hauinted places in Gurgaon

These haunted places in Gurgaon will freeze your blood, they are so scary

These haunted places in Gurgaon look very normal during the day-hours. But during nights, they turn into black-holes; full of mystery.

haunted places in Gurgaon
This is the photo of a real ghost. Image Creds- Wikimedia

It is likely that you might be crossing these areas every day during your office commute and would be unaware of their sordid past.

Haunted places in Gurgaon- which are they?

MG Road- where a dead woman roams

If you are driving on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road at 12 in the night, never ever stop near the Sultanpur Metro station. At that hour, she arrives.

Who is She?

Draped in a white saree, she is a young woman who is waiting for you near the Sultanpur Station.

haunted places in Guragaon
Never ever stop to offer a lift to this white dressed woman

As you pass by this place, she will get up and appear on the footpath, waving at you. This white saree draped woman is 25 year -old and is extremely good looking. Except that she doesn’t have any expressions on her face.

‘Help,’ she will say in English,’ I want a lift back home, please stop!’


For, she is the spirit of a woman who was knocked down by speeding truck several years ago 

The employee who never was

Saffron BPO is one of the most respected companies in Gurugram, aka Gurgaon. It has happy employees, a nice office and is located bang in the middle of New Gurgaon.

But, let me tell you a scary secret.

The office of this company is one of the most haunted places in Gurgaon.

Don’t believe it?

Don’t believe in ghosts? Then read this article and you will start believing in them

Then talk to the guard who lives in this company’s parking lot.

He will tell you a terrible secret.

This office is built on top of a graveyard!

Yes, and until a few years ago, the ghost of a dead employee used to work in this Company.

Rose, yes, Rose was her name and she was among the best employees of Saffron BPO, Gurgaon.

She was a pretty girl and almost everyone wanted to date her.

haunted places in Gurgaon
Image Creds- MentalFloss

But one day, she mysteriously vanished from the office. Nobody knew where she went and what was the reason, but her colleagues were flummoxed.

One day, they visited her house in Dwarka and checked up with her parents.

‘Are you asking about Rose?’, her parents enquired.

‘Yes, and we can’t find her.’

‘But, how can you? Rose has been dead for more than 10 years now!’

The haunted school near Cyber City

I used to work in the Cyber City until a few years back and still remember crossing a school on my way to the office.

Something about that office always bothered me, but I wasn’t sure what? There was always a forlorn look about the school and the building looked weird to me.

haunted places in Guragon
These flickering lights hide some terrible secrets

A few months back I learned why this school had a ghostly look.

Apparently, some spirits of dead people wander in this building even today. Seems there was a property dispute among the owners; one argument led to another and all this finally culminated to murder.

When the school was set up, the authorities appointed some guards to look after the building.

But you know what happened to them?

All of them fled from the school a few days back!

‘We can’t work there in the nights because we hear strange voices in the nights like screams, crying, talking, fighting etc. ‘ 

The Ghost Car that kills

haunted places in Gurgaon
Is this man a ghost?

Now this one is real.

If you are driving around during the night in Sector 15 of Gurgaon and happen to see a car driving like crazy, then don’t follow it.

Never ever follow it!

Many locals have tried following this ghost car and ended up crashing into a barrier, and the car is nowhere to be seen!

Is this car really driven by a ghost?

People say, yes!

These haunted places in Mussoorie will make you pee in your pants

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Catch the Kanha National Park tigers before they go on vacation

The Kanha of Kipling

We all have grown up listening, watching or reading stories of Mowgli, isn’t it? Well, you would be surprised to know that the Mowgli stories came right out of the Kanha National Park, India.

I have no doubt that Kipling must have visited this jungle, now called the Kanha National Park. Nestling in the valleys of the Satpura Ranges, this forest is a naturalist’s delight.

Today, this park is one of the finest managed wildlife sanctuaries in Southeast Asia. The tiger conservation efforts in this jungle have really paid off well.

Image result for flickr Kanha images
These are wild dogs and they can bring down a fully grown tiger any day.

But, wait…..have you actually heard about Rudyard Kipling?Or did I assume that you actually have read him?

Joseph Rudyard Kipling was an English journalist, short-story teller and novelist, non pareil.Born in Mumbai in 1865, he wrote several books and short stories for children. Kipling is mainly known for his seminal work,’ Jungle Book’ which explores the tales of Mowgli, Bagheera, Balu and many other animal characters. Many people say  that ‘JungleBook’ was inspired by Kipling’s travels in Central India! He won  the Nobel Prize for English literature in 1907.

Did Kipling write ‘Jungle Book’ while he was in India? No, Sir. He wrote this book during his stay in Vermont, United States. Kipling says that he was inspired to write this book by the stories that he heard from the officials of the Indian Forest Service.

