Dating Indian men- is it safe for foreign travelers?

14Jan - by swayamt - 0 - In Travel
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This subject on dating Indian men was not on my radar until a few minutes back.

In fact, I had not even imagined that one day I would write on how to date Indian men.

When this topic came to my mind, I was torn between two things- should I play safe and say that all Indian men are good dates or should I lay down some ground rules?

 Dating Indian men- the safe way

Before I start the subject, let me say this- not all Indians are bad. In fact, my country is the safest place for any foreign woman traveler.

However, there are some practical tips for you to play safe in the dating game.

  • If you are coming to India for the first time, don’t trust your Indian tour guide BLINDLY. I know many of you wonderful women come with the notion that all Indians are trustworthy and respectful of women. To an extent it is true, but still, keep a watchful eye on your travel escort. Judge his behavior and his mannerisms. Is he averting your gaze? Does he give off bad vibes? Follow his eyes, is he looking at your anatomy?
  • Two, before you decide to fall in love with your Indian man, check his Facebook profile. What does it tell you? If he is just posting random stuff and not getting any response, then it is time you pulled off the plug. Maybe he is a loner and many loners are dangerous.
  • Track your drinks- If you are dating your Indian male companion for the first time, then ensure that your drinks are safe. Date rapes happen in India also, so it is better to play safe. If your new boyfriend has ordered something for you, then make that extra effort to ensure that your drink is not spiked with unpleasant things.


  • Do you have a family back home? Give your India number to them so that they can track you real time while you are here in India. There are many Google apps that let your friends track your location in real time.
  • Check reviews- Before you start an intimate relationship with your Indian guide, check his online reviews. If he has come to you via Tripadvisor, then you know what it is to be done. There is Viator too, but am not sure how it works in India. Look up his website….basically, check every goddamn piece of information on him. I want you safe.
  • Avoid lonely walks with him- This is my last point on this piece about dating Indian men. If he asks you to accompany him on a lonely walk, simply say No. It is better to be safe rather than ending up being raped.

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Do you think all this makes sense? Would you like to add anything else in this article?

Have fun, ladies! And thank me for this advice!

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