Lodi Gardens Delhi – magic and much more during this time of the year

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A few days back, I got the chance of visiting the famous Lodi Gardens Delhi. Have you visited this park, yet? No? I would strongly recommend you to spend a few quiet hours in this glorious place along with your family. Weekends would be fine but this beautifully landscaped garden is visited by thousands of people even during the weekdays.

Lodi Gardens Delhi as a battlefield


Not many people know that this park was the site of a major battle several hundreds of years ago between the forces of Timur Lame and the Sultan of Delhi. After that battle- which was won by Timur- Delhi lost more than 100,000 citizens in a massacre ordered by the victor.

I have taken some images of this garden, I hope you will like them.

Lodi Gardens Delhi
Nature and History come together in the Lodi Gardens Delhi

These images were taken at 11 AM, so there is a little bit of haziness in them.

Lodi Gardens Delhi
These buildings are tombs and contain graves of long-dead Muslim kings
Lodi Gardens Delhi
Park for different reasons
Lodi Gardens Delhi
Picture Perfect
Lodi Gardens Delhi
Interesting architecture

All the buildings in the Lodi Gardens Delhi display elements of Hindu architecture. For example, in the above image, the gateway is Hindu in origin. In my opinion, the Muslim Sultans converted the existing Hindu temples and palaces into Muslim tombs.

Do you agree?

Look at this window, also called as a jharokha, in Hindi/ Sanskrit.

Lodi Gardens Delhi

This jharokha is a typical Hindu style window. Perhaps there was a Hindu palace here which was later converted into a tomb.

A magic of a pond


This wonderful garden has a small but enchanting lake as well. Relax yourself by watching the ducks come very close to you and raise a holler.

Lodi Gardens Delhi

And if you want to lose yourself in the greenery of this wonderful garden, then go ahead and hide.

Lodi Gardens Delhi


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  1. I haven’t been to Lodhi gardens as I was told it becomes a place for the enamored to meet in solitude. Is that true ? Maybe in the evenings ? I totally loved the architecture in the garden and would love to visit some day.

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