret of Delhi.Very few people know about it.Visitors to Delhi do not know about it all and the various tour guides and operators don’t tell about it.Can you guess this secret?Let us explore this secret place then…

Have you heard about Dada Dev temple? I am sure, you haven’t.Travellers to Delhi are so much burdened by information on monuments (read tombs) of Delhi, that they know little about other equally fascinating structures.My travel blog takes you to the unknown and mysterious parts of Delhi.

Close to the Sector 8 Metro Station of Delhi Metro is the ancient Dada Dev Mandir.History of Delhi would be incomplete without knowing the background of this fascinating structure.It is located in the Palam area of Delhi

Secrets of Delhi
The main hall of Dada Dev Mandir

Unlike other dreary looking monuments of Delhi, this one is lively and resplendent.There is no air of moroseness here, no sense of death and the place absolutely rocks.You see, Dada Dev Mandir is more than 1200 years old- it is perhaps one of the oldest monuments of Delhi.

Who was Dada Dev?

Legends say, that in the early ninth century AD, a holy man from Tonk,Ram Dev,  was visited upon by his deity in his dreams.The deity commanded Ram Dev to relocate himself northward. Woken up by this dream, he shared it with his family members and asked their advice.Everyone agreed to moving to a northerly direction and so, a small party was made .This party placed the holy stone of the deity on a bullock cart and started their journey.

The party was at Palam village when an interesting event happened.One night, the holy stone fell off the bullock cart and got stuck in the mud.Thinking that the deity did not wish to advance further, the party ceased their journey at Palam and within a few days, constructed a small temple at the spot where the holy stone had fallen down.And, this is how the temple of Ram Dev came up at Palam.

Monuments of Delhi
The approach to Dada Dev Temple

Over the next few years, the saint Ram Dev acquired the name of Dada Dev. Legends grew around him.People started associating this holy man with Shesh Nag or the celestial serpent.

Today, Dada Dev- who has a memorial built for him in the temple premises- has acquired the status of gram devta for 12 adjoining villages . Gram devta is the presiding deity of a village- he/she protects the village from evil influences.It is a pulsating place with several devotees from adjoining villages coming here to seek the blessings of Dada Dev.

The temple has idols of other Hindu gods as well- Shiva, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna – all have their temples here in this complex.Indeed, this place radiates energy.So, next time if you are travelling to Delhi, make it a point to visit this hauntingly beautiful place.

How to reach; Take the Delhi Metro for Sector 21 from the Rajiv Chowk Metro station.Get down at Sector 8 and take a rickshaw.

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Haunted Places in India

World Heritage Day Special- Ship in the Desert !

Do you know that the Desert State of India, Rajasthan, has an ancient building shaped in the form of a ship?And,is this House haunted?What is the story?

Haunted Places in India
The Hauntingly Beautiful Ship House of Jodhpur

Now, you will wonder, what is a ship doing in the middle of a desert?Even, I was surprised when I first read about it.But, then, upon reading the historical account of this building, I thought of sharing this story with my dear traveller friends.

In the year 1886 AD, the Raja of Jodhpur decided to have a ship in the desert.Ok, ok, not exactly a ship but, a palace shaped in the form of a ship.The name of the Raja was Pratap Singh.This Raja was voracious traveller and made several trips to Britain by sea.In those times, the airplanes had not yet arrived and the only means of travelling to Britain was the ship.

Jodhpur is located on the edge of the Thar desert and the only thing that you can be sure of seeing around this city is the sand dunes.So, to provide some novelty to his citizens, the Raja decided to have a new palace for himself.A hillock was identified , it was hewn by the masons and under the guidance of the British architect, GJ Overeen, the magnificent palace sprung up.Not surprisingly, this new building was shaped in the form of a ship.It was named Ship House.

The people of Jodhpur found this new building interesting and yes, it provided a topic of small talk to them.But, the Ship House quickly was abandoned .


It so happened that this Ship House was located towards the eastern periphery of the city.Now, in the deserts, dry and wind laden winds blow from west to east.This weather phenomenon  posed a health related problem to Sir P, as the Raja was addressed by the Britishers.As things happened, a few months later, he abandoned this fancy building and went back to his ancient palace at Mehrangarh.

