Free Delhi walking tour- a trip in Mehrauli Archaeology Park

Folks traveling to Delhi- I have some good news for you. There is a free Delhi walking tour for you on April 1!I am sure you would like to join it. Book it before slots fill up.

Such kind of walking tours are not very popular in Delhi but I want to encourage people, particularly the young ones, to come and participate in heritage walks

Here are the details.

Free Delhi walking tour -details

When I say free, this means absolutely free. There are no hidden charges, believe me.

Venue- Mehrauli Archaeological Park

This is not a typical park. The MAP contains historical structures which are as old as 1,000 years. So if you like visiting old places and knowing about them, then this tour is the right one to join.

We shall these historical buildings;

  • Balban’s Tomb
  • Jamali Kamali Tomb
  • Metcalfe’s Folly
  • Dilkhusha
  • Quli Khan’s Tomb
  • Rajon Ki Baoli

But we won’t just visit these places; we will also share interesting stories about the people who lived here.

Mehrauli is one of the oldest settlements of Delhi and since the past 1,000 years, people have been living here. So we will share interesting tales about Mehrauli, the various kings who ruled here, and their lives and personal affairs.

Isn’t it exciting? Learning history via story-telling?

Mehrauli was ruled over by the Chauhans, the Slave Dynasty, the Lodis, Tughlaqs, Khiljis, and the Mughals. In the late 18th century, the Britishers replaced the Mughals as the new lords of India. Therefore, in this free Delhi walking tour, we will do a time travel and visit these ancient dynasties.

Free Delhi Walking tour- date and duration

The duration will be 3 hours.

We will begin our walk at 8 am and finish it by 11 am.

Date- 01/04/2018

Place of Assembly- Qutab Minar Ticket Counter

Please put on a sturdy pair of shoes as we will walk nearly 5 kilometers. A water bottle is also desirable.

That’s it, folks. If you are interested in this free Delhi walking tour, please fill the form below.



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