When solo women travelers confess their lives and loves with you

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To be honest, I had been wanting to write about my brush with a few solo women travelers for quite some time.The thought was there but I wasn’t sure about its articulation.

I am using the word, ‘brush’ because never in my life had I expected to spend long hours with this set of people.

solo women travelers
Many of my solo women guests are professionals. Creds- The Traveling Saleswoman blog

Friends, I had never even expected that I will turn a travel professional. Writing travel stories was all I knew.Never in my wildest dreams, had I imagined that I will take women travelers around in Delhi!

But as the knowledgeable say, one doesn’t have any control over one’s destiny. The same thing applied to me as well and here I am a full fledged travel professional who takes people around historical places in Delhi.

I will not be long winded so let me come straight to the point. I am just letting you know my challenges of handling the emotional outbursts of some of my solo women guests.

Confessions of solo women travelers


  1. The Girl who sees ghosts


I am not joking with you when I tell you with all seriousness that this lady indeed communicates with spirits, ghosts, and other supernatural entities. 

I first met, N, more than three months back after she responded to one of my event calls. She wanted to explore Delhi, particularly the abandoned places of the city. N was very clear that she wanted to accompany me alone.

N was very clear that she wanted to accompany me alone.

‘No other guests’, she insisted at the time of booking the tour. I made a feeble protest but then she was clear with what she wanted. ‘Fair enough’, I replied weakly.

When the trip began, she was absolutely silent. N was hanging on to each word that I spoke. She seemed to me to be quite an impressionable student. But I felt uncomfortable. I expect my guests to be vocal. If they don’t speak up, it means I am a boring speaker.

In the second hour of the trip, N began to loosen up- what she did, where she grew, her education etc.

I was mildly amused.

A life troubled

At the beginning of the third hour, her words had started coming out in a torrent

Separated from her husband

Deep into spirituality

Troubled marriage

Abusive husband


As she vented her emotions, her trials, and tribulations, I did not know what to do.

I was at a loss for words.

Should I have probed her further?

Or kept silent?

Or just maybe placed a comforting arm around her shoulders?

The last option was simply not possible.

I was plain dumbfounded as she shared the details of her troubled marriage with me. She told me she had married of her own will and had gone against her parents. A couple of years down the line, she divorced her Aussie husband.

Took up the job of an air-hostess in a major airline. Rose to the top of her department.

Quit the job.

Became spiritually inclined when she thought she was hearing voices of her dead relatives. 

  1. The Karaoke Champion


V had landed from a foreign country and was on her way to Ladakh when she decided to explore the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi.

Solo women travelers
Solo women travelers are starting to step out of their cocooned lives. Creds- www.the wanderlustandlipstick.com

We met at a convenient point and began walking down the crowded alleys of Old Delhi. Unlike N,  V was a quite a chatty woman. She quizzed me about the various run down buildings of the Chowk area, gazed at the attractive saris displayed in the shops and generally laughed a lot.

Did this new bride make it safely to her home ? http://www.ahauntedtravel.com/solo-travel-india-train-woman-new-bride/

A happy soul, I wondered to myself.

But was she a chirpy soul really?

I was in for some shock treatment.

V pretended to be happy. Like N, she too was separated from her hubby, had two grown up kids and worked in a foreign country.



Abusive husband

Kids indifferent to her

Parents dead set against her divorce


This time, I had readied myself for this kind of an emotional fusillade. Patiently, I heard all her outpourings.

She told me she was a Science topper in her school.

Met Barrack Obama as part of her MBA course

Was a Karaoke champ in her office

Worked in a Big 4 consulting company

I must say that these two outings with these solo women travelers have been kind of an eye-opener to me. But some questions still trouble me;

Do most solo women travelers escape their lives by traveling alone?

Just why do they trust a stranger ( in this case it was me) and share their precious secrets with him?

Do you have any answers?

And since you are here reading up to this, hopefully, a wonderful account of these two wonderful ladies, let me recommend a few blogs of some remarkable solo women travelers.

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  3. http://www.maverickbird.com/ 
  4. https://www.inditales.com/






28 thoughts on “When solo women travelers confess their lives and loves with you”

  1. It’s really nice to know some of the solo travelers and what goes in their minds 🙂 I have never travelled solo but I aspire to one day, just for the fun and experience of it. Very well written

  2. We could say to some of them that they are escaping the lives they left behind but that’s not for everyone. Some people would rather travel alone not to escape realities but to breath fresh air. They need a new environment that is non-toxic and will keep them free from anything.

  3. I think it is great way to know someone but yes we cant be judgmental about them just after a short meet. Might be they are looking to forget everything, their past and start a new phase of their life.