A House of Music

Yes, the Ship House also served as a radio station in 1949.Some of the best classical musicians have graced this building in the past.But, now, it wears a haunted look. Locals living in the vicinity of this building now do not go near it.I do not know why.Maybe, it gives an eerie feeling to them.

Would you like to visit some of the haunted places in India? You may write to me at I live in Delhi and will be happy to take you around.Hope to hear from you soon.

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Haunted places- Asirgarh,home of a 5,000 year old warrior

Welcome to Asirgarh, one of the most haunted places in India. This article is about the haunted history of Ashwatthama, a warrior who is more than 5,000 years old.

You won’t want to bump into a man who has survived a 5000-year-old war and roams around with a wound dripping in blood, isn’t it?Neither me, of course!

Some beautiful pictures of Asirgarh fort are :

Asirgarh- one of the most haunted places in India


But, what I am going to tell you is a hauntingly beautiful tale that is so bizarre that the first thing that you are going to do is share this post with your best friend with an amusing comment!

India is a land of great contrasts.We have launched space missions, produced some of the brightest engineers, doctor, and managers the world has seen but, we also live with haunted stories that are downright unbelievable.

The Great War


This is the haunting story of Ashwatthama-one of the greatest warriors in the Great War, also known as Mahabharata.

Shrouded in the mists of time, the Great War was fought between two sets of warring cousins, the Kauravas, and Pandavas, on the fields of Kurukshetra, a place near Delhi.The Pandavas were five but the Kauravas were 100 in number and the size of the combined armies of the two parties was in millions. At stake was the kingdom of India.

The Pandavas were five in number and the Kauravas were 100.

The size of the combined armies of the two parties was in millions.

At stake was the kingdom of India.

Bhishma and Krishna


The Pandavas were guided by Shri Krishna, one of the greatest philosophers and leaders that the world and India have ever seen.the Kauravas were led by the venerable Bhishma Pitamah and Guru Dronacharya.

On the other hand, the Kauravas were led by the venerable Bhishma Pitamah and Guru Dronacharya.

Bhishma was the great-grandfather of both the warring cousins and having abdicated the throne because of a promise to his stepmother, was looked up by his family as the moral guiding force.

Dronacharya was the Guru to the cousins and possessed vast skills in military tactics and leadership.

As it turned out, both these two gentlemen joined the Kauravas while Pandavas were led by Shri Krishna.



Guru Dronacharya had a son whose name was Ashwatthama.Like his father, Ashwatthama too was a great warrior and had joined his father’s side in the war.

Interestingly, there was another Ashwatthama which participated in the Great War but, it was an elephant!

Well, the war started and the Kauravas were enjoying a strong edge in the war.It was difficult for the Pandavas to get an upper hand.

The Fort of Aseergarh is one of the most haunted places in India. Credits- Wiki

As the war carried on, it became increasingly evident to Shri Krishna that the commander of the Kauravas, Drona had to be finished.But, Drona was a tough nut to crack.So, Krishna devised a plan.He got Bhimsen, one of the Pandavas to finish the elephant, Ashwatthama.

Lie or Truth?


Bhima had the power of ten thousand elephants!Once this was done, Krishna asked Yudhishthira, the eldest Pandava to declare Ashwatthama as dead. As Yudhishthira proclaimed the death of Ashwaththama, the Pandavas raised the din of their trumpets to unimaginable levels.The elder Pandava also added a question to his proclamation-Man or Elephant?Drona could only hear the first part of the proclamation, the added question was lost in the din.

Yudhishthira was the epitome of truth and everyone in the family trusted his sense of ethics.So, when Drona heard the first part of Yudhi’s proclamation, he was filled with grief- his son, Ashwatthama was dead! He laid down his arms and was immediately put to death by the Pandavas.

Haunted Places

When Ashwatthama heard this tragic news, he was filled with rage and went on a murder spree, killing all the children of the Pandavas in the dead of the night.The children were all infants and quite obviously, the Pandavas were overcome with grief.

Krishna, thoroughly angered with this behavior of Ashwatthama cursed him to an unending life of pain and misery, a life where no one will give him relief and a life of living dead, a specter. Ashwatthama had a gem on his forehead that was stripped off by Krishna, leaving a perpetual wound with blood oozing out!

This war happened around 5000 years back!

Ashwaththama is back?


Asirgarh is a quaint little place nearly in Central India and is prominent for its 1000-year-old fort.It is deserted and is worn out, with weeds and jungles eating away the ancient doors and walls.

