How Flipboard helps travel bloggers get tons of traffic to their sites

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What is Flipboard?

Flipboard is a news aggregation and social network platform that has been around for more than 4 years. You can say that it marries the virtues of SM platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Medium. And yes, it has some resemblance to StumbleUpon in terms of generating traffic.

A declaration

I am a new user to Flipboard and don’t claim to be a master of this platform!

However, I would still like to share my limited understanding on this subject. I was particularly excited by a post written by WanderingwithJo . Bless you girl for this adorable post.

Flipboard is all about curated content. D you know what that means? It means putting your favorite blogs and articles in buckets. You would probably be doing similar stuff in Pinterest. You create boards or groups that you think should have amazing stuff that other people will like. Next, you add fab pictures to these boards or buckets and hope that the world will see them.

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Flipboard is an amazing platform for travel bloggers

If only things were that simple…

You know what, people check out content mainly through search. Which means that unless they are checking out stuff actively, they won’t arrive on your board. So you need to think smart and figure out what subjects are people searching on Pinterest.

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Practise search everyday!

So, the first principle to succeed on Flipboard and Pinterest is learn search.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend too much time on searching the right topics on Flipboard. There is a good number of topics already mentioned on the website.  I think with the passage of time, this platform will have a huge number of topics so it is wise to be a member of Flipboard now.

The next step is a cheesy one.

Do you run a blog? I do and probably you also have one.

So, if you are creating  a few buckets or topics, can you relate these with these buckets?

For example, I have created the following topics in my Flipboard account;

Travel Stories, Blogging Tips, Just Photos, Read Later, Historic Travel in India etc.)

Did I tell you that topics are called Magazines in Flipboard terminology?

Flipboard is all about curated content

Once you have created a manageable list of magazines, connect your related blog posts to them. For example, I have added a post on concubines  to the Travel Stories Magazine.

It isn’t over yet.

You know what? The world of blogging is populated heavily by people who want to be treated as VIPs. I will explain this.

Unless you do the following three things on this platform, there is a very little chance of succeeding on Flipboard;

    1. Follow other buckets as well.
    2. Flip ( Add) influencers’ relevant articles to your own curated Magazines.
    3. Like those  articles of influencers’ which you think add value to your reading experience.
    4. Devote at least 30 minutes per day perfecting this strategy. It isn’t going to help you in the short run, but after a week, you should be able to see the results.
    5. Create a compelling profile of yourself on Flipboard.
    6. If possible, activate the Flipboard social share button on your website.
    7. Lastly, write good content which  is pithy and has lots of images to engage your visitors. Your content should be original.

That’s it folks. I hope it helps me as it did Jo. I will keep you updated on the milestones achieved.

Update No. 1 dated April 2, 2017, 10.06 AM IST

I had promised you that I will be back with my updates. Did I get sizable traffic because of Flipboard? Here are the latest stats. Please note that I subscribed to this platform only on March 29, 2017. The upswing started from March 30 onward. Much of this spike has been due to my last and only post on Flipboard.


I shall come back with more updates on this.

Last but not the least, I want to help Rutavi Mehta who runs an awesome blog, for this insight. You can find ger on Facebook and is a very friendly person.

20 thoughts on “How Flipboard helps travel bloggers get tons of traffic to their sites”

  1. This seems like a really interesting social media site. Like a cross between pinterest and stumble upon? Is it better for bounce rate than SU? That’s the only thing that puts me off. I think I will check it out though. Thanks for the tips!

    1. The bounce rate in my case was high @ percent, so I guess a lot of people landed up on my website just to check this tool.Let me know yours, if you are using this tool.

  2. Great to read about flipboard. I made an account a whileask ago. I thought it wasn’t very easy. I really had to try hard to make a magazine haha. But i do love the idea. I’ll check your tips and try some more.

  3. I’ve heard about Flipbaord but never really got into reading about it, so thanks for the info! If i understand correctly it’s very similar to This will be very good for bloggers to learn and expand their exposure then! 😀

  4. I have flipboard in my iPad but I never really learned how to use it. Thanks for all the tips! I didn’t even know that you can organise content into buckets! Plus, I had no idea you can link your posts to other magazines! That’s pretty awesome. I bookmarked your post for reference – I think I’ll start using my flipboard now. Very useful article- thank you!

  5. There are indeed so many articles you can find in Flipboard. I usually go there to read some articles on various topics. I haven’t tried promoting my articles there but after reading your post, I will try doing it. And the tips you added is very helpful.

  6. I’ve heard of Flipboard.But I didn’t get time to create an account or read more.It seems Flipboard is an interesting Social Media platform.I am going to check it.May be I will create an account for my sites.

  7. This is very interesting and really informative. I honestly do not know about flipboard yet though i heard it several times from other blogs. Maybe i was just too lazy to check it. Thank you for the heads up! This is helpful 🙂

  8. I have Flipboard, but I seem to get confuse and lost. I heard a lot of people saying that this is a great tool for bloggers. Kinda works like Pinterest too. I just wish that I’ll be able to keep up with it though. You made me want to log into it again.

  9. I don’t have Flipboard account and I didn’t know it works this way. Wow! I have been ignoring something that could actually help my blog grow. I will try to browse around the platform and see if it works for me. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I certainly would love to get tons of traffic. So I’ll definitely try Flipboard. As a matter of fact, I checked it out right away. I’ll keep in mind what you wrote. i hope we can use it effectively like you did.

  11. Now that I know how to use flipboard I might be on it right now, since I really need the traffic. It sounds easy but we all know it takes dedication such as Pinterest. I’ve been working on my PInterest for a couple of months and I’ve already seen the differences gaining followers and thousands and thousands of views, which is pretty incredible! Thanks for the tips

  12. wow, I never thought that this app could really drive genuine traffic. I actually haven’t heard about this app and I find it really interesting. I’ll surely check about it and if this will work then i’ll surely get to use this as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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