Republic Day inspiration- am determined to climb more peaks!

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My Republic Day inspiration this year is Arnab Goswami who has been churning content day after day for the past so many years. Image result for flickr images of Arnab Goswami

Do you know him? He runs India’s most successful English news TV channel, Republic. Until, a year ago, he used to work in another TV channel. But he was an employee there. Unfortunately, he was sacked from Times Now, where he worked, and a few months later, he founded Republic. What a man is Arnab Goswami!

Now you would be wondering why I am featuring today when my job is to introduce you to India and her cultural heritage.

The simple answer is this- he is a determined individual and has taken his channel to the number 1 position in India!

Incredible, isn’t it?

Every day, Arnab comes to his studio dot at 9 pm and sets the nation on fire, figuratively.

Every night, he is ready with a fresh topic. He is never tired and arrives on the sets with fresh energy and enthusiasm. No wonder he is a winner.

I thought I shall share my Republic Day inspiration with you because some of you read my posts every day and would be wondering about my perspective on life. Actually, I was a bit bored too today and also wanted to write something new.

Thanks to a motivation program on Republic today, I was motivated to write this article. Hopefully, you will understand my view point.

And even as I was watching this program on Republic, I was amazed to learn about some amazing individuals featured on it.

Take the case of a visually impaired swimmer, Kanchan Mala. Oh my, she has won more than 120 Gold Medals in several swimming competitions! My My!

Or, have a look at this 9-year old kickboxing champion, Tajmul Islam. She won her first World Gold Medal in this sport just a few months ago!It was delight watching and listening to her, she is such a powerhouse of energy!So much clarity, so much determination in this young girl from Kashmir!

It is people like Kanchan Mala, Tajmul and Arnab who inspire us to do better and greater things in life.

Well done Arnab Goswami, well done indeed! You inspire me to conquer new peaks this year!



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  1. What an amazing story you have shared there about the visuall-impaired swimmer! Not only was she able to swim. She won more than a hundred medals! Wow! What a feat! I wish to learn how to swim also.

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