One thousand years back,  Asirgarh was of strategic importance as it connected the northern and southern parts of India through a narrow pass.

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Nobody lives here and not a soul can be seen here .Except, for a gaunt man, with a flowing beard and tattered clothes.He has an open wound on his forehead and is sometimes accosting unsuspecting villagers around the fort for turmeric and mustard oil to dress up his wound.

In 1912, Swami Vasudevanad Saraswathi, in his autobiography, admitted meeting a person who introduced himself as Ashwaththama.

His gait was different from that of a normal person so the Swami asked him, who are you?

The stranger replied, “I am Ashwaththama and I belong to a different time zone from yours”.

Who could he be?The legendary fighter of the Great War?Or an impostor?

There are many such hauntingly beautiful stories and it is tantalizing to believe all of them because of the mystery involved.If you asked me, I would neither believe nor disbelieve them. In fact, there are several haunted places like Asirgarh throughout the country.

In fact, there are several haunted places like Asirgarh throughout the country. One such place is the fort of Bhangarh in Rajasthan.

Many such haunted places are associated with unnatural deaths and violent events that had happened many many years ago.

Thanks for reading this article.

References- 1.Legends

2.Also read-

Picture credits-Internet

Orchha and Kundar- the two haunted towns of Central India

Orchha is not just about palaces and the river close by. It is also about Kundar , the haunt of the valiant Chandelas and Bundelas.

Don’t forget to include Kundar if you are planning a weekend trek to the ancient town of Orchha!

places in Orchha
The courtyard of Kundar
Kundar is very near to Orchha

Garh, in Hindi, means “fort” so, Garh Kundar means the Fort of Kundar. It is located approximately 30 miles from Jhansi, an important railway station on the Delhi-Chennai route. Direction-wise, it is roughly east of Jhansi and is an administrative part of Tikamgarh district of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Travelers need to get down from the train at Jhansi and take a car or bus ride to Kundar.

If you are traveling to Orchha, then you will find Kundar on the way.

Madhya Pradesh has other great places for travelers heading to India such as Khajuraho, Orchha,  tiger sanctuaries in Kanha and Bandhavgarh and the world famous Temple of The Lord of Death at Ujjain.

What makes Kundar so fascinating for this post is that it is a haunted place and no living being, not even bats or pigeons live here!

History of Kundar

Kundar used to be under the control of the Chandel rulers, the makers of the world famous Khajuraho temples when Prithviraj Chauhan, the last ruler of Delhi and Ajmer vanquished Parmardidev, the Chandel king.Post the defeat of the Chandels, the Chauhan put his vassal, Khet Singh Khangar as the governor and after a century, the baton  passed on to Hurmat Singh Khangar.

Prithviraj was defeated by the Turks in 1192 and the throne of Delhi passed on to the Muslims.

Since, Kundar is in an inaccessible place and surrounded by valleys, hills, ravines and thick forests, this fort could not be captured by the Muslim kings of Delhi.The Khangar kings, sensing the state of confusion in Delhi, declared themselves independent and later on enjoyed a trouble free reign of around 100 years in this part of India. One night,i n 1288 AD, the Khangars were massacred by their vassals, the Bundelas.

places near Orchha
Isn’t this a beautiful place?

Who were Chauhans, Chandels, Bundelas and Khangars?

They are the warrior class of India.Also called as kshatriyas, the Chauhans etc formed the fighting arm of India and ruled vast tracts of the country.There was intense rivalry among these groups, with each one of one of them trying to prove itself militarily stronger than the rest.There are some really hauntingly beautiful tales about these clans in India.

The events that led to the fateful night of the massacre

Hurmat Singh , the last Khangar king of Kundar was a brave , obstinate  but a liberal man.He had grown old and looked forward to installing his son, Nagdev as his successor.

Politically, while the Chandels, the previous lords of Kundar were weak, their decline had led to the emergence of new warrior classes like the Bundelas in the region.The Bundelas were a doughty lot but they had to accept the overlordship of the Khangars whom they considered inferior in the social hierarchy.The resentment was simmering but was hidden from the king.

The king wished to overcome his “socially inferior” status by marrying his son Nagdev to the daughter of one of his subordinates, Sohanpal, a Bundela.Her name was Manvati and was secretly dating a fellow Bundela, Agnidutt.

