An Indian travel professional speaks about his heartbreak moments

Being an Indian travel professional can be extremely demanding on your finances and emotional stability. It is easy to enter the world of travel but very very difficult to sustain yourself. 

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I want to attract foreign travelers to come to India and travel extensively

I chose to be a travel professional and do not regret my decision to be one.

However, I still think that I must share my perspectives with my readers; hopefully, a few of them will empathize with me and offer words of advice.

Being an Indian travel professional has its highs and lows and it isn’t surprising. Every industry has pros and cons and so does my industry.

Before I venture further, let me explain what I mean by the words, ‘travel professional’. And please, I am not a travel blogger. I am a travel story writer, actually. Travel bloggers are largely guys who are lovers and seekers of fam trips. These trips are usually sponsored by tourism boards, resorts, and other travel-related brands.

But why do I call myself a travel story writer?

Nice question but it needs a detailed answer.

You see, I write stories about Indis and her people, culture, and history in the fond hope that after reading those, some foreign-based travelers will make up their minds to revisit India. And while planning their next India trip, I hope, that these people would contact me for their itineraries.

Do you think that India attracts travelers by its culture?

Here is Mariellen Ward telling the whole wide world why People should visit India again, and again, and again.

Ward first came to India in 2005 and since then has become one of the biggest brand ambassadors of the country. She is a Canadian but looks more like an Indian these days!

Oh, we digressed.

So you’d think that just by writing 260 plus articles on India in my website will be enough to draw visitors? What a tempting thought!

Except that it doesn’t play out this way. After years of hard work, I still am waiting for my first client who signs up on my Delhi-based tours. I am still battling with low traffic.

Growing traffic on one’s website is not an easy task. In my experience, you have to write consistently, and secondly, you have to learn continuously the finer points of Search and Keyword Analysis.

I will also let out a little secret about what keeps me going and putting content on my website, day after day.

That secret has to do with Arnab Goswami.

But, I accept this challenge. Though I am getting less traffic than other fellow travel professionals like Sharrell Cook, I don’t get unduly worried.

I’ll be honest here- at times, I do bother about my finances. My blog is entirely self-financed so it must generate revenue for its growth and my satisfaction. Each day, I see my savings erode, and this is not a pleasant sight.

The next challenge is quite common among all those people who write and that is about the ‘mental block’.

You can’t avoid it and this ‘invisible wall’ stops your progress sometimes all of a sudden. You are left wondering what to do next. Despondency strikes you and unless you shake it off with some innovative methods, you will not move an inch forward.

In my case, I just take a step backward and ask myself what is the content of my website? In most cases involving ‘mental block’, I get the right answer. As an Indian travel professional, I don’t have to think too much about content- I have 5,000 years of stories in my inventory.

Let’s now come back to the finance part. You would be wondering how do I keep my blog afloat? ‘Surely, Swayam would be financing his website by other methods,’ you would be wondering.

You are right. And that source of revenue is writing content for other websites.

I write stuff for sites specializing in technology, business, health and other subjects. And this is how I partially finance my website.

But do these assignments come to me regularly?

No Sir.

I have to struggle and fight other ‘content mills’ to get writing assignments on good rates and this is an ongoing struggle. Sometimes I win business, other times I don’t. So, that’s it.

Are you also a travel professional like me? I would like to understand your experience too.

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  1. I hope that time will come, all your dreams will come true. It is really a challenge to sustain our blogs. Sometimes words run out and sometimes our writing productivity is affected by our emotions and our environment too. I think at present, you should just do what you love to do. The perfect time will come. Just be positive.

  2. I understand your frustration. Sometimes, we don’t get rewarded right away or even after a long time for the amount of work that we do. But we persevere because we love what we are doing. In time, I hope and pray that you reap the rewards of your efforts.

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