Rajasthan’s Laila Majnu festival was a discovery for me

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Folks, this time I will lead you to Rajasthan’s Laila Majnu festival.


What has Rajasthan got to do with this lover duo, is this you are thinking?

But before I go further on this topic, let me help my foreign readers on who Laila and Majnu were.

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The love story of Laila Majnu has inspired the making of many Hindi films

From Arabia to Rajasthan

To be honest, the legend of these lovers spans from Arabia to the Desert of Rajasthan.

According to popular lore, there lived a young man, Qais, who was smitten with the beauty of a young woman, Laila.

Mutual chemistry worked and both were deeply in love with each other.

Now, Laila belonged to an aristocrat family while her lover Qais came from a plebeian background. Their union was impossible according to the society.

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Fearing that Laila might run away to her lover, her family arranged her marriage with a rich Arabian merchant.

Meanwhile, Qais, who was unable to meet her beloved because of restrictions turned insane. He became a madman and his people started calling him Majnu ( mentally unbalanced person). This lover started roaming the countryside dreaming of Laila and composing verses of love about her.

When his theatrics reached the family members of Laila, they thought that the best way forward was to marry her with her fiance’.

And you know what happened after marriage, don’t you? Qais became inconsolate and finally died because of heartbreak.

What about Laila?

Well, she ran away from her house and reached her lover’s grave and after spending some days there, she also passed away.

Poets and historians guess that this event happened in Arabia more than 1300 years ago!

Rajasthan’s Laila Majnu Festival

But what are the graves of Laila Majnu doing in Rajasthan?

Well, there is another version of this story which says that the two lovers had escaped to India and died in the Rajasthan desert.

Yet another story- Both lived in India, and Majnu was killed by Laila’s brother because the latter did not want his sister to marry this ‘loafer’. After Majnu was killed by her brother, Laila committed suicide.

Their graves are located just 10 kilometers away from Anupgarh in Shri Ganganagar district. The name of the village is Binjore or Bijnore.

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Every year, thousands of lovers belonging to several communities arrive at these graves to pay respects to the two long-dead lovers. Until a few years back, Pakistanis also used to visit this site but not any longer. Tensions with that country have stopped the Pakistani visitor flow. If you want to visit this ‘lover point’ you will have to plan your trip in June, A few years ago, the Rajasthan’s Laila Majnu festival was organized on June 15th.

Are you planning to visit the Rajasthan’s Laila Majnu Festival this June?

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