Hidden corners of Chandni Chowk Delhi- which are they

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Do you know about these hidden corners of Chandni Chowk Delhi? Ok, have you even heard about these secret places?

hidden corners of Chandni Chowk Delhi
There are so many hidden corners to be discovered in Old Delhi.
  1. Chitli Qabar

It would be a crying sin to not know about this historic place.

Chitli Qabar lies at the intersection of Turkman Gate, Bulbuli Khana and the Chitli Qabar Bazaar. But why is this place known so?

There are two versions at play here. According to the first version. this place was famous for engraving letters on utensils and woodwork. The word ‘Chitli’ roughly matches ‘ Chitrakari’ or engraving.

The second version is no less interesting. Some old time locals say that during the 1857 War of Independence, the British had shot dead 40 people here in the Chitli Qabar area. Only one of them was buried here and his grave or Qabar has given the name Chitli Qabar to this place. We don’t know where the rest 39 people were buried after their murder.

2.Pahari Imli

This small Pahari or hillock is located at the end of the narrow lane in front of Jama Masjid Delhi. Several centuries back, there was a tamarind tree (imli) and that is how that hillock got its name.

Not many people know that many hundred years ago, a calligrapher used to live in this area. Visitors from Persia and other parts of the world used to visit him to learn calligraphy.

By the way, he was an acclaimed wrestler too. We doubt whether he lost any duel but for sure he was a very famous person who lived in the Pahari Imli area.

Do you know that the Pahari Imli also houses the grave of one of the teachers of Aurangzeb? Are you interested to locate it? If yes, then please a book a tour of the hidden places of Chandni Chowk Delhi. To do this, all you have to do is contact me at 91-9810840763 or write me an e-mail at swayamt@gmail.com

3.Mohalla Bulbulikhana

Dear travelers to Chandni Chowk, do you know that this Mohalla or neighborhood houses the grave of Razia Sultan? This hidden corner of Old Delhi is located in the Pahari Bhojla area.

Bulbulikhana is also known for its handicrafts. If you want to buy some genuine art and craft of Delhi, then this is the place to visit. Call me if you want guidance.

4.Kinari Bazar, the lace market of Chandni Chowk

One of the most crowded markets of Old Delhi, Kinari Bazar houses some of the finest shops on laces and dress materials. Women find this market very appealing during the wedding season. If you want to shop stuff for your daughter’s wedding then Kinari Bazar is your ideal destination.

Image result for kinari bazar
Kinari Bazaar. Image Credits- TripadvisorChawri Bazaar

5.Chawri Bazaar

If you are planning to tour Old Delhi, then insist upon your guide to show you the Chawri Bazaar.

More than 200 years ago, this bazaar was the playground of the rich and the famous. The shops here belonged to rich merchants while the first floors of these shops were occupied by the courtesans and the dancers. In the evenings, young and old persons alike used to come to Chawri Bazaar to hire their favorite dancers and singers.

After September 1857, this market was largely demolished by the British to make the Old City more livable. The courtesans were driven out of this bazaar, and the poor ladies were forced to take up accommodation in the GB Road area.

Today, this bazaar sells brass utensils which are bought by Indian families for weddings. Many shops also design and sell wedding cards to their esteemed guests.

The Chawri Bazaar stretches between the Jama Masjid and the Hauz Qazi Chowk.

That is it folks for today.

I hope you liked this post on hidden corners of Chandni Chowk Old Delhi immensely.

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