Noida haunted places which you and me never knew about

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Let’s take a trip of the top Noida haunted places today. While researching this topic, I was surprised to know that some of them exist near places where I go often.

Where are the Noida haunted places?

    1.HCL N3 Building

Now HCL might be building computers and sophisticated computer programs too, but it has another claim of fame.

People say that this modern looking building is haunted and anyone who tries using the loo encounters a spirit. I find this claim strange.

The loo in question is located on the second floor of this building and is often used by women employees of the company.

Often some ladies frequenting this loo have complained that some invisible force has touched their shoulders. On turning back, nobody was found. And that’s not all, there is a mysterious figure who often uses the toilets and does not leave any footprints! Initially, the guards thought that it would be an intruder but this shadowy figure has never been caught. I wonder whether this a case of a dissatisfied ghost lurking in this building or some super clever intruder!

   2. Phoenix Building

Next time when you visit Sector 60 in Noida, try visiting the Phoenix building. These days it is occupied by another company iEnergizer.

Phoenix used to make shoes and this was a happy looking place for many employees coming to work here.

Little did they know that this building was going to become a deathly place in years to come.

Phoenix became a burning cauldron several years ago and claimed more than 200 lives that fateful day. Happy souls charred to ash in a few hours!

Well, those souls still roam here and if you are in this building after 7 in the evening, then don’t blame me for not warning you that this building is littered with ghosts!

3. Noida Expressway

This expressway connects the bustling township of Noida with Agra but has another reputation too.

Locals insist that they have often seen a young girl standing right in the center of this highway asking for a lift from passing vehicles. This is strange isn’t it because the cars, trucks and other SUVs are whizzing past at 90 to 100 kilometers per hour and the girl might get crushed.

Only that this girl does not have a human body, she is a ghost. Suman had perished in a car accident near the Jevar village but is still unable to come to terms with her death.

 4. House Number L-32, Sector- 35, Noida

Yes, this is the house where a few years back, Hemraj and Arushi were found dead. Nobody knows how they died, and who committed the murders. My list of Noida haunted places would be incomplete without mentioning this house.

Hemraj was a servant in the house while Arushi was the daughter of Dr. Talwar.

While she was found dead in her room, Hemraj was found dead on the terrace with doors bolted from inside!

Is the house haunted? Very much, say the neighbors.

 5. The blood-stained house of Kavi Nagar

Right in the center of Ghaziabad is a large mansion that is permanently locked. It has massive gates beyond which is a big lawn which is suitable for organizing parties etc.

You would be excused to think that this property is inhabited by happy people.


Nobody lives here. Nobody.

Except for 3 young girls who play in this park in the dead of the night.

Nobody knows there names or addresses.

Probably they are ghosts.

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