Delhi events in April and May- For all those interested in travel, culture and arts

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Here is a compilation of all the fun-filled Delhi events in April and May covering travel, culture, arts and music. From now on, my website will give you a weekly overview of these. Stay tuned.

Delhi events in April and May-Photography

1. Framing The Living Traditions. Venue- India International Center, Max Mueller Marg,

This event is a collaborative showcase from 5 photographers under the aegis of Neel Dongre Awards and Grants for Excellence in Photography. These photographers will present different living conditions through distinctive artistic styles.

Time and Date- Till May 2, 6.30 p.m

2. Objectif Sport, Galleries Romain Roland, Alliance Francaise

This Delhi event showcases photographs from many non-professional photographers who were invited to illustrate a sport of their country which best represented its national ethos and values. These photographs were selected in a competition among 108 photographers from 50 different countries.

Image result for Images of Alliance Francaise

Time and Date- On until May 5, 11 am- 8 pm

Delhi events in April and May- Theater

1. A Walk in the Woods- Siri Fort, August Kranti Marg

Image result for images of Deepti Nawal
                   Relive those magical moments with Deepti Naval this week

This drama is a part of the Delhi Theatre Festival which starts from April 29. Expect some scintillating performances in this Festival from the likes of Naseeruddin Shah, Rajit Kapur, Deepti Naval and Saurabh Shukla.

There are a few other performances as well like Barff, starring Saurabh Shukla and Ek Mulaqat. 

Time and Date-  2 pm, April 29-30. Some performances start at 7 pm.

2. Hello !Cab, Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Estate

What happens when a woman who has lost everything in a communal riot takes to driving radio cabs? Watch this riveting drama directed by Basab Bhattacharya.

Time and Date- 7.45 pm, April 28. Tickets cost Rs. 245/-

3. Jugaad (Hindi Comedy), LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg

Two friends, Ravi and Charkha have to lie about their marital status to get a rented accommodation. This comedy show will leave you breathless with laughter. This drama is directed by Dinesh Ahlawat.

Delhi events in April and May
                            LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg

Time and Date- 7 pm, April 29. Tickets- Rs. 300, 200 and 100

4. Kanjoos Miyan Deewane (Hindi comedy), LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg

Do you want to shake off all that stress that has built up in your head this week? How about trying this excellent comedy show that tells us about the romantic liaisons of Mirza Sakhawat with Maryam?

Time and date- 7 pm, April 29.Tickets- Rs. 500, 300, 200  and 100.

5. Noor (Hindi drama), Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road

Watch this captivating drama of Noor and her niece, Mumtaz who maneuver their ways in a world of men and reach to the top! This drama is directed by Faisal Alkazi.

Time and date- 4.30 pm, April 29. Tickets- Rs. 200 onwards

6. Rant of the Pant (Stand up comedy), Pearey Lal Bhawan, ITO

Stand up comedian Sourabh Pant rants and rails about Trump, Modi pollution, corruption, Rahul Gandhi, other comedians, population control etc. Watch Pant bring down the audience in laughter.

Time and Date- 7, pm, April 30

7. Raavan ki Ramayan ( Hindi drama), Shri Ram Center, Safdar Hashmi Marg

Directed by Satya Kaushik, this drama has a unique take on Raavan. A just and virtuous king sets out to avenge the outrage modesty of his sister. However, on his way, he falls for the charms of an abducted woman who shows defiance and boldness in her precarious state. Ultimately, this king pushes his kingdom in a war against the will of his subjects and ministers.

Delhi events in April and May-Travel

1. Odisha Parva

If you are interested in good food, heritage, music and travel, then you should go the Odisha Parva held at the India Gate lawns. This event is organized by the Odiya Samaj and will showcase the art, craft, music, theater and other fine aspects Odisha.

Delhi events in April and May

Time and Date- 5 pm-10 pm, April 29- May 1.

Do you have an interesting Delhi event to share with me? Please write to me at and I shall feature it next week.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

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  1. So thoughtful of you to share events and activities for April and May. Indeed helpful for tourists wanting to visit the place. Even locals would be informed of such events that they may perhaps think of ways to further promote their place and culture.

  2. Truly, being knowledgeable of events like is so convenient when you travel to places. Aside from seeing the pretty sights and scenic spots, it’s also a wonderful thing to connect with the place through its cultural show and other forms of art. Surely, your culture is blessed to have you share it to people outside India. 🙂

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