Happy Holi to all of you, all over the world

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Happy Holi to all my dear readers out here. I am so happy that some of you have dropped in to read this post about this festival of colors.

Happy Holi
Burning wood in the fire means that we should burn our ego on Diwali and make friends with our enemies

I won’t make this article long and boring. Today, it will feature a lot of pictures and very little text.

Yesterday, was the night of full moon. The festival of colors is celebrated on this night in the season of Phalgun.

Full Moon on Holi
I took this photo fully aware that there will be a lot of haziness in the sky.

The full moon on Holi-isn’t it an amazing spectacle?

But is Holi complete without colors and balloons? No, no, and no.

These are Gujhiyas, unique North Indian dishes that are made so lovingly by the ladies of the house on Holi

More  sweets here>

Holi sweets
Various stages of preparation of sweets

Yesterday, I attended a Holi party. It had some song and dance, have a look.

Krishna and Radha
Actors dressed as Lord Krishna and Devi Radha

Elsewhere in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park I saw another pair of actors getting ready for a Holi related show.


But what a Holi it turned out to be !

Holi pics
Whats up sis?
Holi Pick
Our version of Lathmar Holi
Holi pictures
Like a boss!
This is me. Dont I look gruesome?
Holi pictures
He is making a point to the ladies
Holi pictures on
Selfie times
Holi pictures
Plotting a move

He is carrying a bucket of water to pour it on some unsuspecting person.

Holi pictures
And what are they planning?
Holi pictures
Friends forever
Holi pictures
Lots and lots of fun;that is Holi

There are even more Holi images but putting them up here will unnecessarily load the site.

That’s it, folks, thanks for reading. I hope you also had a great Holi this time.

Happy Holi!

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