  4. thank you for sharing this great post. every person has their own darkest hole that will be covered by a smile and cheeful attitude. we cannot really judge a person just by looking at them, and we cannot compare our self from someones life.

  5. Let me answer your questions. Not all female solo travelers travel to escape. Let’s just say that you met normal people with life’s problems, who happened to be traveling alone and are female. I travel solo and though I have had my own share of drama, I do not travel to escape, I travel because I love it.

    I am not completely taking out the possibility that these two women that you met though were traveling to run away from it all. But I’d like to think that they were traveling, not to escape but to find purpose in life. I like to think they do it because they love it.

    What you are on the other hand is a person who has an aura of being trustworthy and you are most probably a good listener, hence these women opened up to you. I am just like you, people open up to me, even strangers. I attribute it to the fact that I like to listen.

  6. Strange, isn’t it? People go to India to see a strange but fascinating land and culture. And yet, even you will find that the people you meet can be unusual in their own ways too. But when you think about it, nothing is surprising here. The only difference is that these two women chose to open up. It is far easier to talk to the unfamiliar sometimes. But the truth is that their trouble is nothing different from many other women anywhere on earth.

  7. Sometimes we prefer to confide even our deepest secrets to people we dont know because we don’t know them anyway…They will not judge us or say something bad against us.

    I, for one, travel with friends so I could temporarily leave my life and experience something new or so i expect.

  8. Wow! Truly, we should not judge people easily because we dont know their stories. What an eye opener! I’d love to travel alone, but with my husband around, I dont think it’s possible. He wouldn’t allow me to go alone, because I dont have a sense of direction. Hehe

  9. The beauty of life is when people consider strangers trustworthy to open up their life. I too like opening up to people who I meet on a train. The opening up is for a short while, a short journey and while we open up, we release some locked up emotions. I dont think its about solo women as such, but part of normal human nature. Agree Marge here, and its beautiful that they are finding a release in travel. The stories of speaking to dead souls is chilling. Is she your friend?

  10. To answer your question, I don’t think most female solo travelers travel because they are troubled. I, for instance, would love to travel alone so I can meet a lot of new people. So it’s really a case to case basis. I think troubled solo women love to vent on strangers since they don’t have any prejudgment. I wonder what their reactions will be if they knew you are a blogger and you shared some of their confessions.

  11. These women’s stories are so heartbreaking yet they’re such eye openers. Maybe some of them use traveling as a stress-reliever or yes, an escape but I do not think that all solo travelers travel for the sake of escaping a confusing life. 🙂 Thank you for sharing their stories.

  12. Very well written blog post. It is really inspiring and empowering through the experiences shared. I feel sad to read all this but I am glad to know such people exist and are fighting their battles happily. I have been through bad times as well but your post and the experiences shared give me a lot of hope.

  13. Everybody has secrets… men, women.. all of them have skeletons in their cupboards. But here I think you are the hero, your personality probably exudes that kind of warmth and confidence in others that they start sharing their life with you. Try guiding some solo men around and see what your experience is.

    One cannot conclude solo women travel to escape their personal worries.

  14. To answer your question, “Just why do they trust a stranger ( in this case it was me) and share their precious secrets with him?” I believe strangers share secrets to one another because they are in a judgment-free zone. Thus, both can get new learning experiences from each other because they both look at the story in fresh eyes, new perspectives. 🙂

  15. An interesting post to read. I think some people feel free telling them stories to a total stranger maybe to have a different opinion somewhat.

  16. A blog, and then comments. What a beautiful way to take an observation, and get to have a discussion of thoughts around by more or less the same audience that reads and travels. I agree that strangers share secrets, since they may not meet that person again, and are willing to be themselves for a moment when no one is watching.

  17. This is one of those situations whenever I travel that I always looking forward to experience. When a solo traveler confessed all what in her minds, it is just mean that she is trying to burst out everything to get some fresh air to breathe or perhaps, it is what makes them feel comfortable after telling everything. I haven’t experienced this one though, but I met a lot of travelers along the way that we had some good chit chat while on the road. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  18. it is very nice to meet random people when you travel but the experience is even more engaging when you learn their stories and the reason behind their journey. I personally travel to escape reality and to unwind myself from so much stress… i guess we all have different reasons as not everyone travel to escape

  19. Oh I do love this post so much. To answer one of your questions, I think solo travelers tend to open up more to a stranger because they have no ties with you. They tell their story, and they leave. I do that sometimes, when I feel comfortable around someone I just met. Maybe it’s your aura of being accepting and kind that further pushes them to confide in you. Either way, you seem to definitely be great company. 🙂

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