Sohanpal had his own problems to solve.He had been given a raw deal by one of his own brothers and was planning to approach the king for a solution.He never had an inkling about the king’s intention to ask for the hand of his daughter.

Sohanpal finally had a chance to meet the king and explain his predicament.Hurmat Singh readliy agreed to bail him out but then set down his condition, the betrothal of Manvati to Nagdev.T he diplomat that Sohanpal was, he kept his counsel and promised to get back to the king with his reply.

Sohan consulted his colleagues and fellow Bundelas and all of them agreed to play ball.

But, they had a secret plan..

The Bundelas readily agreed to the conditions laid down by Hurmat Singh and proposed a grand party of drunken revelry before the marriage ceremony.The revelry would take place within the confines of the Kundar fort and there would be no limits to merriment.The unsuspecting Khangar could’nt be happier- his moment had arrived and at last his clan would be on the same level as the Bundelas whom he ruled!

After the orgy, the knives come out

It was a full moon night and  was awash with the monsoon laden winds.There was relaxation and enjoyment all around.The beautiful maidens of the royal household were singing folk tunes of romance and marriage, of longing and pining of the beloveds , and finally of the union of the two engaged souls.It was indeed a beautiful moment for the inhabitants there.

The men , reclining on their opulent settees, were half asleep after a marathon session of drinking some of the choicest wine and liquor that their country had.Food had already been devoured and now it was just the time for endless pegs of liquor.

The kids, excited at the prospect of a grand marriage and good fun, scurried around with their playmates.Nobody cared a damn about what was to happen in the next one hour.

The Bundelas were armed from head to toe but had hidden their arms under their cloaks.They were waiting for the right opportunity.

The reverie of Hurmat Singh was broken abruptly by a violent, impudent kick by Sohanpal. Get up O fake king, Sohan bellowed!

The king was befuddled by this change in events but tried to reason out with the transgressor.Sohanpal was’nt amused. He kicked his king once again and ordered him to get up.By now the Khangars had been surrounded by their would be relatives and could see that each Bundela held a glistening sword.


With surgical precision, the attackers got down to work- each Khangar was put down to death without making any discrimination between men, women and children.The skies were rent with cries of terror and pain.And within minutes, the Khangars had all been finished, to the last child.

The Bundelas assumed control of the fort of Kundar but later abandoned it and formed a new capital. in Orchha.

places near Orchha
The Haunted Fort of Kundar, near Orchha

Even today, Kundar remains an uninhabited , haunted , dreadful place since then.

How to reach Kundar

You will have to take the Bhopal Shatabdi from New Delhi Railway Station.Get down at Jhansi and from there take a cab for Orchha and Kundar.

Alternately, book your hotel and cab through the Madhya Pradesh Tourism site

For train bookings, visit the website

You can also visit Jhansi and Khajuraho alongside.


The Most Haunted Place; Haunted Delhi

Locals say that there is a ghost wandering in this place, the police do not let anyone enter here.This is the most haunted place in Delhi.

Delhi, is also called the city of the djinns. Djinns are spirits, also called as ghosts. While, over the years,Delhi has become an even more fast paced city with its Delhi Metro and the numerous swanky cars that populate its wide roads, there is a dark side to the city as well. Today, I shall let you in with a little secret-the secret of the most haunted  place in Delhi. This place-popularly called BHULI BHATIYARI KA MAHAL- is behind the imposing statue of Lord Hanuman  near the Jhandewalan Metro station. It is actually a small palace cum courtyard which was supposedly, constructed by a Sultan in the 14th century , in Delhi.The idea was to construct a  photo.JPG

a hunting lodge for himself..Some people say that it was meant as a secluded place for one of his queens.


Over a period of time, this place acquired the reputation of a haunted place as the locals reported of hearing strange sounds of men and women. The place is quite way off the main road that connects Central Delhi to the western parts of Delhi. Police is usually posted here to deter the more adventurous from visiting the premises. There is another theory regarding the history of the place-namely, it was probably the abode of a neglected queen who was a Bhatiyari in clan. Bhatiyaris are a clan of Rajputs who inhabit the western part of India. Then there are others who say that an enraged peer or faqir cursed this place after a spat with the people in authority. There is still an extant water tank near the palace. Above all, a very curious place to visit.

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