5 hauntingly beautiful places that I want to visit at all costs

Before I die, I want to visit these 5 hauntingly beautiful places in India. Sometimes, I imagine as if these magical places are calling out to me. I guess I have a deep and unexplained connection with these spiritual places of India.

These 5 hauntingly beautiful places are calling out to me

  1.  Arunachal Pradesh

I fell in love with this enchanting state after watching a Hindi movie, Koyla, in the 1990s. The main actors in this film were Shahrukh Khan and the Dhak Dhak girl, Madhuri Dikshit.

But I liked this film for a different reason, and that was the breathtaking shots of Arunachal Pradesh. This Indian state is located in the north-eastern part of the country and is a traveler’s delight. Tall mountains, dense jungles, and sparkling rivers make this Indian state a true traveler’s paradise.

There is some good news for foreign travelers. The Indian government may allow them to enter this part of India, shortly. Until now, Arunachal Pradesh and the rest of north-eastern India are out of bounds for foreign tourists.

  1. Hastinapur

You will be wondering why this little-known town is on my list of 5 hauntingly beautiful places. I would agree with you here.

After all, very few people know about this quaint place. Those who are familiar with Hastinapur know that this town was the capital of the mighty Kauravas thousands of years ago.

But do you know whether this place exists at all?

Most probably, no.

But after all these thousands of years, Hastinapur still stands proudly on the banks of the river Ganga. I haven’t been to this ancient city but it has a haunted ring to it. There is nothing left now in this town and all that you can see are some ruins. But these ruins play magic on your minds when you walk among them.

Hastinapur located approximately 80 kilometers to the east of Delhi, and one of my fantasies is to take a bus ride to this town and take lots of pictures.

There is another reason why I want to travel to Hastinapur.

Recently, an underground tunnel has been discovered there which is perhaps 7,000 years old. Some people say that it is associated with the Mahabharat era. They also say that this tunnel was used by the Pandavas to escape from their burning palace. I will surely go to this place in the next couple of days.

  1. Vrindavan

Sometimes I think that I must escape the madness of Delhi and head over to the spiritual town of Vrindavan.

As I grow older, I think I am getting more spiritual in temperament and that is why I am so much fascinated with Vrindavan.

  1. Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra has to be on this list of 5 hauntingly beautiful places. Who can overlook the historical importance of this ancient town? After all, this town was the site of the famous battle of Mahabharat. It was in Kurukshetra where Lord Krishna explained to Arjuna the meaning of birth and death and the concept of life. It was in this mystical place that Krishna simplified the process of life.

I so want to go to the mystical land of Kurukshetra.

  1. Chittor

I have been so many times to this fascinating town in Rajasthan but my thirst is not quencxhed yet. This ancient fortress town is not just a historical place; it is much more than that. For me, Chittor is no less than a spiritual place.



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  1. Wow, just like you, I also have my list of places that I really want to visit in my home country, which seemed to offer some scary stories. I’ve unlocked one of it, and hopefully I’ll visit others as well. I hope that you’ll be able to traipse your feet to these places you’ve mentioned above. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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