Delhi weekend events

Delhi weekend events-this magician puts the stage on fire, literally

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One of these Delhi weekend events is about these Qawwals who have sung non-stop for 12 hours!

I hope you will like some of these events in Delhi.

A small request; if you think there is an event or a cultural evening in Delhi that has not been included here, please drop me an e-mail.

Delhi weekend events


Heritage and History Walks


  1. Red Fort Harem Stories- Badshahs, Begums, Princesses and the Concubines


One of the most exciting things to do in Delhi this week is to participate in a story-telling trip to the Delhi Red Fort.

Delhi weekend memories
These Delhi weekend events are packed with fun and happy memories

If you ask me, this one of the most exciting events this weekend in Delhi; go check it out.

Trip  Details

This Delhi weekend event is different from the rest of the tours because it focuses on real stories around the people who lived in the Delhi Red Fort.

Red Fort Baoli
This is Nicholas Forage with his friends at the secret baoli in Red Fort Delhi. It alos served as a prison.

This Delhi Red Fort tour is structured in a logical, yet interesting format so that the participants go back home as more informed students of history.

Red Foert Delhi
Lahori Gate- Red Fort
  1. We will understand the brief history of the Mughals and their relationship with the Chagtais and Timurids.
  2. The difference between a Sultan and a Badshah
  3. The Battles of Panipat and Khanua
  4. Babur and Humayun- their comparison
  5. The beautiful Gulbadan Begum and Humayun Nama
  6. Did Hamida Bano Begum really want to marry Humayun?
  7. Akbar and his relationship with his daughters and sisters
  8. Who was Jodhabai? Did she really exist?
  9. Akbar, Salim, and Anarkali- their true history as per English travelers
  10. The Jahangir- Khusro conflict; the tragic end of Manbai
  11. Noorjahan and her influence on the Mughal empire
  12. What was living in the Mughal harem like?
  13. Jahanara and Roshanara- two powerful women in the Mughal Empire
  14. Shahjahan, Aurangzeb, and Dara

    Salimgarh Museum
    Red Fort Delhi is also the site of a 3,000-year-old habitation
Red Fort Delhi
These walls of Red Fort Delhi hide several secrets

Dates- All of November, December, and January. This event does not take place on Mondays and Gazetted Holidays such as the Republic Day etc.

Timings- 9 am-12 pm

Tickets- INR 1400 per person

Inclusions- Snacks + Beverages. Exclusions- Ticket price to Red Fort Delhi

To book your tickets, click here–

In case of any problem, please contact at 91-8851367241

  • Palace of the Dead – A Trip to Humayun’s Tomb

Wondering which things to do in Delhi this weekend? Well, we have a suggestion.

Why not make a trip to the Humayun’s Tomb, also known as the Palace of the Dead!

How is this Delhi weekend event different from the others?

Humayun Tomb
You can gaze and gaze upon this building for endless hours.

Unlike the other experiences, this trip dwells more upon historical events that were centered around the Mughals.

This trip is 99 % of stories and history. You can find a lot of details about this monument by reading various guidebooks and using Google.

Humayun Tomb
Feng Li and her friends fell in love with Humayun’s Tomb when they visited it this June

This is definitely one of the best Delhi weekend events.

But what about the stories?

A lot of research has been done on this trip and all stories are backed up by research and this is is the reason why this trip is unique.

Brief history

There is a fair bit of controversy about who made this UNESCO heritage building.

Humayun's Tomb
Humayun’s Tomb is a favorite destination for the photographers.

Was it the first wife of Humayun or did Hamida Banu, the mother of Akbar, commission this masterpiece.?

There are no inscriptions on the grave of Humayun either.

Humayun Tomb
The Humayun Tomb complex is rich in history and architecture

Then there is an account of a French traveler to India in the 19th century who says in his book that the Humayun’s Tomb was a Vishnu Temple originally.

Whatever be the truth, this building is indeed a traveler’s delight.

Who was Humayun?

The person who is supposedly buried in this tomb is Emperor Humayun, who was the son of Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India.

Dates- All of November, December, January, and February. This event does not happen on Mondays and Government holidays.

Timings- 3 pm-6 pm

Ticket Price- INR 1100. This price includes- snacks and beverages but excludes ticket cost to the monument.

