These top Jodhpur foods can make you commit murder for their taste

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These top Jodhpur foods are sinful in taste. If you are traveling in India, or plan to travel to this country, then make Jodhpur a part of your itinerary. Next step; take down the names and addresses of these top hotels in Jodhpur to satisfy your tongue and then set out for those exotic restaurants.


My selection of top Jodhpur foods is not limited to the vegetarian cuisine. This list comprises vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian Jodhpur food. I have tried to be as objective as possible.

Which are the top Jodhpur foods?

top Jodhpur foods
These kachoris are vying for your attention, dear traveler

1.Mawa Kachori- This Jodhpur food forces the tongue to say ‘slurp‘ after watching it being served on your plate. Mawa Kachori is a yummilicious food made of corn /gram powder that is shaped like a little ball. You then stuff some mawa or a mild derivative inside this ball and later fry it in a sugary syrup called chashnee. Eat to your heart’s content. Do you want to know how Mawa Kachori is made? Watch this video

2.Pyaz Ki Kachori-This top Jodhpur food is made like Mawa Kachori but there is a critical difference- the filling is made of moong ki Daal and is salty in taste. There is a dash of onion also to the Daal. If you are in Jodhpur and don’t taste this food, then you are committing sacrilege, I tell you.

Don’t forget to gorge on Jodhpuri jalebis and samosas during your trip to this city

3.Daal Baati– If foods were considered rock stars, then this cuisine is the Michael Jackson of them all. Made of flaky dough, the Baati is fired and baked over a traditional oven ( made of clay) to give that crackling taste. Once ready, dip the Baati in a bowl of ghee before dipping it once again in the pulse or Dal that is served along with it.

Image result for flickr images of Daal Baati
There is much more available on this plate than just Daal Baati. Creds- Flickr

4.Laal Maas– This non-vegetarian food comes straight from the palaces of Jodhpur and rest of Rajasthan. The word Lal means Red and the reason this Jodhpur food is called Red is that it is prepared with  Red Chilli powder.

top Jodhpur foods
Keep lots of water by your side while having Lal Maas. Creds-Flickr

More Jodhpur cuisines that will tempt you


5.Panchkuta– This is Jodhpur recipe that is made of different kinds of vegetables and spices. It is cooked in oil and eaten with Rotis ( Bread) or Chawal (Rice). In Jodhpur and other parts of Rajasthan, this food is called Ker ki Sabzi.

Image result for flickr images of Ker ki Sabzi
Notice the medley of spices in the Ker Ki Sabzi or Panchkuta

6.Lassi and Chhaach– Your Jodhpur stay will be incomplete without having a large kulhad of Lassi or Chhaach. These delicacies are actually by-products of fermented milk. Milk is first fermented and later converted into curd. The best lassis have a thick layer of cream that makes the lassi-drinking experience out of this world. While a lassi is sweet in taste, chhaach is salty. This food is best served in kulhads or glasses made of fired earth. You see, us Indians try to be environmentally conscious most of the times.

Image result for flickr images of Lassi
Lassi is best enjoyed in a Kulhad. Creds- Pinterest

Restaurants that serve top Jodhpur foods


I won’t go away just like that. My responsibility is to tell you about some of the hotels and restaurants in Jodhpur that serve the above-mentioned cuisines. Which are they?

  1. Kalinga Restaurant, Near Jodhpur Railway Station
  2. Gypsy Dining Hall– 689, First Floor, 9th C- Road, Sardarpura
  3. On The Rocks– Ajit Bhawan, near Circuit House, National Highway, 65, Ajit Colony
  4. Kesar Heritage Restaurant– Mehron Ka Chowk, Naya Bas, Killikhana

There are other good places to eat Jodhpur food also.

Don’t forget to try the top Jodhpur foods in Umaid Palace Hotel, one of the most luxurious places to stay in the world. It is no doubt expensive, but worth a visit at least.

I hope this article not only helps you in getting information about Jodhpur cuisine but also good places to eat too.Want to know more about Jodhpur?Click here.

That’s it, folks. Thanks for reading it.

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  1. Being a vegetarian and having a north Indian taste, I totally love Rajasthani cuisines. As a matter of fact, I am actually headed to Jodhpur in couple of months. I am definitely going to try as many of these as I can. Thanks for the list 🙂

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