Bone of Santa Claus or Father Christmas found, say European researchers

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Is this the actual bone of Santa Claus? Does this fragment of the pelvic bone really belong to the man buried in a church in Bari, Italy?


Yes and no. Amused?

Well, some researchers at the Oxford University have finally solved the puzzle behind this piece of the pelvic bone.

This bone piece perhaps belongs to a man who is buried in a Church in Bari, Italy.

He is buried there for more than 950 years now. The name of this Church is Basilica di San Nicola.

The man who is buried in this Chapel is believed to be Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas.

Bone of Santa Claus?

St Nicholas

Well, the researchers have ‘kind of proved’ that this bone belongs to Father Christmas.

I am saying ‘kind of’ because the scientists are still unsure that this man was indeed Saint Nicholas.

Scientists got this bone fragment from a Christian priest living in Illinois, United States.

Various pieces of the bones of the man buried in Bari have been found in Venice and other parts of the world.

The Venice collection numbers 500.

Who was Santa Claus?

According to many people, he was a rich man who lived in Myra, Turkey. This gentleman was very gracious and used to help others in their times of distress.

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It was this trait that propagated the myth of Father Christmas. ‘Santa Claus’ was persecuted to death on the orders of Emperor Diocletius.

What next?

Now the Oxford scientists will try to prove conclusively that the bone fragment indeed belongs to the man buried in Bari.

However, it will be difficult for them to prove that he was Santa Claus.

The bone fragment that was tested belongs to the lower pelvic area of the Bari man. The Venice collections have bones from other parts of the body.

In the Bari crypt, the bone fragments belong to the upper part of the pelvis.

Naturally, the next step is to match the ages of both sets of bones.

The Illinois bone piece came from Lyons, France.

Isn’t this a tantalizing discovery? You can read this report from The Mirror newspaper of UK here>

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