To book your slot, please click here-

In case of any problem related to this Delhi weekend event, please contact at 91-8851367241

  1. The Angrez, The Sultan and The Pigs- Mehrauli Archaeological Park 

This 3-hour heritage walk is all about the enchanting history of Delhi and is surely one of the best Delhi weekend events that you have ever attended.

Mehrauli Archaeological Park
You will return from this trip happy and relaxed

                                                                        The Sultan 

We soak in the interesting facets of Delhi’s history in this 3-hour walk through the Mehrauli Archeology Park. The trip will rummage through the forgotten, not so forgotten and the unknown chapters of Delhi history.

Delhi weekend events
What secret does this building hold?

They say that whoever bows his head to this grave meets an untimely death? Whose grave is this? And why does this grave emit that heady aroma? Who is this Sultan who rests in this grave and why is he called the Dracula of Mehrauli?

most haunted places in Shimla
These corridors in Mehrauli have haunted tales to tell

The Angrez

This ‘Angrez’ (slang for Britisher) was one of the most colorful figures of his time.

Stationed as the Agent of the Empire in the court of the Emperor, this man lived an opulent life. He needled the Mughal Badshahs and the Begums and their Vazirs by having drunken parties in the tombs of high and mighty Mughals! Who was he? And how did he die?

Mehrauli Archaeological Park
Curious travelers gather in front of an ancient palace in Mehrauli Archaeological Park

The Djinns

Do you believe in Djinns? If you do, then be mindful of the attire you wear when you visit this tomb. There are spirits that may get attracted by your perfume that you are wearing so be mindful of that too!

Rajon ki Baoli
The amazing step well at Mehrauli

We will hear and ponder on these and many other stories!

The experience will also introduce you to the Tomar, Mughal and Turk monuments, and the significance of each one of them.

Quli Khan's tomb
Quli Khan Tomb that served as a resort for honeymooners

Lastly, the experience will touch upon an interesting subject- the controversial history of Lalkot.

This walk will be an interactive storytelling session.

Dates- All of November, December, January, and February

Time- 9 am-12 pm

Tickets- INR 1000 per person. Inclusions- Snacks + Beverage

Point of Assembly- Qutub Minar Ticket Counter

Link to book tickets-

Please contact at this number to know more- 91-8851367241

Delhi weekend events-Theatre


For those travelers who like attending theatres and plays, here is a short list of my favorite Delhi weekend events.

  • Khidki- Sri Ram Centre, Safdar Hashmi Marg- November 26. Time- 4 p.m. Watch this delightful Hindi play about a writer who is facing a writer’s block and also has to meet a deadline. What happens next? Tickets- INR 50 onwards.
  • Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai-Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Road- November 26. Time-4.30 pm. Relive your precious moments from your college days while watching this Hindi play. It is directed by Jay Prakash. Tickets- INR 250 onwards
  • Tenali Rama- Kalasthali Amphitheatre, Rezang La Marg, Bijwasan Road, Pocket G, Palam Vihar- November 25. Time- 6 pm. Finally, Gurgaon gets some theatre performances of its own. Watch this play with your kids and marvel at the wit and wisdom of Tenali Rama, the famous minister of Krishnadeva Raya of Vijaynagar. Tickets- INR 200 onwards.
  • Ram Bharose Marriage Bureau- Akshara Theatre, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, New Delhi-November 25, Time-6.30 pm. Two lazy friends decide to open a marriage bureau to con people. What happens next? Tickets- 6.30 pm.
  • Kinarey- Shri Ram Centre, Safdar Hashmi Marg- November 25, Time- 3 pm. Directed by Vicky Mahesari, this Hindi play is about a young Pakistani woman who is declared sterile by her community. One day, she decides to jump into the Jhelum river.
  • Bahut Basda Sawaal- Akshara Theatre, Baba Kharak Singh Marg-November 26. Time-7.30 pm. One of the Delhi weekend events is this play which is a satire on the non-decision making habit by our rulers and other constitutional bodies. Tickets- INR 300/- onwards
  • Nicolai Friedrich Live-Orana Conventions, Sector 64, Golf Course Extension, Gurugram- November 26, Time- 6.30 pm. Watch the famous German magician Nicolai burn the stage with his experiments, charisma, and flair. Tickets- INR 590 onwards. Bring your kids along.
  • 10th Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival, Children’s Park, India Gate- November 25-25, Time- 10.30 am-5.30 pm. Does your child love reading and writing? Does he have a flair for creative writing? This event for kids and their moms helps the kids become storytellers and great writers. Entry is free.

