Top historic travel sites in India that you can’t miss

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Are you interested in historic travel in India? Here is my collection of those top 4 places that you simply cannot miss on your historical tour.

Chittorgarh- A historic travel site that you must visit

This is one historical place that at least I would never ever ask you to drop. Never. For me, this place is a pilgrimage to me and many other fellow Indians.

Chittorgarh brings up many emotions- nostalgia, pride, bravery, a sense of sacrifice etc.

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But, what is so special about this place?

Chittorgarh or Chittor is an ancient fort in Rajasthan and is roughly located 300 kilometers from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. This fort is known for the valor and sacrifice of its inhabitants. They never bowed down to any foreign conquerors and invaders- Mughal, Turk or any other nationality. Indeed, this fort signifies the unbreakable spirit of free India.


This is my second favorite historic travel destination. Udaipur is roughly 100 kilometers from Chittorgarh and both the cities are well connected with a wide and smooth road.

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The special thing about Udaipur is that it marries history with style. While Chittor is all about history and romance, Udaipur is also about beauty. If you are young and want to get married, then Udaipur is the place for you. Find out a good hotel and get married there. It will be an experience to remember.


To be honest, I have never been to the haunted ruins of Hampi, though I hope to visit this place one day.

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Hampi is the ruined capital of the medieval kingdom of Vijaynagar of India.  When you visit this city frozen in time, you can’t but help wonder at the crookedness of human nature. This city ceased to exist after the combined armies of 5 Muslim defeated Vijaynagar in a battle. The Muslims, flush with victory and overcome with the feeling of hate, destroyed this city completely. Ah, the cruelness of religion!

Hampi can be reached by road from Bangalore. It takes just 5 hours from Bangalore to reach this historic travel site.


Kashi or Varanasi is not just a spiritual center, it has a great historical value as well. Nobody can tell when this city came into being. Some people believe that Varanasi is as ancient as time!

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You can reach this ancient city by either flying down from Delhi or catching an overnight train. I would recommend that you take a train, this would help you connect with the Indians in a much better way.


Red Fort, Delhi

Last but not the least, you must have Delhi on your itinerary. This city is very old. Just the other day, I read that Delhi has had a pre-historic past. This means that people in Delhi have been living here for more than a million years! Surely, you would not like to miss this historic city, will you?

5 thoughts on “Top historic travel sites in India that you can’t miss”

  1. India has so many interesting historical sites to visit. I guess if one has a bucket list of places to visit then India can occupy so much space in the list. I love India’s historic site’s architecture. Really really breathtaking!

  2. This post is very interesting. I really love to visit India one day. I guess, just like China, a month is not enough to explore the beauty of India. I would love to see Varanasi and Delhi. When I think of India, what comes up to my mind is the Taj Mahal. I hope someday I can see it for real.

  3. India is a very interesting place to visit. It has a rich culture. I would love to visit Delhi and the other historical sites in India in the future. I would love to have a photo at the Taj Mahal. 🙂 I also want to try out authentic Indian dishes.

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