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These Delhi day trips tours are calling you out, where are you

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These Delhi day trips tours have only one thing in mind – your convenience and pleasure.

If you are planning to travel to Delhi in the next few days or months, then read through this post; you will be amazed at finding some really unknown Delhi destinations.I have tried to roll in comfort and meatiness in this post which I hope you will like.

There are two packages for you, please choose one of them.

                        Delhi day trips tours #1

Qutub Minar Complex


If you are planning to limit your Delhi day trips tours to South Delhi, then this package is for you.

We start this leg of this Delhi sightseeing trip by meeting at the  Qutub Minar Ticket Counter.

Dates of the Tour-  August 2/4/6/8/10/12/16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30

September 1-30 

Tour Starts- 9 am

Tour ends- 3.30 pm

First stop- Qutub Minar.

If you are a foreigner, then you will have to pay INR 250  as ticket fees for the Qutub.

Please check this website for ticketing and historical details about the Qutub:

Duration- 1 hour

Details- Your tour planner will tell you the history of Delhi, the Rajputs, and the Turks.He will also share some untold stories about the legendary Prithviraj Chauhan and his lady love, Sanyogita.

Delhi day trips tours

Courtesy: Flickr

Prithviraj had become a legend even while he was alive. He had acquired a skill of shooting arrows while blindfolded!

This Delhi day trip will also help you understand the fantastic history of the world famous Qutb Minar, and the various controversies surrounding this tower.

We will also get to know about Iltutmish and Alauddin Khilji, two Sultans who are buried in the Qutab complex.

Lastly, we also uncover the hidden images and idols of Hindu gods in the Quwwatul Islam Masjid complex.

I hope that we cover this part of the Delhi day trips tours in one hour, at the maximum.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park


Balban;s Tomb

The tomb of Balban is considered to be haunted

Next, we go to the Qutub Minar parking lot and get in my car. From here, we go to the Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

The drive to this Park will not take more than 15 minutes.

Duration in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park – 2 hours



  • A brief history of Mehrauli
  • The timelines of the different dynasties ruling Mehrauli
  • The story of Balban and Razia Sultana
  • Is the Tomb of Balban haunted?
  • The mysterious Jamali Kamali tomb and mosque
  • Why was Metcalfe such a hated man in his times?

Please note that this part of the Delhi day trips tours will include significant walking around, so please carry adequate water.

We also cover the following buildings in this sightseeing trip- Tomb of Quli Khan, Boat House, Dilkhusha, and the haunted Rajon ki Baoli.

Jamali Kamali

After we have finished with this leg of the trip, we have coffee + snacks at the Cafe Coffee Day outlet outside the Qutub Minar Complex.

Delhi day trips tours

No trip is complete without coffee

Duration of snack session- 35-45 minutes

From the Qutub Complex, we will go to the little known Azim Khan Tomb which is located on the Mehrauli- Gurgaon Road.

You may want to read about this place here >

I swear you will never forget the lovely view from this vantage point.

Azim Khan Tomb

Very few people visit this beautiful place

Humayun Tomb


The last leg of the Delhi day trips tours includes this world famous UNESCO monument of Humayun Tomb.

Humayun Tomb

A short but steep flight of stairs takes one to the main building of Humayun Tomb

To read more about this heritage building, please read this article >

Humayun Tomb

You can gaze and gaze upon this building for endless hours.

The duration of the ride from Qutub Minar to Humayun Tomb will be 35 minutes.

Please note that I shall drive you to this place in my car.

After buying tickets, we spend the next 2 hours in this lovely building and understanding the Mughal history.

Each of us will buy his individual tickets.

We cover the following aspects here:

  • History of the Mughals
  • The unfortunate life of Humayun
  • Badshahs versus Sultans
  • Islamic symbology
  • The Mughal harem as per Gulbadan Begum
  • Charbagh- is this concept Persian?
  • The British imprint on Humayun Tomb
  • Is Humayun really buried here?
  • Barber’s Tomb- myth versus reality
  • Trips to Isa Khan Niazi Tomb and Arab Ki Serai

I hope that this part of the Delhi Sight Seeing Tour will be over by 3 pm.

After we finish with Humayun Tomb, we go back to the Qutub Minar Parking Complex.

Pricing of the Trip


INR-1,500 per person

Deliverables :

  • Snacks +Beverages ( at the Qutub Minar Complex)
  • Transportation- I have a Toyota Car and I will drive you around. Capacity- 1 +4

Please consult this Google Map for driving time and distance from Qutub Minar to Humayun’s Tomb.

Please note that this Delhi day package is kid friendly and is suited for families and couples.

