These temples of Jaipur have a fascinating history behind them

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Most of the temples of Jaipur were built by the Rajas and Maharajas of the Amer kingdom. Many of these are 400 years old but some of them go back to at least 1000 years. Let us have a quick look at these pretty places of worship.

Disclaimer- These photographs aren’t mine. They have been sourced from the internet. However, the written content is all mine. 1.Shila Devi Temple

  1. Shila Devi Temple

Image result for flickr images of Shila Devi Temple

One of the older temples of Jaipur, this one is not located in the Pink City. Rather, it is perched high up in the mountains within the Amer Palace.

The history of Shila Devi temple is no less interesting. It is said that the reigning deity of this place of worship was brought from Bengal by Raja Man Singh in the beginning of the sixteenth century. He was one of the military generals of Akbar and at one time served as the governor of Bengal.

The word Shila also means ‘stone’. Therefore, it is surmised that the image of the deity was carved from a stone piece from Bengal.

If you are planning to visit Amer, do take a darshan of the Devi, you will be blessed.

Jagat Shiromani Temple, Jaipur
Jagat Shiromani Temple,Image creds-Pinterest


2. Jagat Shiromani Temple

Raja Man Singh died a broken man. He was shattered because of the untimely death of his son, Jagat. Man Singh had also fallen out of favor with the Mughal Emperor Jahangir after the demise of Akbar.

Heartbroken, Raja Man decided to build a temple in the memory of his son and dedicated it to Lord Vishnu/Krishna.

There is an alternate theory which says that Jagat Shiromani Temple was made by Rani Kanakwati, one of the Queens of Man Singh. Whatever be the truth, Jagat Shiromani is one of the prettiest temples of Jaipur, if not of Rajasthan.

Image result for flickr images of Govind Dev ji temple
Govind Dev Ji Temple, image credits-

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3. Govind Dev Mandir

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, this 18th-century temple is located in the City Palace complex of Jaipur.

When Raja Jai Singh decided to bring down his capital from Amber to the valley, he also made up his mind to have a new temple for his family. And that is how the transition from Durga (Shila Devi) to Krishna happened.

Now I will tell you a very interesting thing about this temple.

During the festival of Janmashtami, when large crowds congregate in this temple, the Pujari throws upon it a fistful of prasad. Hidden in that Prasad is a small gem or asharfee. If you are lucky, then that asharfee might land upon you and make you rich.


4. Garh Ganesh

Image result for flickr images of Garh Ganesh temple
Garh Ganesh Temple. Image Credits- Proud Jaipurites

How can we avoid talking about this cute temple while discussing the temples of Jaipur?

Garh Ganesh is perched on a small hillock and overlooks the northern part of Old Jaipur.

Dedicated to Lord Ganesh, Garh Ganesh was built by the founder of Jaipur, Raja Jai Singh. He wished this temple to be set-up at a place directly opposite to his palace for morning blessings.

Lord Ganesh removes all the obstacles from our lives.


5. Temples of Jaipur- Ganesh Temple, Moti Doongri

Temples of Jaipur
Moti Doongri Ganesh Temple

There is another Ganesh temple in Jaipur but this one is in the modern part of the City.

Have you been to the Moti Doongree area? This temple is just located at the base of this secret palace.

Ganesh temple here does not look very old but it indeed is more than 250 years old. Built by a king, this temple holds a very special place in the hearts of all the Jaipuriyas. Lord Ganesh here solves all your problems after you visit him.


6. Galtaji

temples of Jaipur
Galtaji temple. Image credits- Flickr

Last but not the least, let us talk about the famous Galtaji temple of Jaipur. You will be mesmerized by its numerous ponds, monkeys and beautiful buildings, all nestled between the majestic Aravallis.

This is the oldest temple in the city and is located along the Jaipur-Agra highway. It is indeed a very pretty place for pilgrims and tourists alike. Be careful of the monkeys here, you might get robbed of your Kurkures and other snacks. Watch their antics and be entertained.

The temple of Galtaji is named after Rishi Galavya who lived in this area several thousand years ago.

Wikipedia says that the present temple complex of Galtaji was made by a courtier of Raja Jai Singh, the founder of modern Jaipur.

That’s it, folks for now.

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