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Things to do in Delhi- The story of the Angrez, a Sultan and the pigs

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One of the most exciting things to do in Delhi this month is to attend this event sent in the ancient Mehrauli Archeological Park. Don’t miss this Delhi event.

What is this Delhi event all about?

I have deliberately kept the title of this event unique. It will be a 3-hour storytelling session about the events that have impacted the history of Delhi for the last 800 years. If you are a curious backpacker, a  business professional interested in exploring Delhi or a history student,  then this event is just right for you.

I do not simply want to burden you with a lot of information, that will be so boring for a lot of you. Instead, you will listen to  stories,  some of which are proven facts, that you will love and like to share with others.

These are stories that you haven’t read any where else, stories that will leave a hauntingly beautiful aftertaste in your minds and hearts.

But before you read the rest of this article, I would like to share a fantastic video that captures this haunted place and its wildlife. Here we go;

It is a solemn promise to you that you will love this Delhi event has been so lovingly created by me for all of you.

Quli Khan's tomb
A tomb that was used as a party hall!

Is this event really one of the most exciting things to do in Delhi?

Yes. Your tour leader will take you to some of the most bewitching and enchanting spots in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. For example, one of the spots that we will be going is the Yogmaya Temple which is dedicated to the sister of Lord Krishna. This is a 5,000 year old place where very few visitors go to.

We will also go to see the remnants of a 1000 year old wall that is now hidden by shrubs and bushes. This journey will be a truly magical experience for the adventure enthusiasts.

After this walk, you will agree that it was truly one of the delightful things to do in Delhi.

Assembly point for this Delhi event?

Qutub Minar Metro Station, Mehrauli, Delhi, India

The Angrez (Englishman)

Who was this Angrez who has left such a deep impact on the monuments of the Mehrauli Archaeological Park?

When did he live and what was his role to play in the Mughal court of the 19th century? I am sure travelers to Delhi would like to know more about this mysterious character.

Did this English officer have a roaring affair with the Mughal Empress?

How did he party and where did he make merry?

Rajon ki Baoli
The amazing step well at Mehrauli- why was it built?


What was his name?

Have you seen his boat house? Or, would you like to see this opulent building? Even though it is in ruins, you will be taken back into the mists of time upon visiting this place.

And horror of horrors- why did he level out the tomb of a son of a very important lady of the Mughal khandaan?

All this  and more when we assemble at the Gate of the Qutub Minar Metro Station. Bookmark this Delhi event in your diary, now!

Metcalfe's Folly
Some monuments have a haunting story! Like this one!

The Sultan

He was unarguably one of the most stern sultans of his times. This Sultan could be very harsh with his officers who were cruel with their servants.

And he was also a man who would forgive any person who landed up at his doorstep to ask for forgiveness.

This Sultan died of grief because his most favorite son died fighting the ferocious Mongols in a battle.

Things to do in Delhi
Yes, we shall have refreshments too!

Who was this Sultan? And what did he do to Delhi’s greenery?

We will also talk about Razia Sultan who was apparently a lesbian Queen.

The Pigs

What is the hauntingly beautiful story of the pigs? Why do we see so much of them in Delhi and other cities of India? What is their connection with the ancient kings of India?

Mehrauli Archaeological Park
Yours truly explaining a point to the visitors

This Walk promises to be an excellent story telling session for all the travelers wanting to explore Delhi and her past.

If you are a History student, traveler or a backpacker, this Walk is just for you.

Time of assembly

8.45 A.M

Welcome to my parlour!
What secrets does this door hide?


April, 8- 30, 2017- Please pick any day according to your schedule.

Tickets- Rs. 1,000 per person

Ticket price includes;

  • 3- hour story-telling
  • Refreshments- Tea/ Cold Drinks plus Snacks

About the Walk Leader

The walk leader, Swayam Tiwari has worked for more than 20 years in leading media companies like The Times of India, Star TV ,Dainik Bhaskar etc and runs a popular travel story website, .It  contains interesting tales about famous and not so known Indian travel destinations.Look up his awesome website to know the stuff that he shares…

Delhi event
Your walk leader )))


Swayam has, in the recent past, taken travelers from France, US, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany to numerous destinations in Delhi.

Things to do In Delhi
We are at thee boat house in the Mehrauli Park here


Swayam is not your typical travel guide; he is  a storyteller, actually.

You can look him up at @swayamt (Twitter) and Swayam Tiwari- Facebook.


Interested in this event? It is simple. All you have to do is reply me back and we will plan the next steps. Please write to me at and I shall get back to you.

What are the other interesting things  to do in Delhi?

  1. Rickshaw rides in Old Delhi
  2. A visit to Humayun’s Tomb
  3. A trip to the Northern Ridge of Delhi that has so many stories about it.
  4. And yes, discovering the lost fort of Tughlaqabad.

If you are keen in these “interesting things to do in Delhi”, please let me know and we will plan them out.


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  1. Love the idea of story telling while on a tour. A 3 hr tour sounds long enough but Im sure the one who’ll join will learn a lot about Delhi! Im sure travellers who are in Delhi right now would love to join this tour.

  2. this is what I really love to explore… interesting places with interesting stories behind them.. I have been to some so-called haunted places here in my county and i cannot deny that despite of freaking out because of those creepy stories I have heard from the place,,, it was truly a great thrill exploring them!

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