The black buck killed by Salman Khan was the Guru of Bishnois

Salman Khan did not just kill a black buck. He also put to death Guru Jambheshwar, the spiritual guru of the Bishnois of Rajasthan and Haryana.

Black Buck
For the Bishnois, a black buck is like their son

I thought this post is required to educate as many people as is possible about the conviction of the famous Hindi film star, Salman Khan. You can also say that I am trying to play my part as an environmentally conscious person by writing about this controversy.

To cut the long story short, a very famous Hindi film star has been jailed for 5 years for killing a black deer. He committed this crime in 1998 but the sentencing happened 20 years later- in 2018!

So what’s the big deal, you’d say?

A lot, actually.

Black deer or black buck is an endangered species in India. Its number is just 6,000; a hundred years back, that number was 80,000!

Over the years, this deer has been hunted down for food or fun by many kings, and other high officials. Today, the status of this gentle animal is quite like that of the Indian tiger.

The Central Government of India has banned the poaching of this animal. As per law, any poacher of a black buck will serve jail time up to 7 years.

But we are missing an important point here.

There are many people in India who indulge in the smuggling of body parts of endangered animals like the leopard, rhinoceros and the turtle. In most cases, these criminals go scot free.

But why did Salman Khan face the music in this case?

Salman Khan
Salman Khan being escorted to the jail

Khan believed that like everybody else, he too will also escape the law. But he hadn’t imagined that he would have to face the small but highly determined community of the Bishnois.

Who are Bishnois?

Bishnois are a group of people who care for their trees, birds, and animals. This community mainly lives in western Rajasthan and parts of Haryana. You cannot identify a Bishnoi from a non-Bishnoi because they are as normal human being as you and I are.

But what sets them apart is their kind-heartedness towards animals, birds, and trees. I had written a post on the Bishnois a few months back and you can read it by clicking here.

There is an interesting fact about this gentle community. Members of the Bishnoi clan consider the humble black buck as the avatar of their spiritual guru, Jambheshwar.

The Guru lived more than 500 years back but his memory still lives in the minds of his followers. He led a simple life and laid down twenty principles for his followers. The most important principle is to live and letting others live. No wonder that all the Bishnois are vegetarians and protect their birds and animals so fiercely.

300 years ago

Nobody can question their love for their surroundings. In fact, three hundred years back, hundreds of Bishnois laid down their lives while protecting their trees from the king’s men. The king wanted to collect some firewood in one of the Bishnoi villages to make a new palace. When the king’s servants reached the village they found the villagers hugging their dear trees. The villagers challenged the servants to first cut their bodies and then touch the trees.

You would be horrified to know that more than 300 Bishnois laid down their lives-just to protect their ‘children’.

Since that day, the Bishnois have fiercely guarded their environment. They are truly our earth warriors.

Salman Khan did not kill a black buck that fateful day in 1998, he actually ‘killed’ the Guru of the gentle Bishnois.

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