The Jungle Book was inspired by the stories of the Royal Bengal Tiger and Mowgli

Kanha National Park – the land of the Gonds

Kanha became a tiger reserve in the  1950s. This forest belt was earlier the habitat of the Gonds, one of the communities which inhabit Central India. Today, the Gonds live a very common life but several hundred years back, they ruled large parts of Central India. The famous Rani Durgawati was married to a Gond ruler from this area.

What’s he looking at?

This magnificent tiger reserve is spread in the districts of Mandla and Balaghat of Madhya Pradesh.

Image result for flickr Kanha images
The Gonds at the Kanha National Park rub shoulders with tigers, wild dogs and bisons


Real Stories of Kanha National Park

                                                       The story of the gaur and the tiger


Did you hear this story of a wounded bison which was attacked by a tiger in this Park? While the bison lay hungry and bleeding, the tiger kept a watch over it, waiting for the gaur to die. But, within minutes, the cries of the gaur attracted its friends which started collecting at that spot. The tiger was forced to flee after a few young bisons attacked the tiger with their horns.

Unfortunately, the wounded bison died a few days later. But for all those days, its friends kept an eye on their fallen colleague. Isn’t this story an amazing example of friendship?

                                                                        He died to save a cheetal

Ravi Singh Thakur was forest guard at the Kanha National Park. He was young, cheerful and deeply committed to his cause. Ravi was a role model to the rest of the Park staff. He would never say no to any duty assigned to him. I am taking about him here because Ravi died saving a cheetal (deer) from drowning in a swamp. How many Ravis can you find today? Very few.

Do you know, that Kanha was notified as a reserve forest in 1878 and was declared a tiger reserve in 1933? A few years later, it was denotified as a wildlife reserve. Taking advantage of the changed conditions, the Raja of Vizianagaram shot dead 33 tigers in 4 years between 1947 and 1951. This led to a national uproar and forced the government to declare this beautiful land as a national park. 

Image may contain: outdoor
Can you spot the crocodile?

The Park’s Mascot

Kanha is the only national park in India which has an animal as a mascot. The park authorities have nominated a barasingha. a species of deer as the local mascot. The name of the mascot is Beer Singh. I think this has to do with protecting this species in Kanha National Park from the poachers.

Image result for flickr Kanha images
Beer Singh

Best time to visit Kanha

The best time to visit this amazing tiger reserve is between February and June. After June, the park is shut off to the visitors. The monsoons hit the Indian sub-continent from the end of June, the soil becomes wet and now is the right time to take the census of all the animals in the park. Once the rains are over, and this means September onwards, the Park reopens to its visitors.

So the best place to visit the Kanha National Park is NOW!

Kanha National Park
Tigers come real close to you in Kanha, but here they are resting after a hearty meal.

How to reach Kanha

The closest airport is in Jabalpur, 190 kilometers away. This city is also the nearest railhead to Kanha. From Jabalpur, you will have to take a cab to reach the Park. Be sure to reserve your room in some of the many resorts, hotels located around Kanha. You will also have to book a safari tour before reaching here. Don’t worry, one of my friends runs a safari and he will be happy to host you.

Also, Read- The affairs at the Ranthambore National Park 

If you want to book a government accommodation, click here  http://www.mponline.gov.in/Portal/Services/Forest/FinalForest/foresthome.htm

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature
The Indian bison can easily kill a full grown tiger. You can see several of them in this jungle.

Since a lot of my readers are from outside India, here is a ready reckoner to reach Kanha:

  1. Take a flight to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai or Kolkata.
  2. Book a train ticket to Jabalpur using the www.irctc.co.in . You can also book tickets via Cleartrip, Makemytrip or Yatra.
  3. Upon reaching Jabalpur, please contact your registered tour operator.

Ever seen a tiger taking a bath, watch this video,


If you do not want to do all this, please contact me and I will arrange your booking. One of my good friends, Saurabh Bhatnagar runs a jungle safari tour company. He can be reached at ceo@junglewala.com

Book your slot by visiting his website www.junglewala.com

That is it, friends, I hope you enjoy your Kanha trip.


Pics credit- Saurabh Bhatnagar, CEO, Junglewala Safaris





Gorakhnath temple

Why Yogi Adityanath’s Gorakhpur must be on your travel bucket list in 2017

Who is Yogi Adityanath

Yogi Adityanath is the new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. He is a no non sense man and will ensure that this state becomes safe for more than a million travelers coming to UP every year. For people planning to explore offbeat destinations in UP, it is indeed good news.

