Haunted places of Delhi- pictures of Feroz Shah Kotla

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My first post in 2018 on the most haunted places of Delhi is here. It took an enormous amount of courage to take pics of people praying to ghosts, spirits and other weird creatures.

Join me in this virtual tour of Feroz Shah Kotla, folks. This is a photoblog so enjoy these pics!

Photoblog of haunted places of Delhi- Feroz Shah Kotla

haunted places of Delhi
The eye of the Devil!

Some people believe that ghosts and djinns live in this corner of this palace. Are you among them?

Feroze Shah Kotla
A haunted corridor!
Delhi haunted ghost walks
The eerie silhouette of the Jama Masjid of Feroze Shah Kotla

The eerieness of this haunted place in Delhi is magnified by this gloomy mosque. Notice the vulture seated at the top.

Feroze Shah Kotla
Do jinns and ghosts really live in these dark rooms?

They say that dogs and ghosts live together in the haunted Feroze Shah Kotla complex.

Do you believe it?

haunted places of Delhi
Feroze Shah Kotla
Brooding skies!

The crows and the vultures seem to be attracted by this tree inhabited by ghosts.

Ashoka Pillar
Ghosts, ghosts everywhere! Even on this 2400-year-old pillar
Feroze Shah Kotla
The dog who guards the djinns!

When I started climbing these steps to reach this Ashokan Pillar, some people told me not to mess with this dog.

Ashoka Pillar inscriptions
This is a 2400-year old script here

When I reached the pillar, I saw this ancient script etched on it. Locals say that the ghosts even live on this pillar!

Feoze Shah Kotla
Another djinn on the way!

Close by, I found another lamp flickering in a spot where a helpful djinn lives!

A red kettle

The djinns of Feroze Shah Kotla feel thirsty too, and that is why this red kettle is here.

Jama Masjid
The steps of Murder

A king was murdered on the steps of this mosque more than 200 years back. His dead spirit roams this palace, people say.

Feroz Shah Kotla
Jama Masjid steps

A very very brooding place indeed in the evenings!

Don’t come to this place alone!

Some of the most haunted places of Delhi are dangerous for the lone traveler. This one falls into that category.

Feroze Shah Kotla
Cookies for the ghosts

The resident ghosts think that these squirrels are their cookies!

These bushes add to the mystery of this haunted palace
Feroz Shah Kotla
Would you like to visit this haunted place?

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