Why do Hindus worship the Peepal Tree

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I have often wondered why do Hindus  worship the Peepal tree. Today, i.e. March 12 marks the day when millions of Hindu women go out and worship the omnipresent peepal tree.

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Peepal is considered to be one of the holiest trees by the Hindus


Even while you are traveling on the Delhi roads, you cannot fail to notice that people have tied holy threads on the branches and trunks of peepal trees.

Why do Hindus consider the peepal tree holy?

Why do Hindus worship the peepal tree?

There are 3 main reasons why this tree is worshipped.

Some people say that Lord Vishnu had hidden among the leaves of the peepal tree after the Asuras had defeated the Devas. This story is mentioned in the Brahma Purana. It is also mentioned that Goddess Parvati had sat under this tree for some time while trying to find Lord Vishnu.

The second reason why you find so many people find this tree holy is no less interesting. It is said that the branches of this tree represent Lord Bramha and the trunk is the manifestation of Lord Shiva. The leaves represent Lord Vishnu. So, this tree is a physical manifestation of the Holy Trinity. Well, faith has no bounds and who am I to dispute this reason?


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The leaves of this tree have medicinal properties. Peepal absorbs more CO2 than other trees in the nights.

Now let us come to the third reason.

I am sure all of you have read or heard about Lord Krishna. He was an avatar of Lord Vishnu and lived several thousand years back.

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Do you know how he passed away? He was shot in his foot by a hunter who mistook the sole of Krishna as the eye of a deer!

But where did Krishna die?

Under the leaves of the peepal tree! 

Krishna says in the famous epic, Bhagwad Gita, that He is synonymous with Ashwathh or the Peepal Tree.

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My interpretation

I have a slightly different reason why Hindus worship the peepal tree.

The main and compelling reason is that this tree is considered to be beneficial for people having diseases like diarrhea, cough, cold,epilepsy and gastric troubles. There are fifty disorders that can be treated by the bark, and the leaves of this tree.

This tree also absorbs more CO2 than any other trees. It does so by the Crassalucean Acid Metabolism process , also known as CAM. I read this information by visiting this website > https://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/8883/plants-that-release-oxygen-even-at-night

What do you think is the right reason? Do let me know.

Thanks for reading this post on Hindu culture.


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