Delhi day trips tours


If you are interested in booking this tour, please call me at 9810840 763

You may also write to me at 

                Delhi Day Trips Tours #2


Dates of the Tour- August 2/4/6/8/10/12/16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30

September – 1-30 

Jama Masjid

The Jama Masjid became a horse stable for some time in the 19th century

Jama Masjid

Chandni Chowk

Ear cleaners at their job in Chandni Chowk

Jain Temple, Chandni Chowk

Carving on Jain Temple, Chandni Chowk

Trip number 2 will include the following destinations:

  • Akshardham Temple
  • Connaught Place
  • Chandni Chowk/ Old Delhi/Purani Dilli
Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple. Creds- Flickr

Jain temple, Chandni Chowk

More such carvings on the walls of the Jain Temple



  1. 8 am- Meeting in in the parking complex of Akshardham Temple
  2. 8-9.30 a.m- Touring the Akshardham Temple
  3. 9.30-10 a.m- Having a quick breakfast in the Temple canteen.
  4. 10.30 a.m- Reaching Rajiv Chowk/ Connaught Place. mode of Conveyance- Delhi Metro
  5. 10.30 a.m- 12.30 p.m- Sightseeing of Rajiv Chowk
  6. 1.15 p.m- Reaching Chandni Chowk Metro Station by taking the Delhi Metro
  7. Lunch at Haldiram’s
  8. 2.20- 6p.m- Old Delhi Walk ( Shiva Temple +Sisganj Gurudwara +Mirza Ghalib Haveli + Spice Market, Jama Masjid)
  9. 6 p.m- Walk concludes
Ghalib Haveli

Ghalib’s House, Old Delhi

Our walk leader would share stories and accounts of all these places that we will be visiting. Please feel free to ask him any question.

Price per person- Rs.3,000

Group discounts available.

Please contact me in case you want to buy a tour for yourself or a group.




42 thoughts on “These Delhi day trips tours are calling you out, where are you

  1. Me-An Clemente

    This tour seems wonderful. It’s perfect for those who have limited time in Delhi. I would love to see Qutb Minar in person as well as understand its history. I wonder if there is a discount if more people avails it.

  2. swatisinha09

    This is such a great itinerary Swayam, especially for people who are keen on the history of these historic places. You should do a tour of Red Fort and Chandni Chowk too 🙂

  3. Neha Verma

    This post brought back memories from the past when I had a chance to visit Purani Dilli. One thing that I vividly remember is the light and sound show in Lal Quila, how much it moved me!

  4. Dawn

    I love that you take your tourists 400 years back in a limited time, oh the magic of what traveling can do! How I wish I could get the chance not only to visit these places but really experience them because this tour is not just a tour, I bet it’s a personal experience. Thank you for sharing these, I will save this for future travels. Hehe

  5. Anne V

    I haven’t been to Dehli myself, and this package seems perfect for people like me who only prefer a quick tour. Glad to know a group discount is offered, great for travelers who don’t have a big budget to spend as well. Will consider this when I decide to finally visit South Dehli!

  6. Angelie Pangilinan

    Thank you for this quick guide! I will surely go back to this post when the time comes for me to visit India. I know India as a place rich in food culture and the wide array of spices! I never knew it’s so rich in history and architecture too.

  7. EG III

    This post makes me feel good about my choices of sites to visit in Delhi, as I was fortunate enough to see them all during my trip there last year. I actually went directly from the airport to Qutub Minar and I felt like I had the entire place to my own in those early morning hours!

  8. Globejamun

    This tour seems awesome… I’ve been to delhi and done all this… will definitely recommend to tourists

  9. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    Wow, what a great destination to explore. I love how all the beautiful temples looks like and how unique their intricate design are. Everything was just beyond perfection, the history of the place and the rich culture as well. I haven’t been to New Delhi yet and this should be something I should look forward to experience soon.

  10. aicabatoon

    Woah, those structures are beautiful! <3 I really admire tourist spots in India~ Thank you for sharing your itinerary, and I hope I'd get a chance to explore Delhi as well. Saving this post for the future!

  11. ambujsaxena05

    I loved the detailing of every tour. I am glad that once a tourist is in Delhi you take them around yourself thereby ensuring their safety and a great experience. I think we should collaborate at some level to improve the image of Delhi and India as a viable tourist destination.

  12. Sridhar @interludejourney

    Thank you for sharing this informative blog on the best ways of spending time in Chandni Chok. We all know that Delhi is famous for its historical monuments and delicious street food. Your post covers all the must see places in old Delhi. Looking forward to read your next post.

  13. Blaine Chrian

    I do love guided tours like this. I am fond of visiting ruins and learning its history from the locals. The place looks amazing especially the photograph of Quwwatul complex, it looks stunning. Whenever I will visit India, for sure I will try this South Delhi tour to further know the history of this beautiful place.

  14. Ami Bhat

    I happen to visit the Humayun’s tomb on my last visit to Delhi and I must say that I absolutely loved it. The colors and the architecture there is so lovely and the little stories around it make it even more amazing. Will be recommending it to a lot of people for sure.

  15. Indrani

    Sounds so good! Very well planned and I have nothing to worry if I were to do this.
    Last time I was in Delhi I could be there for just half an hour. I wish to make it there again.

  16. Neha Verma

    Although every one knows about the Qutub minar. But very less people know about the Mehrauli Archelogical park. Have got to agree that these are must do day trip tours when in Delhi

  17. AllGudThings

    I must say a wonderful Itinerary and quite well planned too. Would love to recommend to my friends. I have been to some of these monuments and all these are special in their own way.

  18. At The Roundabout

    I love how you give out just enough details to pique my curiosity. I’m a big fan of knowing the history of places and famous landmarks, so this post is definitely a good one for me. It’s also nice to know that there are well-thought prearranged tours like this one. Suits people like me who want to have just a glance of the whole place.

  19. Sandy N Vyjay

    Delhi is such an incredible place with so much of history, it is fascinating for first time visitors and also draws one to it again and again. These itineraries are very good to get an understanding of the spirit of Delhi.

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