He is a member of the Nath order of Hindus. This order ( sect) can be roughly equated with the  Sufis in Islam. I am drawing this comparison for the benefit of people coming from abroad to India. This comparison may not be true for sure but I hope you get the gist.

Hindus have several sects and the Nath sect is one of them. The fundamental aim of the Naths is to achieve liberation in this life itself. Members of this sect do not want to take rebirth after their death. The idea is to commit oneself to a life of goodness and virtue to avoid the cycle of birth and death.

How old is this sect?

More than a thousand years. The Naths consdider Lord Shiva as their Adi Guru or the source of their learnings and inspiration. Matsyendranath is one of the most important teachers of this sect and lived more than 1200 years ago. You can say that Yogi Matsyendranath is the founder of this sect. He was a simple fisherman who later on became the head of this sect.

Where is the headquarter of this sect?

Gorakhpur in the north-eastern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Ok, got it. So why have you written about Yogi Adityanath in this post? Doesn’t it make it political?

No. Many people feel that this Yogi will clean up the law and order mess of Uttar Pradesh. He is a non nonsense man and does not have any agenda. The Yogi does not have any family so we can be sure that he will not be corrupt.

Will he make Gorakhpur an attractive travel destination?

I think he will. The Yogi will have to make his home constituency attractive for travelers to UP.

For example, one of the travel destinations in Gorakhpur is Kushinagar. This place is associated with Gautam Buddha and was the site for his cremation. It is located 52 kilometers east of Gorakhpur and is a holy place for many Sri Lankans, Japanese and other people. You can say that a safer Uttar Pradesh means more visitors to Kushinagar.

Remains of Stupas in Kushinagar Wiki)

Kushinagar is one of the oldest cities in India. Many people believe that it was founded by Kush, one of the sons of Lord Rama.

Kushinagar temple
Buddha Temple, Kushinagar

What are the other places of interest in Gorakhpur?

The most important place in Gorakhpur is the Gorakhnath temple. It is devoted to Guru Gorakhnath who lived several thousands of years ago. He is one of the most important gurus of the Nath sect.

images of Gorakhnath temple के लिए चित्र परिणाम
Gorakhnath Temple (Tripdvisor)

Another important place worth visiting is the Arogya Mandir which cures people of several disabilities. If you want to learn Yoga, then this camp is suited for you. Per person fees is 11, 000 INR.

If you are spiritually inclined person then you should visit the Gita Press, publishers of several books for spiritual development. Millions of Indians read the Gita Press books for uplifting themselves from disappointment and sadness.

How to reach Gorakhpur

You can take an overnight train from Delhi to Gorakhpur. This city is well connected with Lucknow and Varanasi as well.


Holi stories- When the God of Death was trapped in a web of sex

                                             Holi Hai…

In a few days from now , the madness of Holi will sweep away almost every body in North India. If you are a traveling to India for the first time, be ready to be swept off your feet, figuratively.

Why is Holi celebrated?

There are several reasons why we go berserk on Holi.

One- Many thousands of years ago, there lived a pious boy, Prahlad. He was a good soul and had faith in Lord Vishnu. His father, Hiranyakashyap, was an evil man, though. Vishnu is one of the trimurtis in the Hindu system of worship.

Dad was hateful towards Vishnu and wanted Prahlad to worship him, rather. After all, Hiranyakashyap was the most powerful king at that time. One day, after exhausting all his efforts to persuade Prahlad from worshipping Vishnu, Hiranyakashyap asked his sister to burn up the little boy. Image result for Prahlad

Actually, Holika, his sister, had a unique power- she was immune to fire. She persuaded little Prahlad to sit in her lap and as soon as the unsuspecting boy sat up there, she lit up a fire around them.

But God is great.

Vishnu had seen through the plan and he decided to teach Holika  a lesson. While Prahlad escaped unhurt, the evil woman died in a ball of fire. This event is celebrated with much gusto by all of us in India as victory of good over evil.

Holi story no. 2

I would rather go along with this interpretation. You see, since India is an agriculture economy, Holi is an occasion when our farmers express their joy after selling their farm produce.

Image may contain: one or more people, colour
Holi Hai! Image courtesy- Sridhar Balasubramaniam
Holi story no. 3

Have you read or heard about Lord Krishna? He is famous for Bhagwad Gita, remember?

His childhood was not peaceful as there were many plots to kill him during his childhood. His maternal uncle, the King of Mathura, wanted to kill the child Krishna at all costs.

One day, Kansa i.e the uncle sent a woman demon, Pootna to suckle up child Krishna and later kill him. This woman had poison in her milk. But, Krishna had some other plans.

