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Top Indian travel tips that others won’t tell you at all

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These Top Indian travel tips are for those who want to experience India raw, uncut and fresh!.

Before we begin this article, watch how a horse dances in one of our festivals. Now there is no reason why you should not visit India!

Top Indian travel tips that will make you say, Wow!

              Junk your toothbrush and get some datoon

  1. travel tips for India
    The twigs of the Neem tree make excellent toothbrush
    Top Indian travel tips
    Say goodbye to toothbrush and toothpaste. Thanks

    If you are a budget traveler then don’t buy a toothbrush or toothpaste in India. Get a bunch of datuns.

    A datun or a datoon is basically a twig from a neem tree. Neem is a medicinal tree and many Indians use it for various health-related reasons. Like millions of Indians,

    I chew a neem twig in the mornings and find it refreshing.

    After you have chewed it for ten minutes, then you can use it for brushing your teeth. Trust me, a 10-minute chewing session will freshen your mouth immensely. No need to carry your toothpaste or brush all over the country now.

              Stay away from hostels

    Like many countries, there are several hostels in India too. While I know the owners of a few hostels personally, I would request you to avoid you booking your stay there. The reason is this: I am not sure if people coming from abroad are vetted by the hostel owners and the police. It is better to stay put in places which are registered and regularly checked by the legal authorities. You don’t want to get into a legal trouble, do you?

    Would you like to explore Red Fort Delhi and Old Delhi? This walk is then just for you;

                        Make friends

    One of the best travel tips to India is trying to make friends with the man on the street. No guidebook, no Lonely Planet magazine and no social media platform is going to help you as much as an average Indian. I am not saying that you simply go up to an average Joe and start talking with him. That would look odd, it is obvious. What I am trying to say is that wherever possible, get help from the paanwala, rickshawala or the dhobi. These people know India like the back of their hands. Making friends is definitely one of the top Indian travel tips for people who are vsisting this country for the first time.

    travel tips for India
    Make friends!

                  Watch a movie

    Image result for images of Hindi movie posters
    Akshay Kumar plays the role of a slick lawyer in Johnny LLB.

    Many books and guides do not list watching a movie on their list of top Indian travel tips. I wonder why. Indian movies tell you about India in unimaginable ways. Buy a cinema ticket and plonk yourself in the theater seat. Initially, you will not understand the movie, I know. But we use so many kinds of emotion in our movies that you will ultimately understand what is going on.

    But, please don’t watch Indian movies on laptops and mobiles. You will miss out on the experience.

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                 Learn Yoga in the Park

    To be honest, there are more than a million classes of Yoga going on in the world currently. So, the next question is – which is the best class for learning this ancient Indian skill? I would suggest you join a free Yoga class in a park near you. Thanks to Baba Ramdev, millions of Indians practice Yoga every day in the neighborhood parks. Meet them, smile with them and learn a few Yoga asanas. Basically, make friends.

    Image result for images of Indians doing Yoga
    Thanks to Baba Ramdev, millions of Indians practice Yoga every day.

                   Get lost in the crowd

    One of my favorite top Indian travel tips  is to just lose yourself in the crowds of India. Immerse yourself in the vast mass of humanity here and get a new experience. Many foreigners who come to India like to stay away from the masses.Indian Travel

    It is understandable because nobody will like to be surrounded by strangers and being pushed and shoved by them. That is not my point, my friends. What I am trying to say is that go and visit India during the Kumbh Mela fair which draws millions of Indians.

    Take a bath in our holy rivers, and converse non-stop with fellow bathers on various subjects like life, spirituality, happiness etc.



                     Drink camel’s milk

    Ever drunk the milk of a camel? No? Ha ha ha. Well, then, in that case, head over to the camel fair of Bikaner in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Else, you can go to the districts of Jaisalmer and Barmer and enjoy this drink. Camel milk is known for its virility. There are many Indian men who drink this milk and retain their masculinity even in their nineties!of camel milk were you aware that camel milk is the closest milk ...

     Attend the Camel Fair at Pushkar

Speaking of camel milk, why don’t you head to the Camel Fair at Pushkar when in India. In fact, your Indian travel plans must include a trip to Pushkar.

Watch the camels dance to popular Hindi dance numbers. Ride a camel and take a few memories home.

Indian travel
Camel Fair, Rajasthan

Have you seen a camel dance? Here is the video;

To book your camel ride, you can visit the Rajasthan Tourism website

                Attend a marriage party

One of the travel tips for India is to attend a marriage party. For us, marriages are not religious affairs; they are social occasions! You must see the happiness on our faces when we dance to the popular tunes being played by the bands in the marriage processions.

These processions are called baraats and are attended by the close relatives of the bridegroom. He is the king of the party and sits on a white horse. No other baraati sits on a horse; this privilege belongs to the bridegroom alone.

The wedding party takes its own sweet time to reach its destination- the house of the bride- but this small journey is full of excitement and happiness. Image result for images of baraat

             Chai at the roadside-Top Indian travel tips

This is one of my favorite top  Indian travel tips for all my international traveler friends. Chai is tea by another name. Most of us, I included, like to sip tea on the roadside and enjoy our surroundings. Sipping tea like this helps us connect with fellow tea drinkers. When we connect over tea, then strangers become friends and the world becomes one happy family. Traveling tips like this one help strangers become friends with each other. Don’t you think so?