Delhi weekend events that have expired

  1. Jis Ney Lahore Nahin Dekya, Woh Jamyai Nahi- India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road. Date- November 12. Time 7 pm. Hindi Drama. Directed by Arvind Gaur, this play is about a Muslim family that migrates to Lahore during the Partition and takes up residence in a haveli vacated by a Hindu family. Tickets- 100/, 200/-, 350/-
  2. Tansen-India Habitat Centre, Stein Auditorium, Lodhi Road. Date- November 11, Time- 7 pm. Directed by Govind Singh Yadav, this Hindi drama shares the interesting life history of the legendary singer, Tansen. Tickets- INRA 100-350
  3. A woman Alone- India Habitat Centre, Stein Auditorium, Lodhi Road. Date- November 12. Time-4 pm. This Hindi play relates the story of a woman who has to cope up with an abusive husband, a lover who is much younger, a peeping neighbor and a brother-in-law who is a pervert. Tickets- INR 100-350

Music Concerts

  1. Aarambh- ML Bhartia Auditorium, Alliance Francaise, Lodhi Estate-November 29, Time- 6.15 pm. A new series of Hindustani vocal and classical music starts next week. Vocals by Tara Kannan, and Bharatnatyam by Ramaa Venugopalan.
  2. Anekanta- Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road- November 27, Time 7 pm. India Habitat Centre marks its 20th anniversary by inviting master dancer, Geeta Chandran, and her Natya Vriksha Company to perform. Geeta, through her dance, will recite the tale of the King of Lanka, Ravan, who was also an exemplar Shiva Bhakt.
  3. Jashn-e-Qawwali- Shri Ram Centre, Safdar Hashmi Marg-November 25.Time- 6.30 pm. Tune into the breathtaking performance of the Qutbi brothers who hold a world record for performing Qawwali 12 hours continuously. Tickets-INR 300 onwards
  4. Sa Maa Pa Sangeet Sammelan 2017- Kamani Audi, Copernicus Marg-November- 24-26, Time- 6.30 pm. Enjoy the breathtaking performances by Bahauddin Dagar, Vijay Shankar Mishra, Manju Mehta, Bhajan Sopori, Vinayak Torvi, Kalapini Komkali, Saef Naeem Ali , Chetan Joshi and many other great artists. Entry is free.

Other Delhi weekend events

  • India Art Festival Festival, 2017- Enjoy Various forms of art at the Tyagaraj Stadium, INA Colony. This festival is on till November 26. Time- 11 am- 7.30 pm.
  • The Hugs Workshop  Click here to know more. Attend this workshop if you want to hug a stranger.


How to book your favorite Delhi weekend events?

Click these websites to directly book your tickets;

  1. India Habitat Centre 
  1. Akshara Theatre  

  2. Alliance Francaise

  3. Kamani Auditorium 

That’s it folks for now. Please let us know any other interesting  Delhi weekend events. You may call me at 8851367241 or mail me at

Bye for now.


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  1. Great round up of events! I have yet to make it to Delhi but I’d love to explore the fort and Humayun’s Tomb. The story involving the “Dracula of Mehrauli” sounds a little creepy, but very intriguing.

  2. Loved the detailed information on Delhi, I am visiting in few months time, I will be sure to try some of the things you have mentioned in your blog. Lovely read. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Such a historical walk through of Delhi! I have been to Red Fort as a kid and I vividly remember the memories, including the light and sound show that ran in the evening, telling the story of the fort and it’s history. Does it still run? The other places are yet to be explored

  4. Great set of events! I would love to know more about the Angrez, Djinns and Dracula of Mehrauli. I am sure the stories would be very intriguing. The stepwell is so interesting. Where in Mehrauli is it ?

  5. Until a few years back, winter used to be the time for cultural events in Delhi. Happily, Delhi events calendar is no longer limited by seasons. Exhibitions, theatre, music concerts, heritage and food walks, stand-up gigs and so much more are available all year round.

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