Taj Mahal latest information update- ticket prices go up from April 1

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All travelers to Agra, please note the Taj Mahal latest information update.

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From April 1, the ticket price to Taj Mahal will go up by INR 10. The new price will be INR 40 for Indians and those who want to enter the main mausoleum will have to pay INR 200. Uptil now, there was no separate fee for the main mausoleum.

Please note that the ticket will be barcoded and will be valid for 3 hours.

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These changes will come into force from April 1, 2018.

I don’t think that the ticket price for foreign travelers will be raised.

What this means

Over the years, there has been a dramatic increase in tourists to this Monument of Love.

Since the entry ticket price of Taj Mahal is quite low, many local people spend their lazy hours here. Whenever they have some spare time, people of Agra simply come over to this building, buy tickets and spend countless hours inside the Taj, doing nothing.

It isn’t bad to spend your idle time here but the building and its premises cannot handle a lot of people beyond a point.

The floors of the Taj are made of marble, which is quite a soft substance, and this rock cannot withstand the load of thousands of people in one go. According to the government, approximately 50, 000 people visit Taj Mahal every day!

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Another problem is that the guards on duty cannot keep an eye on everyone on the campus of the Taj Mahal. There are so many loafers who are all the time wanting to scribble on the walls of this beautiful building!

Supreme Court order

Alarmed at this state of affairs in Taj Mahal, the Supreme Court of India had ordered the Government of India to come up with an action plan to conserve this world famous monument. That is why there are new rules and regulations in place now.

The local government also plans to make Agra safer for the foreign tourists. Many touts harass the tourists as soon as they arrive at the Agra railway station. This is a blot on not just Agra but the country as well; you don’t treat your visitors like this!

Therefore, to stop all this nonsense, the local police is shortly going to punish all those touts who harass the tourists. I think it is a good step for the city, the country as well as the Taj Mahal.

That’s it, folks for now. I hope this Taj Mahal latest information update helps you in your India travel plans.

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