While he was happily feeding from Pootna’s breasts, the child Krishna strangled the unsuspecting lady demon and ended Kana’s dream of killing Krishna. Holi celebrates this occasion as well.Image result for image of Pootna

The legend of Shiva and the Lord of Love

Ha ha, this is interesting. Read on…

One day, Lord Shiva decided to go into meditation . Perhaps He had enough of solving the problems of his devotees so that is why Shiva wanted to go in for a spiritual detox.

The meditation went on and on and it seemed to people around Him that this meditation would last for eternity.

You see, Shiva is an eternal yogi and you will always see Him in the yogic pose.

The people worried that unless Shiva came out of his yoganidra , there would be utter chaos in the world.

After consulting among themselves, they decided to approach the Lord of Love, Kaamdeva. Please help us with your unique skills, they implored the God of Love.

Sure, Kaamdeva replied.

So, he approached Shiva who was immersed in his Yoga induced sleep.

Image may contain Holi
Ladies beat up a man   playfully in Barsana, India. Pic courtesy Shridhar Balasubramaniam
The web of sex

Kaamdeva is always shown with his bow and arrow. He spreads the web of desire and lust by shooting his arrow from his bow. This arrow represents desire and lust.

Kaamdeva did exactly that. He shot an arrow towards Shiva and waited with bated breath.

He waited and waited.

Finally, after a few moments, Shiva opened up his eyes. The arrow of Kaamdev had found its mark.

No, it is not proper for me to revel in those thoughts, Shiva reflected,but who is responsible for my mental turmoil?

Kaamdeva in a ball of flame

The Lord of Love was quickly spotted by the Lord of Death but what followed was disaster.

Shiva opened up his third eye and gazed in anger at Kaamdeva. Do you know what this means?

Opening of the third eye means apocalypse. Destruction. Calamity.

Image result for image of kamdev
Shiva and Kaamdeva

And this is how the Lord of Love perished.

But the world at large celebrated this event as Shiva had finally woken up from his yogic slumber. Humanity sighed a breath of relief. So this is another reason to celebrate Holi.

How do you find this post ,friends?

Jallikattu Story

The Jallikattu Story-Of unending traditions and animal welfare

The Jallikattu Story is an interesting reading material for all those interested in India’s hoary traditions. This one has more than 2, 500 years of history behind it.Read it to understand how a lovely tradition changed for the worse.

What is the Jallikattu Story?

Jallikattu refers to the age old practice of embracing the bulls by people of Tamil Nadu. This practice is a sight to watch during Pongal.

Can I see how this Jallikattu thing is played out?

Sure, watch the video.

What is Pongal?

The Pongal season marks the arrival of the fresh crop in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

But, heck, what is the connection between Jallikattu and Pongal?

Since ancient times, Indians have used oxen and bulls for farming purposes. Jallikattu provides the reason for the farmers to thank their animals.

Jallikattu Story
The bulls are thanked on Pongal

But, why is the Jallikattu Story creating such a ruckus?

You see, over a period of time, people started using their bulls in a wrong way. Rather than thanking them , the farmers started using the occasion as a spectator sport.

So, what is wrong in that?

Good question. What went wrong in the Jallikattu Story was that animals began to be teased, agitated and beaten in such fairs. The bulls and oxen were fed with great food and on Pongal, were used by the villagers as toys. The animals were caged in closed places and teased so much that they had to escape from the hordes of people.

Jallikattu Story
Over the years, the lovely tradition of Jallikattu has changed to one of animal bashing.

Sometimes, the bulls escape to busy  roads and other inhabited places and this scares the drivers of the vehicles.

Did the animals die in this Jallikattu Story?

An emphatic no. There is  no record of any animal dying because of this practice. However, according to PETA, more than 1, 000 people have been injured because of trampling by the animals.

Got it. So, how do you prevent this cruelty to the animals?

The Supreme Court of India has ordered a ban on this inhuman practice. Not surprisingly, the people of Tamil Nadu have opposed this ban.

They say that the Jallikattu tradition has been in vogue for more than 2,500 years. It also helps the state get tourists and also helps in breeding superior quality of milch cattle.

Really?2,500 years?You must be joking!

No way. Here is an image of an ancient sculpture of Jallikattu.

Jallikattu Story
This image which is more than 2,500 years old shows the practice of Jallikattu

But, so many people kill animals for food. Is that not cruelty?

It is, definitely. I have seen so many birds and animals dying a slow and painful death in the name of religion! And here, PETA, one of the petitioners has failed to establish that Jallikattu leads to animal deaths!

So, when is Pongal?

Tomorrow, i.e. January 14th, Saturday!

Holy Moly, isn’t it also Makar Sankranti day?

Yes, indeed. In North India, Makar Sankranti means flying kites, but the underlying reason is the same- new harvest!