Mysterious temples of India-where are they?

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Today I take you on a tour to some of the mysterious temples of India. You would have read about some of these on other websites, but I still wanted to bring out these Indian secrets for you.

  1. Sharada Mata Temple

This list of mysterious temples of India will have to begin with this ancient holy place of Maihar, Madhya Pradesh.

What makes this temple so mysterious is that every year, on Vasant Panchami, a 1000-year old warrior pays a secret visit here. His name is Alha and comes to visit the resident Goddess Saraswati.

Nobody has seen this warrior but the local priests swear that they have seen the offerings of Alha on Vasant Panchami. This year, this festival falls on January 22, therefore, if you want to see this mystery unfold before you, rush to Maihar. Immediately.

  1. Bhairon Temple of Ujjain
mysterious temples of India

India is a land of many mysteries and secrets. This Bhairon temple in Ujjain is one such place.

Actually, this temple is not located in the city but is outside. You will have to take an autorickshaw to travel to this interesting temple.

What makes this temple interesting is that the resident deity, Bhairon, is offered liquor by His followers. Yes, you read me right here.

Bhairon is the Master of Guards of Lord Shiva. He is also the protector of any Indian city.

But does Bhairon drink liquor? Well, you will have to check this yourself when you travel to this temple. Let us know what you find there.

3.Lepakshi Temple


The third building on this list of mysterious temples of India is the Lepakshi Temple.

You will have to visit this enchanting place to understand what I am saying; one of the pillars in this temple actually hangs down from the roof!

I am not joking here. If you want to check my claim then try sliding a piece of paper or a handkerchief under its hanging base, you will be immensely successful.

This architectural masterpiece is located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

  1. The Hanuman Temple of Allahabad
Image result for flickr images of Hanuman Temple in Allahabad
Bade Hanumanji Temple, Allahabad. Creds- Flickr

When I was working for a national newspaper in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, I was taken to this mysterious temple by some of my friends.

You can find this Hanuman temple in the Magh Mela area of the city.

But what makes this temple interesting?

Simply this- every year, during the monsoons, the river Ganga breaches her banks and reaches this temple to ”bathe’ Lord Hanuman. Once ‘washed’, the Lord requests mother Ganga to return to her home which is the river stream!

Now, please don’t think that I am day-dreaming. This phenomenon actually happens every year in the months of July and August.

  1. Ashapur Temple, Nadol (List of mysterious temples of India)
Image result for flickr images of Ashapura Devi temple Nadol
Ashapura Devi, Nadol

Are you planning to travel to Rajasthan? If yes, then add the destination of Nadol to your itinerary.

Nadol is a very small town in the Pali district of the Indian Desert state and is home to the kuldevi ( family goddess) of Chauhan Rajputs.

If I told you the history of this temple, then you will simply disbelieve me.

Locals say that the moorti of this temple was an old lady who transformed herself into stone nearly a thousand years ago. She was the presiding goddess of a Rajput clan and had ordered it to make a temple for making the local town safe.

And that is how this temple came into being.

That’s it, folks, for now.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post on mysterious temples of India.

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