Unknown places in Old Delhi- have you visited them yet?

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Here is a not-so-lengthy post on some unknown places in Old Delhi. I hope you visit them, and if you do then please tell me.

5 Unknown places in Old Delhi that you will fall in love with!

1.Qudasia Bagh

Qudasia Bagh
Image Credits- Flickr

Have you heard about this quaint and pretty garden that is next to the Inter State Bus Terminus in Delhi? If you haven’t, then you should plan a trip to this garden which was laid down by a Mughal queen. Her name was Qudasia Begum and was the wife of one of the later Mughal kings. I am not using the word ‘Emperor’ because, after the death of Aurangzeb, they had lost a lot of power.

Qudasia Begum was a courtesan actually and had found her way into the Mughal harem. Later, she climbed her way onto becoming the queen of the then Mughal king.

Unfortunately, the garden of Qudasia Begum was destroyed during the 1857 events. Its walls collapsed after they faced cannon ball attacks.

To reach this pretty garden, you can take the Delhi Metro and get down at the Kashmiri Gate Metro station. From this station, you can walk down to this garden. Entrance is free.

 2. St. James Church- one of the lesser known unknown places in Old Delhi

St. James Church
Image creds- Flickr

Europeans and Americans wandering in Old Delhi always wonder whether there is an old church or two in that area? Yes, there is.

But it is not in the main Chandni Chowk area of Old Delhi; this church lies in the Kashmiri Gate area.

More than 200 years ago, as Colonel James Skinner lay wounded in a battlefield, he made a promise to God that he would make a church if and when he recovered. And that is how the St. James Church came into being.

Skinner was the son of a Scottish Army Officer and a Rajput mother. He married 14 times and the graves of all his wives are located in this resurrected church. You can also find the graves of Thomas Metcalfe and William Fraser, Agents to the British Resident.

3. Nicholson Cemetery

unknown places in Old Delhi
Nicholson Cemetery. Image Credits- Flickr

If you still have time after visiting Qudasia Bagh and St. James Church, then step inside the Nicholson Cemetery which is just next door.

You will be amazed to find that this final resting place for many Indian and British Christians is so peaceful! Step outside and you will be assailed by the horns of trucks, cars, and buses.

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Most of the people buried here died young. Even Brigadier Nicholson too, who had gained a larger than life image during the tumultuous years of the 19th century. He died while leading an assault on Delhi in 1857.

Locals believe that this graveyard is full of ghosts.

That is. folks. I hope you like this post on unknown places in Old Delhi.

Bye for now.

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