Image result for images of chai streetvendors

               Music in the Park

Travel tips for India travel would be incomplete without asking recommending you a music session in the Park. Here is a link to one of the music sessions at this Park. The singer is Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, India’s one of India’s greatest singers.

The Park here refers to the Nehru Park in the Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi. People who have come to Delhi several times know where this park is located. Look out for the SPIC MACAY website and find out its music programs in the Nehru Park. These sessions are free to attend and are led by world famous singers and instrumentalists.

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More Indian travel tips for you

There are a few more travel tips for traveling to India. These are:

  1. Never exchange your credit/ debit card PIN with strangers.
  2. Never ever exchange your international currency with Indian Rupees through non-banking channels.
  3. Register yourself at the FRRO once you arrive in India, it will save you a lot of trouble. FRRO means Foreigner Regional Registration Office.
  4. Since I am an old timer in Delhi, you may consult with me on genuine spices, handicrafts, sandal oils, tea, garam masala etc.
  5. It is absolutely safe to gorge on street food here in Delhi.
  6. Never pick fights with the locals, it may backfire.
  7. Be patient, everything in India takes time.
  8. And this Indian travel tip is very important- Many people have asked if vaccination is needed for India? I would say yes. Innoculate yourself against typhoid and malaria, and you are good to go.
  9. Best time to travel to India- September until April.


Finally, always buy your air tickets from authorized agents like   If you want to buy train tickets, click here >   

The link on train reservations takes you to the Government of India website and is absolutely secure.

Did you like this article on Indian travel tips? Did you find it helpful?

Please write back to me about your travel experiences and I will surely include them in this article.

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24 thoughts to “Top Indian travel tips that others won’t tell you at all”

  1. I just smiled wide, in agreement to all the points. Very aptly stated Swayam 🙂 You are so right about the Hostel point; I have never even had the guts to THINK about staying in any one of those! And the one thing I haven’t tasted yet, is a Camel’s milk; must do!

  2. this is really interesting. I really find the Indian culture truly fascinating.. I have attended a Holi Festival early this year and it was truly a great blast! I love their cuisine too and all those wide variety of spices they use!
    This is truly a helpful tips for those who are planning to visit India! I will surely keep this in mind! Thanks for sharing

  3. Yoga in the park and Chai on the road side are pretty interesting. I an do those I think. What I can’t do is to drink milk from a camel. I can take drinking my own mother’s milk but not from camel. Hihi

  4. India is one of the countries I would really love to visit in this lifetime. It would be awesome to join the locals do yoga at the park and experience India’s wonderful and colorful culture and heritage. I sure hope I can visit this place with my boys one day soon and I will keep all these tips in mind, too!

  5. And here I am, I usually default to hostels when travelling to keep the costs down. I guess if I ever go to India, I’d have to let go of that habit for the meantime. 😉 I love that free Yoga sessions can be had, even by foreigners. That would be so cool, doing those poses in the country where Yoga originated.

  6. I have a question, what are the paanwala, rickshawala or the dhobi? What do they mean and how would I know who they are? I usually rely on people on the street for direction. I did this a lot when I went to Taiwan, good thing the Taiwanese are very helpful.

    I want to try camel’s milk just because I am very curious. I wonder how it differs from carabao and cow’s milk.

    So we can attend an Indian wedding even if we don’t know the couple getting married personally? Now this is something. And I am interested to do it.

    1. A paan wala is a man who sells betel nuts and now, cigarettes to passers by. He is a mine of information about the neighbourhood. Rickshaw walas take you around the city in their rickshaws. And a dhobi is washerman who also does ironing of your clothes. These people know the neighbourhood better tha even Google)))

  7. Beautiful facts. I have really hardly seen anyone suggesting these tips to someone traveling to India. I would add to that – attending a festival celebration – holi, diwali, there is some festival every month in India.

  8. This is an eye-opener post. Thanks for giving us a heads up on what and what not to do while in India. I might be coming toBangalore next related although I think these pointers are still very helpful!

  9. Wow, this is truly an article that is so rare to read. I used to watch an Indian Movie and I’ve been planning to visit India, hopefully soon If I get enough funds and If time permits. Your tips can truly be a big help. I like to get lost in the crowd cause I find it interesting and drink Camel’s milk. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  10. I wonder it feels like doing yoga in the streets of India. This really looks fun! With all these travel tips, I think I can enjoy India. I do love drinking tea and music is a vital part of me. What I want to see though is those happy songs where people just dance. Bollywood feels 🙂

  11. The best travel tips are the ones from the locals themselves. 🙂 I’d love to see India and experience all of these… I’m just worried about news on female harassment I see online, and most recommend going there with a partner. What do you say about this?

  12. SUch an amazing list. I would love to try the camel milk. I never thought that this type of milk contains a lot of health benefits. I would like also to try brushing my teeth with those twigs for experience hehe. Also, regarding the hostels, what will you recommend? Stay in a homestay instead? Thanks

  13. Your tips are fantastic! They are very easy to do and does not require much expense. I love the yoga at the park and attending a marriage party. I’ve always been in awe of Indian tradition and the tattoos done during the marriage ceremony.

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